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|EPARTMENT OF ENGLISI MLA. PART Il EXAMINATION 2018, PAFERY ‘Time: 3 hours 4S mins Pall nar: 80 Nt 1s a) Analyze Aristotle's idea of catharsis’ in the Poetics oR 1 Critically examine the Aristotelian notion that there can be no agedy without action, bat thee can be 3 4) What, according & Longinus, are the vices of style that work against the Sublime? 1s oR {) How does Longinus differentiate between Good Writing and the Sublime? 15 8) In An Essay on Dramatick Poesie Dryden successfully effected the redemption of Shakespeare and. comtemporary dramatists from the strictures of neo-classical ri Discuss. 1s oR 1) Arr Essay on Dramatick Poesie is dsbate in which four speakers present diverse points of view, for 15 ‘most of which Dryden felt sympathy but also had reservations. Discuss. (8) Clarify how Wordsworth translates his democratie sympathies into eritical terms with special reference to his discussion of the role of the poet and the language in the Preface to the Lyrical Ballads Is on (h)Whte a short essay on the nature and function of poetry as conceived by Wordsworth in the Preface 10 she Lyrical Ballads 6 Attempt any swo of the following: 5x2 (a) (@) Write a short note on Peripeteia in the Poetics oR ‘Write a short note on Aristotle's view of Comed; the Poetics bi) Why did Longinus appeal both to the Neo-classicists and to the Romantics? oR Gi)Why is Caccilius not a good writer? i) Account for Lisideius'’s praise ofthe Cardinal of OB (Gi) What reasons does Lisideius give against the representation of death on the English stage? (i) Discuss Wordsworth’s views on the function of metre. oR (Gi) What aceording to Wordsworth isthe relationship between science and poetry? 6. (a)"{Tyhe birth of the reader must be at the cost of the death of the Author.” Does Barthes suggest the development of areader-oriented criticism? Discuss. ag OR (©) Roland Barthes’s discovery of the uncertainty of meaning in Balzac’s Sarrasine opens up: discussion of the disappesrance of the author in the essay “The Death of the Author.’ Ci Barthes's method of criticism. 7. (@)What are the various procedures of regulating and limiting discourse as outlined by Fé essay “The Order of Discourse"? What are the counter measures that he suggests to enable {fulfill its teve political potential? oR (©) How docs Foucault define ‘discourse’ in “The Onder of Discourse’? How does. Foucault's use of term make it historical-poitical intervention in the history of ideas?” 8. (a) Consider Derrida’s ‘Structure, Sign, and Play in the Discourse of the Human Sciences’ as a text on Deconstruction. OR {(@) Deconstruction is a way of challenging prevalent systems of thought and conventional notions of | language and meaning. Critically discuss with reference to Derrida’s ‘Structure, Sign, and Play in the Discourse of the Human Sciences’. 1s 9. (a)"The modem idea of the state is completely dependent on legitimized use of forve”. Consider ‘Althusser's critique of the legitimation of violence by the state in the light of this statement. 1S OR {by Ideology is basically tasked with knotting together of superstructure and base.” Analyse the statement in the light of Althusser's views. 15 10. Attempt any two of the following: 4) () What do the terms ‘enunciation’ and ‘performative? mean in ‘Death of the Author’? oR (i) Why does Barthes say that “the reign of the Author has also been that of the Critic"? 5x2 i) What according to Foucault is the essential connection between discourse and power? OR (ii) Under the category of prohibited discourse what does Foucault have to say about the distinction between reason and madness? ©)Gi) Discuss Derrida’s concept of ‘play’ with reference to the essay in your syllabus, stow tow te ‘centre’ is an important starting point in Derrida’s discussion on Structure, Sign and MAJENG? FINDOIS ‘Time: 3 hours 45 mins int HL, Unit HL ‘Answer questions from any one group in Unit 1 alt Is compaleaey: Pull wants: 80 UNIT HL cRour ALS. ELIOD 1a) Wiha wide range of allusions, Eliot remembers the past to construct the present in Te Waste Land . oR : 1) “These fragments have | shored aginst my ruins" Do you think this line accommodates the central vision and meted of Eliot in The Wasteland? 15 2a) With Fou Quartets, Eliot revived the tadition ofthe religious poor. Commest OR 1) Discussin detail lios use of eassisal mythology in any one of his plays that you have read 1s 14) Explain with reference to the context: a Time past and time future What might have been and wht hes been Point to one end, whicl i alway’ presen. on i) The four pats of Four Quartets each refers toa place. Why are the places significant in Eliot's overall pan ofthe poem? 4) What isthe significance ofthe epigesph in The Wasteland? oR b) What are the roles of Julia, Alex and Sir Henry Harcourt-Reilly in The Cocktail Party? OUP B (VIRGINIA WOOLF) Sa) The character of Septimus Warren Smith in Mrs. Dafloway introduces the presence of the First World War inthe wovel, making it more political than jt apparently seems. Elaborate. 15 oR b) The working title of Mrs. Dalloway was The Flours. Even after the change in title, how does time and the consciousness of time remain the central theme of the novel” 4s