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This Contract of Lease is made and entered in the City of Davao by and between:

KHAISA ALQUEEN KING , Filipino, of legal age, single, with residence at ASIA
GLASS, CABAGUIO Davao City, Philippines, hereinafter called the “LESSOR”.
- and-

LEX AUGUSTINE DE LETRAN, Filipino, of legal age, with residence of MALAYBALAY

City, hereinafter called the “LESSEE”


That the LESSOR is the registered owner of Studio Condo Unit No. 2619 at Tower
1, Abreeza Place, JP Laurel Avenue, Davao City, Philippines, herein referred to as

That for and in consideration of the rental to be paid by the LESSEE unto the LESSOR, the
said LESSOR does hereby let and lease unto the LESSEE the LEASED PREMISES and the
LESSEE hereby accepts the same subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. PERIOD OF LEASE – The lease shall be for a period of ONE (1) YEAR CONTRACT
commencing on Feb 12, 2019 to Feb. 12, 2020. Upon expiration of this contract,
this agreement may be renewed under such terms and conditions, including
rental rate, as shall be agreed upon by the LESSOR and the LESSEE. However, a
renewal of the contract must be negotiated at least one (1) month before the
expiration of the LEASE CONTRACT; without such an agreement, this lease
contract shall expire on the date specified.
2. RENTAL RATES – The monthly rental of the leased premises shall be twenty
thousand pesos (PhP20,000.00), Philippine currency, inclusive of Association
Dues, net of any and all taxes.
Upon signing of this contract, the LESSEE agrees to pay the LESSOR cash or post
dated checks monthly rental payments covering the period from March 12, 2019
to March 12, 2020.

3. ADVANCE RENTAL –Upon signing of this contract, the LESSEE shall pay the
LESSOR one(1) month advance rental of twenty thousand pesos (PhP 20,000.00),
applicable to the first month rental of the lease term.

4. SECURITY DEPOSIT – Upon signing of this contract, the LESSEE agrees to pay the
LESSOR the further sum of Forty thousand (PhP 40,000.00) representing fixed
non-interest bearing security deposit which shall be held by the LESSOR during
the entire term of the lease. It shall be held to answer for any unpaid bills or
obligation which the LESSEE may have under this contract arising out of the use
and acceptance of the leased premises whether in favor of the LESSEEE or third
person, such as but not limited to unpaid electrical, telephone, internet, cable or
water utility bills, repairs of damages and all unpaid expenses due from LESSEE. If
the security deposit is not enough to to settle the unpaid bills, the LESSEE is
obliged to settle the same to the LESSOR. The deposit shall be held in full
throughout the term of this contract and cannot be applied as payment for
rentals corresponding to any month.
The security deposit shall be refundable to the LESSEE without interest and without the
need for notice or demand, forty five (45) calendar days from the expiration of the lease
period or any extension or renewal provided that all necessary repairs and cleaning have
been have been completed and all obligations of the LESSEE have been paid and all
receipts surrendered by the LESSEE to the LESSOR.

5. RESIDENTIAL USE ONLY – The leased premises shall be for residential use by the
LESSEE only.
6. SUBLEASE – The LESSEE shall not sublease the leased premises or any portion
thereof without the written consent of the LESSOR.
7. ASSOCIATION DUES – The LESSOR undertakes and agrees to be solely liable for
the timely payment of association dues to ABREEZA PLACE.
8. UTILITIES – All expenses on water, electricity, internet, cable TV if any, and other
subscription services engaged by the LESSEE shall be to the account of the
9. FURNISHINGS –The LESSEE further acknowledges that the inventory of
furnishings and other objects in the property of the LESSOR and in case of loss or
irreparable damage, will reimburse the LESSOR or replace these items with exact
replacement or other similar value or quality at the discretion of the LESSOR.
10. HOUSE RULES AND REGULATIONS – The LESSEE agrees to abide by the existing
rules and regulations promulgated by ABREEZA PLACE.
11. PROHIBITED ITEMS – The LESSEE shall not keep, deposit or store in the lease
premises prohibited things like prohibited drugs, noxious substances, and
inflammable materials that might become fire hazard.
12. IMPROVEMENT – The LESSEE shall not bore holes on the walls, door, floor, ceiling
or any part of the leased premises without the written consent of the LESSOR.
The LESSEE shall not make any changes, alterations and improvements in the
leased premises without the written consent of the LESSOR. Any major
alterations or improvements made by the allowed LESSEE with written consent of
the LESSOR shall upon termination of this lease contract, automatically inure to
the benefit of the leased premises and become property of the LESSOR without
any compensation or refund to the LESSEE.
13. SANITATION AND REPAIRS – The LESSEE has inspected the leased premises prior
to moving in and found the same to be in good condition. The LESSEE shall keep
the property clean and in good condition.
The LESSOR shall be responsible for all major repairs on the leased premises
such as water, electrical and sewage installations caused by normal wear and
tear, except when such repairs arise from damaged caused by or due to
negligence of the LESSEE or its guests or visitors, in which case the same shall
be to the account of the LESSEE. The LESSEE shall immediately report to the
LESSOR any major problems in order to avoid further damage to the leased
premises. Minor repairs on the other hand shall be for the sole account of
14. INSPECTION OF PREMISES – The LESSOR reserves the right to inspect the leased
premises at reasonable times, with at least 24 hours prior notice in order to
check the condition of the unit and make necessary repairs.
15. SALE & TRANSFER – In the event of sale or transfer of the leased premises, the
LESSOR shall respect all the terms and conditions of this contract.
16. PRETERMINATION CLAUSE – The one (1) year lease is a guaranteed lease contract
and no pre-termination will be allowed. Should LESSEE decide to vacate the
premises before the expiration of this lease, security deposit shall be forfeited in
favor of the LESSOR, as well as any unused rent payment.
17. THIRD PARTY LIABILITY – The LESSEE shall hold the LESSOR free from any damage
or liability or responsibility to any person or property arising out of the
consequence of the use of the leased premises.
18. RETURN OF LEASED PREMISES – Upon termination of this contract or its renewal,
the LESSEE shall immediately vacate the leased premises and return possession
thereof to the LESSOR. It is understood that LESSEE should make full accounting
of bills and liabilities pertaining to the use and restoration of premises to its
original condition before LESSEE may be totally cleared to vacate the leased
premises. The LESSEE shall turn over the leased premises to the LESSOR in clean
and orderly state. Cost of general cleaning shall be to the account for the LESSEE.

Litigation and Venue – In the event of any case arising from this contract, the
LESSEE agrees to shoulder all costs of the LESSOR including attorney’s fees
equivalent to twenty five percent (25%) of the total amount due; and venue of
court action shall be in Davao City.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto set our hands this 20th day of April 6, 2019
2019, at Davao City, Philippines.









X ----------------------------------------X)

BEFORE ME, this 6th day of APRIL, 2019 Davao City, Philippines, personally
appeared the following with their Driver’s License No. to wit:
SSS No: Expiration Date Place Issued
KHAISA ALQUEEN KING 09-3010800-1 NONE Davao City

LEX AUGUSTINE LAYOS DE LETRAN Passport No. Expiration Date Place Issued
EC3239787 Jan. 22, 2020 CAGAYAN DE ORO

All known to me and to me known to be the same persons who executed the foregoing
instrument and they acknowledged to me that the same is their free act and voluntary

I hereby certify that the instrument consists of four (4) pages including this one
on which the acknowledgement is written duly signed by the parties hereto together
with all their instrumental witnesses

WITNESS MY HAND AND SEAL, this 6th day of APRIL 2019, at Davao City,

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Book No. _____________;
Series of 2019