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Title: Numbers Subject: English

Age: 9 Teacher’s name: Ilze Ziedkalne Country: Latvia

Objectives Students will:

• Revise the numbers from 11 – 20;

• Practice the use of numbers in different situations;

• Develop listening, reading, speaking skills;

• Utilize Socrative App to strengthen their writing skills;

• Improve cooperation skills working in pairs.

Materials and • Flashcards with numbers

• Books

• Worksheet

• Wooden English alphabet letters

• Whiteboard

• Tablets (Socrative app)

• Computer

Directions Step 1– introduction, checking previous knowledge
1. Review numbers 11–20 with flashcards – game “What’s missing”. All the
number flashcards are on the board. Teacher shows the number, students
say the number together. Then students turn around, close their eyes,
teacher takes one number from the board and asks “What’s missing?”.
Students raise their hands up and say the missing number.
Step 2 – practicing vocabulary, develop listening and reading skills
2. Listening to the story, reading the story. Students listen to the new story
“Eddy’s birthday”, then they read and translate the story. After the story
students answer some questions about the story.
3. Counting the objects, revise the use of “there are…”. Students look at the
pictures of the story they read before and count things in the pictures
(presents, balloons, candles, childrens etc.). They make sentences “There
Stage 3 – practical activity
4. Studens work in pairs. They have got English alphabet letters in a box.
Teacher says the number, students make the word from the letters.
5. Worksheet – there are... Students write some sentences about the picture
(How many trees are there? How many birds? etc.). Students read their
6. Space race (Socrative app) (VIDEO). Students do Space race activity (a
quiz about numbers) in three teams (each team has got a colour). Students
have to write the number correctly to move their team’s rocket from one
side of the board to the other. Students receive immediate right/wrong
feedback after every question. In the end of the activity studens find out
the winning team.
7. Space race (Socrative app) – how many are there? Students do another
Space race activity individualy. Each student gets his colour. Students can
follow up their own rocket on the board. Students receive immediate
right/wrong feedback after every question. As students answer the
questions, the teacher can see the results in her computer. After this
activity teacher points out common writing mistakes on the board and
students correct the mistakes.
Stage 4 – evaluation
8. Students evaluate their work during the lesson – I like / I wish / I wonder...
Students say one thing they liked about the lesson and why, one thing they
wished to do next lesson about the same topic, and one thing they
wondered about.

Evaluation • Worksheet for pupils to complete;

• Teacher's observations of student preparedness;
• Participation in pair activity;
• Results in Space race (Socrative app) – two activities.

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