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ITC3349 Class Activity 01 – 18 June 2019

Registration No: MC84388

Index Number: CPM16827

Name: R. Viraj Jeewantha Rathnasinghe

Lab Activity

1. Select at least three paper in similar topic/theme

2. Crate the following summary table

Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3

Title A robot in every home Industrial robotics Exploring customer
experiences with
robotics in hospitality
Author(s) Bill Gates Martin Hägele, Vincent Wing Sun Tung,
Klas Nilsson, Norman Au
J. Norberto Pires,
Rainer Bischoff
Publication Scientific American Springer, Cham Emerald Publishing
Research Problem Robotics industry Robotics technology An understanding of
linkage between contribution toward user experiences from
industrial and domestic manufacturing HRIs can inform future
activities hospitality and tourism
research and
Research Question Will the robotics Most contributed The findings highlight
industry be one of the technology is industrial the influence of robotic
leading industries in robotics to the embodiment and
future? industry? human-oriented
perceptions on
consumer experiences
Research Objective Encourage interested Give a proper The purpose of this
parties to the robotics understand about study is to explore
industry applications of Robotics consumer reviews with
in the industry and the robotics based on the
brief history of it five dimensions for
evaluating user
experiences (i.e.
embodiment, emotion,
perception, feeling of
security and co-
experience), as derived
from research in
interactions (HRI)

Type of the research Quantitative Quantitative Qualitative

Constructs / key Robot, Robotics, Robot, Embodiment, Human-
themes Sensors, Personal System Industrial , robot interaction,
computers, Industrial Robot Automate Guide, Emotions, Experience
robots, Computer Vehicle Parallel, co-creation, User
programming, Software Robot Programmable experience, Consumer
industry, Computer Logic Controller reviews
software, Machinery
Hypostasis / By 2050 in every home Automated This study contributes
Propositions there will be any kind manufacturing with to hospitality and
of a robot to be used as zero defects tourism management
a day to day equipment by highlighting current
practices with robotics
to suggest areas of
improvements for
enhancing future
consumer experiences
Sample Not specified 171,000 new 4 hotels
Data Collection Method Secondary sources Secondary sources Primary sources

Data analysis tool / Mean (average) Mean Not stated

Recommendation for No recommendation No recommendation This study provides
future research several theoretical and
managerial implications
relevant for hospitality
and tourism research
and practice

3. What is your research topic?

 Robotics and the future
4. What is the research problem?
 Are robots the way of the future?