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5 door
genuine accessories
Grand Vitara. It’s an original.
That rare breed of desirable, affordable,
go-anywhere kind of vehicle.

The Grand Vitara is built Accessories, and you

to be tough, with a can create a personalised
do-anything spirit and a Grand Vitara to suit
distinctive personality. your lifestyle.

With its purposeful good The following pages

looks, the Grand Vitara 5 contain our Suzuki
door is the perfect vehicle Genuine Accessories
for you to express your collection designed and
own personality. developed specifically
for the Grand Vitara and
Combine the core produced to the same
Grand Vitara values of standards of quality, style
safety, comfort and and excellence as the
driving pleasure with Grand Vitara itself.
your selection from our
comprehensive range
of Suzuki Genuine 03
Exterior styling  06-09

Practical protection 10-13

Travel and leisure  14-17

Interior personalisation  18-21

In-car multimedia  18-21

Information and details 22-26

Tough, reliable business partner or comfortable, practical family transport?
Why not both? As individuals we all make differing
demands on our vehicles, and we all require them to
perform unfailingly in multiple work and leisure roles.
On assignment or on the school run, it’s all about your
choice, your needs, your lifestyle.
Selecting your own choice of bespoke styling options
from the extensive range of Suzuki Genuine Accessories
enables you to create the Grand Vitara that works for you.
Exterior Styling

Family car, practical car, stylish car, If you need more options to make your
Grand Vitara just that little more individual,
You can also be confident that whichever
Suzuki Genuine Accessories you choose,
the Grand Vitara 5 door is all these, a little more stylish, you can be sure you’ll
find all you need within the Suzuki Genuine
they will have been designed and detailed
to fit your Grand Vitara perfectly.
and more… Accessories range.

Side moulding set
Available in black or
painted finish

‘Essen’ alloy wheel
and tyre package
18” multispoke alloy and
Dunlop tyre package

Body styling kit
Pre-finished in black,
4/28/32 offering style and protection
Front and rear skid plate set
Moulded ABS plastic, pre-finished
in colour impregnated anthracite grey

Aluminium side step set
Set of 2 pieces

Chromed washer nozzle cover set
30 40 36 Fits over existing nozzles

27/28 39 
Chromed bonnet vent set
Replaces existing vents

Chromed muffler extension
Stainless steel with ‘Suzuki’ logo

Please refer to pages 22-26 for full details

and prices of these items.

30 39 Suitable for 2.0 16v, 1.9 DDiS and X-EC

Suitable for 2.4 and 1.9 DDiS SZ4/SZ5 07
08 Exterior Styling
Come rain or shine, the Grand Vitara Built on Suzuki’s great heritage of outstanding
dual-purpose vehicles, the Grand Vitara 5
From the chunky practicality of our body
styling kits and side step sets to the eye-
5 door is tough enough to take door is practical, stylish and refined. catching new alloy wheels and dazzling
chromed collection, the Suzuki Genuine
The superb collection of styling
whatever nature and your lifestyle accessories available for the Grand Vitara
Accessories range contains more of the
right choices to enhance the style factor
can throw at it – and come out on top. 5 door add a further dimension to this
versatile car. Whether your style choice
of your Grand Vitara 5 door.
is sober and sensible or wild and loud,
the decision is yours.

5/31 38
31 Wheel arch trim and
integrated side step set
Stylish and practical set of
wheel arch trims with integrated
aluminium side step set

Rear upper spoiler
Colour matched to bodywork

Chromed mirror cover set
Fits over existing mirrors

Chromed aerial mount cover
Fits over existing mount
37 31
Chromed door handle cover set
Set of 5 pieces, including tailgate.
Available for models with and
without keyless entry

Tail lamp trim set
Colour matched to bodywork

Rear bumper conversion kit
35/38 Complete rear bumper replacement
kit, colour matched to bodywork
Polished stainless steel
twin pipe exhaust kit
Integrates with rear bumper
conversion kit. Fully functional,
available for all engine options

Please refer to pages 22-26 for full details

and prices of these items.

42/43 41 Suitable for 2.0 16v, 1.9 DDiS and X-EC

Suitable for 2.4 and 1.9 DDiS SZ4/SZ5 09
Practical Protection

Equally at home on todays Your Grand Vitara 5 door is a great-looker, so
why not try to keep it that way.
contains something for everyone who wants
to keep their Grand Vitara looking great.
tough streets or tackling Of course, everyday life can have a habit of We offer everything from side protection
springing nasty surprises. Like bad weather, mouldings and bumper protection sets, to
the rural lifestyle, the careless parkers or something – or someone rear parking sensors and a choice of mudflaps
Grand Vitara is capable - to transport that you just know is going to
create a mess!
for the exterior, whilst a tough load-liner,
waterproof seat covers and a high quality
of handling it all. The functional and stylish range of practical
carpet mat set, help you prepare your Grand
Vitara’s interior for life’s unexpected moments.
protection from Suzuki Genuine Accessories

Practical Protection
15 17


14 21 23 3/6


25 4/28/32 
3 17 
Reversing aid sensor kit Bonnet protector
Available in black or painted finish Silver/grey finish with
‘Grand Vitara’ logo
Side body moulding set
Set of 4 pieces with logo, Waterproof seat cover set
finished in black Cover all seats including headrests

5  19 
Side body moulding set Semi-rigid moulded bootliner
Set of 4 pieces with logo, Bespoke fit, with ‘Suzuki’ and
colour matched to bodywork ‘Grand Vitara’ logos

6  21 
Rear bumper protection sheet ‘Duo’ Isofix child seat
12 Protects loads surface area For children aged 8 months
24 to 4 years. Additional age
7  group seats available
Rear bumper top guard
Protects bumper and loading lip
Deluxe carpet mat set
10  Set of 4 pieces in black with
Bumper corner protection set
Set of 4 pieces embroidered ‘Grand Vitara’
logo in silver
Rigid mudflap set 24 
Stylish protection, can be Deluxe boot carpet mat
colour matched to bodywork Black with embroidered
‘Grand Vitara’ logo in silver
Flexible mudflap set 25 
Available for front and Tailored sunshade set
10 rear fitment Bespoke fit, reduces glare
and provides UV protection
5 15 
Headlamp protector set 28 
Protects headlamps from Body styling kit
scratching and stonechips Pre-finished in black,
offers functional protection
16  and stylish good looks
Wind and rain deflector set
Smoked acrylic material with
‘Grand Vitara’ logo

Please refer to pages 22-26 for full details

and prices of these items.

16 10/28 Suitable for 2.0 16v, 1.9 DDiS and X-EC

Suitable for 2.4 and 1.9 DDiS SZ4/SZ5 13
14 Travel and Leisure
Loads more options – With it’s versatility and exceptional go-anywhere
ability, the practical Grand Vitara 5 door is the
sturdy dog-guard, it’s all available exclusively from
your Suzuki franchised dealer.
for the life that you live. perfect vehicle for loading up the family and their kit,
and getting away from it all.
With the Suzuki Genuine Accessory tow-bar not only
being tested to meet legal regulations, but also to
The comprehensive range of Suzuki Genuine Suzuki’s own strict internal requirements, you can be
Accessories for the Grand Vitara 5 door really safe in the knowledge that you have chosen the only
does allow you to take it all with you. From a high- tow-bar approved by Suzuki for your Grand Vitara.
quality, purpose-built tow-bar to ‘bike racks and a

44 Tow-bar
Detachable rear section,
with ‘Suzuki’ branded cap

Tow-bar wiring harness
UK compatible, 7-pin single
electrics kit

Tow-bar mounted
bike carrier
Carries up to three bikes

Multi roof rack
Lockable, aluminium
construction, fits on roof rails




Please refer to pages 22-26 for full details

and prices of these items.
Suitable for 2.0 16v, 1.9 DDiS and X-EC
Suitable for 2.4 and 1.9 DDiS SZ4/SZ5 15
Travel and Leisure

Why stop before you reach In the Highlands or on the High Street, the Grand
Vitara has it all covered.
From lockable, aluminium roof bars and a
selection of carrying modules to a large-capacity
your destination? If your lifestyle involves you getting to somewhere
roof box, we have developed a solution
to make transporting your load easier, safer
challenging or you have loads that needs to be
and more secure.
carried, we have the options you’ll need.

Multi roof rack
Lockable, aluminium
construction, fits on roof rails

Roof mounted
ski/snowboard carrier
Lockable, fits on multi roof rack

Roof mounted bike carrier
Lockable, fits on multi roof rack

Roof box
Lockable, fits on multi roof rack

49/50 Dog guard
Full grid (also protects backs
of rear seat), black nylon coated


49 49/52

Please refer to pages 22-26 for full details

and prices of these items.
Suitable for 2.0 16v, 1.9 DDiS and X-EC
Suitable for 2.4 and 1.9 DDiS SZ4/SZ5 17
18 Interior Personalisation and In-car Multimedia
The stylish and comfortable But we know that many of you will want to add
your own personal touches to create an individual
choice of both portable and in-car navigation systems,
you’ll always know which way to turn. Built-in Bluetooth®
interior of the Grand Vitara environment to compliment your lifestyle. phone connectivity in our sat-nav systems provide
easy calling or you can keep in touch with our bespoke
For the ultimate expression of in-car luxury, you can
is a great place to spend specify the Suzuki Genuine Accessory interior retrim
Parrot® hands-free phone kit.

some of your valuable time. package. Utilising the highest quality, automotive
grade materials, you can indulge your senses with
If you value your audio pleasure, then we’ve got that
covered too. With a choice of iPod® interface solutions
the look, feel and aroma of real leather! and multimedia options providing music on the move,
you’ll also want to specify our high-output Clarion®
And we haven’t forgotten your need to stay in touch
speaker upgrade for the ultimate in sound investments.
or locate that elusive destination. With an outstanding

32 Aluminium side step set

Set of 2 pieces

Leather interior
upgrade package
Leather seat and door
panel retrim in dark grey
with contrast silver stitch

Leather steering wheel retrim
Dark grey leather with
contrast silver stitch

Door sill trim set
Black with silver ‘Suzuki’
and ‘Grand Vitara’ logos
61 54 
Chromed door sill trim set
32/56 Set of 4 pieces

Front door courtesy lamp set
Highly useful set of ‘puddle lamps’

Headrest mounted DVD system
Dual headrest mounted DVD system
complete with headphones, including
57 pre-installed games package
and controller

Please refer to pages 22-26 for full details

and prices of these items.

55 58 Suitable for 2.0 16v, 1.9 DDiS and X-EC

Suitable for 2.4 and 1.9 DDiS SZ4/SZ5 19
20 Interior Personalisation and In-car Multimedia
Because we’re all different it’s inevitable Suzuki Genuine Accessories are all offered
with the aim of providing you with the best
We also adopt the same careful approach
when it comes to selecting and offering a
that our lifestyles will make differing solutions to meet your demands. range of high-quality products from leading
specialist manufacturers.
We don’t compromise when it comes
demands on our vehicles. to our design, manufacturing and
testing procedures.

63 62
Clarion® (MAX983HD)
multimedia unit
Integrated audio-visual
navigation unit. The ultimate
in-car multimedia solution

Rear camera display
mirror system
Provides a rear view image
(received from a miniature
camera) into the interior mirror
when reverse gear is selected.
Also offers an auto-dimming function

Clarion® portable sat-nav
Portable colour touch screen
with Bluetooth® connectivity
and MP3 player

Parrot® hands-free phone kit
Bluetooth® connectivity, caller display

Clarion® iPod® interface module
Connects to standard audio in
65 SZ4/SZ5 only (in-car iPod® dock
available for other models)


Please refer to pages 22-26 for full details

and prices of these items.
Suitable for 2.0 16v, 1.9 DDiS and X-EC
Suitable for 2.4 and 1.9 DDiS SZ4/SZ5 21
practical protection | exterior  RRP shown includes VAT but excludes fitting, painting and any additional dealer charges

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
information and details
PART NO. compatibility

Locking Reversing aid Colour coded reversing Side moulding Side moulding set Rear bumper Rear bumper

wheel nut set sensor kit aid sensor kit set (colour coded) protection sheet top guard
9904A-00004 99000-RAS01 99000-RAS01-XXX 990E0-65J07 990E0-65J07-XXX 990E0-65J29/65J30 9904A-00204
Set of 4 Thatcham approved Sensor colour: Black Colour-coded sensors (replace XXX Set of 4 pieces c/w logo, Set of 4 pieces c/w logo, Black, protects load area surface, Rigid, ABS moulding, black,

nuts supplied in protective case, (non-painted) with vehicle colour code) must be used pre finished in black painted to body colour Transparent alternative, as above. bespoke-fit. Protects bumper
suitable for all Grand Vitara Please request full details with reversing aid sensor controller (can be painted to body colour at (replace xxx with vehicle (not shown) top surface and loading lip
Genuine alloy wheels from dealer (99000-RASO2) addtional cost - see item 5) colour code)

£25.00 £159.00 £229.00 complete £99.00 £199.00 £33.00/£29.00 £59.00


= Suitable for 2.0 16v, 1.9 DDiS and X-EC = Suitable for 2.4 and 1.9 DDiS SZ4/SZ5

8 9 10 11 12 13 14
PART NO. compatibility

Rear bumper Bumper protection Bumper corner Rigid front Rigid rear Flexible front Flexible rear

protector plate set (black) protection set (black) mudflap set mudflap set mudflap set mudflap set
99000-99069-335 990E0-65J06 990E0-65J85 990E0-65J63 990E0-65J64 990E0-65J08 990E0-65J09
Polished aluminium, Set of 4 pieces for front and rear bumpers Set of 4 pieces for front and rear bumpers Moulded, 2 piece front set, (can be painted Moulded, 2 piece rear set, Flexible, 2 piece front set, Flexible, 2 piece rear set,

stylish protection for bumper (can be painted to body colour (can be painted to body colour to body colour at additional cost). (Cannot can be painted. (Cannot be fitted c/w ‘‘Suzuki’’ logo. c/w ‘‘Suzuki’’ logo.
load area surface at additional cost) at additional cost) be fitted in combination with 990E0-65J67, in combination with 9904A-00200, (Cannot be fitted in combination with (Cannot be fitted in combination with
9904A-00200, 00344 and 00349) 00205, 00344, and 00349) 9904A-00200 and 9904A-00344) 9904A-00200 and 9904A-00344)

£75.00 £55.00 £59.00 £35.00 £35.00 £29.00 £29.00


RRP shown includes VAT but excludes fitting, painting and any additional dealer charges
practical protection | Interior

15 16 17 18 19 20 21
PART NO. compatibility

Headlamp Wind and rain Bonnet Waterproof Semi-rigid moulded ‘Baby Safe’ ‘DUO’ Isofix

protector set deflector set protector seat cover set boot liner child seat child seat
99000-EGR6327 9904A-00097 9904A-00124 99000-WSC11 9904A-00095 990E0-59J14 99000-990YA-020
Protects headlamps from scratching 4 piece set for fitment to Protects bonnet leading edge Covers and protects all seats including Black, bespoke fit with raised edges For children 0-18 months (approx 13kg). 3 point For children from 8 months to 4 years of age

and stone chips. Includes removable front and rear doors from stone chips etc. headrests, c/w embroidered logos. and ‘Grand Vitara’ and Suzuki logos seat belt installation in the car, rearward facing, optimum (approx. 9-18kg). Attaches to
continental touring converter kit silver/grey coloured finish, Seat airbag compatible. side impact protection, 5 point harness system, softly the standard ISOFIX child seat
c/w Grand Vitara logo Fully machine washable padded fabrc cover is detachable and washable fixings. Removable/washable cover

£42.00 £59.00 £59.00 £179.00 £55.00 £129.00 £329.00


exterior styling

22 23 24 25 26 27 28
PART NO. compatibility

‘KIDFIX’ Isofix Deluxe carpet Deluxe boot Tailored ‘Lisbon’ ‘Essen’ alloy wheel Body styling

child seat mat set carpet mat sunshade set alloy wheel & tyre package kit
990E0-59J25 990E0-65J47 990E0-65J43 9904A-00122 990E0-65J24 990E0-65J90-KPL 9904A-00344
For children in groups 2 and 3, (approx 15-36kg) Set of 4 pieces with Matches 990E0-65J47, Bespoke kit covering all 6.5J x 17”, 9 spoke, 8J x 18” multispoke, bright silver finish. Moulded, bespoke-fit, 12 piece kit
Attaches to standard fit ISOFIX anchorage points.

‘Grand Vitara’ logo c/w embroidered ‘Grand Vitara’ logo rear windows and tailgate supplied complete with Supplied pre-fitted with 235/55 x 18” pre-finished in black. Covers wheel arch
Multi adjustable headrest and backrest angle.
Optimum side impact protection, confortable, glass area wheel nuts and centre cap. Dunlop SP tyre complete with and lower body area providing enhanced
removable/washable cover (Suitable for original size tyre) wheel nuts and centre cap. style and protection (*excl. X-EC)

£179.00 £49.00 £39.00 £99.00 £150.00 each £399.75 each £699.00


RRP shown includes VAT but excludes fitting, painting and any additional dealer charges

29 30 31 32 33 34 35
PART NO. compatibility

Front ‘off road’ Front and rear Wheel arch trim and Aluminium Side sport Rear Chromed mirror

guard skid plate set integrated side step side step set bar set upper spoiler cover set
990E0-65J01-PRM 9904A-00366 9904A-00349 990E0-65J67 990E0-65J98 990E0-65J04-XXX 9904A-00338
Plastic moulded front guard – Plastic moulded 2-piece trim set, for Complete set of wheel arch trims, Aluminium side step set. Chromed steel, Painted to body colour. Set of 2 pieces,

primed finish. (Can be painted to front and rear fitment. Pre-finished in pre-finished in charcoal grey with (Plastic end caps can be painted to not load bearing (replace XXX with (fits over existing mirrors)
body colour/silver at additional cost) anthracite grey. (Rear item is compatible integrated aluminium side steps. body colour at additional cost) (shown on 3 door for vehicle colour code)
with reversing aid set and tow-bar) Practical and stylish, fully load bearing illuistration purposes)

£189.00 £259.00 £499.00 £429.00 £449.00 £289.00 £99.00/£119.00


(available from August 09) (available from July 09)

= Suitable for 2.0 16v, 1.9 DDiS and X-EC = Suitable for 2.4 and 1.9 DDiS SZ4/SZ5

36 37 38 39 40 41 42

Chromed washer Chromed aerial Chromed door Chromed bonnet Chromed muffler Tail lamp trim set Rear bumper
PART NO. compatibility

nozzle cover set mount cover handle cover set vent set extension conversion kit
9904A-00319† 99000-99069-336
99000-990X4-W02 99000-99091-AN1 9904A-00320* 9904A-00327 990E0-62J18 990E0-65J05-XXX 9904A-00205-XXX
Set of 2 pieces, Fits over existing mount Set of 5-pieces including tailgate, Set of 2-pieces, to replace existing Polished stainless steel, (not shown) Set of 2-pieces, Complete rear bumper replacement kit,

(fits over existing washer nozzles) fits over existing door handles bonnet vent set Polished stainless steel supplied painted to body colour painted to body colour

for models with keyless entry c/w ‘Suzuki logo. (replace xxx with vehicle colour code) (replace XXX with vehicle colour code)
*for models without keyless entry Use with twin exhaust kit (see item 43)

£39.00 £35.00 £99.00 £49.00 £45.00/£49.00 £119.00 £650.00


Travel and Leisure RRP shown includes VAT but excludes fitting, painting and any additional dealer charges

43 44 45 46 47 48 49
PART NO. compatibility

Polished stainless steel Detachable tow-bar Tow-bar wiring Tow-bar wiring Tow-bar mounted Tow-bar mounted extension Lockable multi

twin-pipe exhaust kit assembly harness harness adapter bike carrier for bike carrier roof rack
9904A-00206 | 9904A-00207
9904A-00342 | 9904A-00343 990E0-64J38 990E0-62J37/62J38† 990E0-62J41 990E0-59J22 990E0-59J20 990E0-65J18
9904A-00206 = Types 1-3 2.0 petrol Detachable, refer to vehicle UK compatible, 7-pin bespoke Adapts 13-pin connector on vehicle Carries up to three bikes. Extension for carrying Oval aluminium design,

9904A-00207 = Types 1-3 1.9 DDiS owners manual for usage single electrics harness kit. to 7-pin on trailer Foldable mount, aluminium third bike, only for 990E0-59J22 fits on roof rails,
9904A-00342 = Type 4 1.9 DDiS instructions & max †
Alternative harness kit to be used construction (use with 990E0-62J38/62J41 max roof load capacity: 75kg
9904A-00343 = Type 4 2.4 petrol towing capacity when installing bike rack harness adaptor kits)

£545.00 £299.00

£99.00/£109.00 £15.00 £369.00 £69.00 £139.00

Interior personalisation
50 51 52 53 54 55 56
PART NO. compatibility

Lockable ski/snowboard Lockable bike Lockable roof box Dog guard Leather interior Leather steering wheel Door sill

carrier module carrier module upgrade package retrim trim set

99000-990YT-107 99000-990YT-206 99000-990YT-507 9904A-00340 9904A-00131 9904A-00208 990E0-65J25
For up to 6 pairs of skis or Must be fitted with 380L volume, Full grid, black nylon coated Complete leather interior retrim package Leather retrimmed steering wheel, 4 piece set, black with

4 snowboards, lockable, multi roof rack 150x90x35cm, stainless steel, also protects in highest quality genuine hide. Finished in dark dark grey leather with silver stitching silver ‘Suzuki’ and
(must be fitted with (must be fitted with rear seat backs grey with contrast stitch and embroidered logo to match 9904A-00131. (Please request ‘Grand Vitara’ logos
multi roof rack) multi roof rack) (Please request full details from your dealer) full details from your dealer)

£75.00 £79.00 £279.00 £149.00 £1499.00 £209.00 £65.00


(includes installation) 25
in-car multimedia RRP shown includes VAT but excludes fitting, painting and any additional dealer charges
57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64

Chromed door sill Front door courtesy Vertical cargo net Clarion® multimedia unit Headrest mounted Rear camera display Clarion® portable
PART NO. compatibility

Parrot® Bluetooth®

trim set lamp set (MAX983HD) DVD system mirror system sat-nav (MAP680) hands free phone kit
36550-65J50 x 2
99000-990G9-946 36826-65J01 x 2 990E0-65J40 9904A-00326 9904A-00311 9904A-00360 9904A-00318 990E0-64J24
4 piece set, Complete set of courtesy lamps Prevents goods from Complete m/media solution, HDD Dual headrest mounted, DVD system. Complete system comprising rear bumper 4.3” wide colour touch panel control, Parrot® Bluetooth® in-car
Independent operation allows seperate mounted miniature camera and interior mirror 1Gb flash memory, built-in RDS tuner for traffic
phone kit. (Must be used with

for fitment to front and rear for 2 x front doors falling out of vehicle sat-nav, CD/DVD, 7’ touch screen,
viewing options, complete package includes incorporating 3.5” rear view image activated information, Bluetooth® capability, MP3 player,
when tailgate is open Bluetooth® phone and iPod® connectivity, pre-installed games, 2 x headphones, by reverse gear selection. Also incorporates anti-reflection screen, 3D view, safety camera installation harness
built in media storage hard drive remote control & games controller auto-dimming function alert option, European major route mapping 990E0-64J24-001)

£119.00 £39.00 £31.00 £1499.00 £239.00 £239.00 complete


£999.00 £479.00
(available from August 09)

= Suitable for 2.0 16v, 1.9 DDiS and X-EC = Suitable for 2.4 and 1.9 DDiS SZ4/SZ5 Essential extras

65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72
PART NO. compatibility

Clarion® iPod® iPod® CD multi Speaker UK roadside European roadside Spare bulb Paint repair and

interface module in-car dock changer upgrade set assistance pack assistance pack and fuse kit touch up kit
9904A-00348 9904A-00190 990E0-62J77 9904A-00218 9904A-00354 9904A-00355 99000-BLBK11 99000-PAINT-XXX
Provides iPod® connectivity to standard Fits most iPod® variants. Uses audio head 6 Disc Multi Changer Consists of 2 x 250w Essential items incl. high-vis waistcoat, Fully equipped for European travel. Bespoke kit for Grand Vitara 5 door, Large range of colours available

audio unit via connection in glove box. (must be used with Clarion® tri-axial speakers, Incls items in UK pack plus fire extinguisher,
unit/steering wheel controls for hands-free warning triangle, jump leads and includes all main bulbs (excl. Xenon (replace xxx with colour code)
beam converters, GB sticker, dynamo torch
(Please consult your dealer for specific operation (must be used with mounting mounting bracket for front door fitment first aid kit plus much more. Supplied and extra hi-vis waistcoat. Supplied in headlamp bulb) and fuses in
iPod® compatibilty) cradle 9904A-00192) 990E0-62J76) in white nylon bag c/w ‘Suzuki’ logo black, heavy-duty bag c/w ‘Suzuki’ logo a shock resistant polystyrene case

£119.00 £139.00 complete £249.00 complete £99.00 £35.00 £65.00 £19.00 £16.95

Way of Life! 27
Experience Suzuki online: It is important to ensure that your chosen accessory is compatible both with your vehicle and any existing accessory you may have or intend to purchase. Please consult your local Suzuki Dealer for advice on fitting and compatibility.
The accessories contained in this brochure are intended for the cosmetic enhancement of your Grand Vitara and no
other claim of suitability is made for them unless specifically indicated. Colours, specifications, price and availability
Suzuki GB PLC, Steinbeck Crescent, Snelshall West, Milton Keynes MK4 4AE may change without prior notice. All vehicles featured throughout this brochure are 2009 model year, are for illustration
Suzuki Customer Services, Freephone 0500 011959 (Calls may be recorded or monitored) purposes only and may feature non UK equipment.

Way of Life!

Please consult your local Suzuki dealer for more advice on the full range and availability of
Suzuki Genuine Accessories for the Grand Vitara. All details correct at time of going to press: June 2009.
Sincere thanks to the staff at Pearsons Garage, Largs for their kind assistance in vehicle preparation for this brochure.