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Table of Contents

Title Page

Title Page I

Aproval Sheet Ii

Declaration Iii

Acknowledgement Iv

Dedication Vi

Abstract Vii

Table of Contents Viii

List of Figure Xi

List of Tables Xii


1 The Problem and Its Scope 1

Rationale of the Study 4

Statement of the Problem 6

Review of Related Literature 8

Theoretical / Conceptual Framework 21

2 Method 27

Research Design 27

Research Environment 28
Respondents of the Study 30

Research Instrument 30

Data Gathering Procedures 35

Data Analysis 34

3 Result and Discussions 35

4 Conclusions and Recommendations 49

Conclusion 50

Recommendation 53

References 55

Appendices Ix

A Level of Marital Relationship 60

B Level of Parental Self-Efficacy 62

C Correlation Computation 63

D Parent Development Program 65

E Seminar Evaluation Form 67

F Validation Sheets 68

G Reliabilty Test Result 72

H Research Instruments 73
I Letter to the Superintendent 86

J Endorsement Letter of the Superintendent 87

K Letter to the District Supervisor thru the Principal 88

L Letter to the Parents 89

M Certificate of Appearance 90

Curriculum Vitae 91
List of Figures


1 Conceptual Framework of the Study 25

2 Research Locale of the Study 29

List of Tables


1 The Level of Marital Relationship of Couples having Children 37

with Special Needs

2 The Level of Parental Self-Efficacy of Couples having 39

Children with Special Needs

3 The Significant Relationship between Marital Relationship

and Parental Self-Efficacy of Couples having Children with
Special Needs