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Volume 4, Issue 5, May– 2019 International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology

ISSN No:-2456-2165

Digital Marketing in Indian Fashion Industry

Aradhana Kumari
PhD, Research Scholar
Shri Jagdishprasad Jhabarmal Tibrewala University JJTU Rajasthan

Abstract:- The intention of the look at is to take a look powerful approach of outreach. precise style website,
at the digital advertising and marketing and its impact apparel website, e-trade internet site or car internet sites
on Indian fashion industry. This look at is executed in a now provide a whole form of interactive skills, the use of
selected geographical location and this look at can be era like just like "while studying to surf the waves of the
considered as a quandary to judge the acquisition sea, studying to navigate the riptide of change inside the
selections of all clients of numerous areas. virtual media style retail industry calls for having a good teacher,
has concerned almost or almost every sector in society, spending a while on dry land stretching and assessing
and as an end result, virtual advertising and marketing the waves, and pacing yourself or version and In
is a fashion that has interlink every other in all business automation has a wide style of makes use of in retail
enterprise that exists – And the style or fashion consisting of stock tracking, allowing higher levels of
organization is not an exception to this ongoing customer support and handling inventory ranges
phenomenon. The shopping for a pattern of the regionally extra successfully, Flash and MS Media
customer is changing at a quicker rate inside the gamers" internet web site visitors are more and more
purchaser oriented market surroundings. customer capable of the mixture and in shape colors, view the car
behaviour differs with reference to the product, price, from numerous angles get responses to online queries, retail
functions, first-class, buying behaviour, packaging, outlet, 360 views of the patron schedule diverse collections,
popularity, technology, an age of the purchaser and so check-drives, servicing appointments, and so on. this is step
on. however, young adults are the maximum by step making internet-based totally advertising the
complicated institution to correspond with, The preferred mode of conversation. virtual advertising and
changing options of the modern-day kid's put on or marketing have been currently known as one of the first-
ladies' wear affect the buying sample because they rate manners to lessen through the mess and interact at once
typically comply with the rhythm of flavour and flavour with the patron. as a result, with the fashion within the
in keeping with the converting time. consequently, direction of direct, one‐to‐one advertising and marketing
entrepreneurs spend crores of rupees and make interest is being paid to the use of the virtual channels as a
investments too much time on market studies every way of correct marketing to clients. whilst considering
twelve months to turn out to be aware of and are digital channels, contemporary improvement is cellular
watching for changing teen's behaviour. So, Now the advertising and marketing. Indian cellular marketplace is
marketplace inside the retail phase to exchange the one of the fastest moving markets because of growth inside
prevailing era is more thinking about online purchasing the variety of centre-earnings customers and is prediction to
than conventional shopping for. this is the motive now a achieve tens of millions of customers in the imminent
day marketplace itself introducing new technology as in decade. there's a massive opportunity for e-stores as the
keeping with marketplace calls for. common annual increase of this market is estimated around
seventy percent by way of internet and cellular affiliation of
Keywords:- Customer Purchase Behaviour, e-Retailing, India. The improvement and significant use of internet
Digital Marketing, Online Shopping Intentions, Online technology have converted the manner society
Shopping, e-Commerce, Customer Characteristics. communicate every of their day by day. nowadays, an
Indian purchasing on-line can also do three to two
I. INTRODUCTION transactions in line with month. in just some other two to
three years because the market grows and matures, the
Digital marketing has been considered a new shape of common on-line client could be doing four to five
advertising and supplied new opportunities for agencies to transactions according to month. New conversation
do organizations with an increasing number of humans equipment emerging with the improvement of era is
turning into Techno savvy each day, there was a pointy referred to as “virtual advertising and marketing”.
increase within the wide variety of human beings the use of Literature Review
the net and cellular programs as their number one records
supply. advertising and marketing sports carried out A. Online Shopping Adoption in India
through virtual channels allow advertisers to immediately Twenty papers considered for literature evaluate to
speak with ability clients in a rapid speed and regardless of advantage know-how approximately digital marketing,
the geographical region. This changing fashion is forcing from that 12 papers eliminated from consideration because
clothing production or car producers to embrace Internet- of insufficient statistics for the priority check. Basher et
based totally definitely virtual technology as a means of al.,(2010)tested the impact of SMS advertising on
communication and to give you new, creative approaches to purchaser attitude and buying intentions. His findings
seize the attention of wider markets. Many fashion industry found out that there exists an effective dating among
and automakers have found that The net offers a price- renowned of advertisement and by purpose. So, remaining

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Volume 4, Issue 5, May– 2019 International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology
ISSN No:-2456-2165
three decades have visible an outstanding growth of websites for united states of America, UK & Ireland,
worldwide internet, A extensive popularity of internet France, Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain,
generation within the discipline of commercial enterprise Australia, Brazil, Japan, China, India, and Mexico. Amazon
has changed the traditional retail layout to the brand new additionally offers global transport to certainly one of a
shape popularly humans known as on-line purchasing, kind countries for some of its products. In 2011, it had
There are certain competencies which make net a further professed a motive to release its websites in Poland and
handy & attractive place to buy consumers compared to the Sweden.
conventional manner of shopping, such as the power to
view and buy products any time, visualize their needs with Source:
products, evaluate between unique manufacturers of
merchandise, close by stores, fastest shipping, online- 
purchasing is the method clients undergo when they decide is an Indian electronic
to store on the internet , discuss products with other commerce company based in Bangalore, India. founded
customer, there will be option to pay on cash on delivery through Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in 2007, the
and so forth. Extant studies demonstrates that most corporation to start with focused on book income, before
important assets and competencies supplied by networks expanding into different product classes such as consumer
are records and marketplace intelligence (Mejri and electronics, style, and life-style productsIn 2010, Flipkart
Umemoto,2010), (2015) investigated the impact of virtual acquired the Bangalore-based totally social book discovery
marketing and advertising gadget on logo interest era carrier weRead from, In overdue 2011, Flipkart
among housing companies. under this have a look at made several acquisitions referring to digital distribution.
theoretical framework became drawn for utilization of Now On 4 may also 2018, it turned into suggested that the
trends in digital marketing. experiential information and united states retail chain Wal-Mart had received a bidding
steerage to choice making (Fuller-Love and Thomas, 2004), battle with Amazon to collect a majority stake in Flipkart
managerial know-how (Zain and Ng, 2006), innovation for US$15 billion On 9 may additionally 2018, Wal-Mart
functionality (Möller et al., 2005), and capability to formally introduced its motive to acquire a seventy seven%
conquer size inconveniencies and decrease the risks controlling stake in Flipkart for US$16 billion, subject to
(Coviello and McAuley, 1999). remaining but now not the regulatory approval.
least mental characteristics may be described via
Motivation, perception, gaining knowledge of, and ideals Source:
and Attitudes (Armstrong and Kotler, 2003; Wu, 2003).
these days, the net has advanced proper into a fairly III. BENEFITS OF ONLINE SHOPPING
competitive marketplace and as a way to have an impact on
clients and to keep them, it's far the first step to discover Traditional offline buying leaves customer with a
positive influencing elements at the same time as buying variety of discomfort along with: delays in checkouts
online, the ones can appear as elements. The proposed communications, negative parking areas, time and fatigue,
research will be targeted on identifying & reading those motion from one region to any other searching and
factors. choosing goods, salespeople’s embarrassments, jostling via
people and losing money due to saving site visitors,
B. Historical Review of Online Marketing constrained buying hours and so forth. The essential gain of
Every person understand approximately on line online buying is incomparable with 24/7 enterprise hours.
advertising has outsold traditional advertising in modern online shopping is an offshoot of innovation of facts and
years and remains a excessive-boom industry. it is a shape communique generation. therefore, a customer do not take
of advertising and marketing and advertising then sales hazard the motion of bashing his automobile, put off in
which use the net to supply promotional marketing visitors jam, however carefully and conveniently selects
messages to customers. It consists of email advertising, from heaps of products, compares fees with other online
social media advertising, seek engine advertising (SEM), stores, places order, can pay for it with COD (coins On
cellular marketing and plenty of types of display delivery), credit score card, debit card, ATM or other e-
advertising (inclusive of internet banner advertising), payment available, and subsequently receive transport at
his doorstep. some other vital gain of online purchasing is
II. DESCRIPTION OF THE ONLINE the comments technique concerned. dealers function a
SHOPPING STORES UNDER STUDY question and solution (Q/A) phase via twitter, facebook,
Instagram, Google, and different social media websites and
 exchange records that assist resolve client lawsuits. you, inc. is an American electronic may effortlessly search the product information online, no
commerce company (headquarters in "Seattle, sales tax for the corporation as the entirety performed
Washington".) the most important Internet-based online. distinctive e-purchasing and e-advertising coupons
marketplace in the united states. started as a are available on exclusive websites as properly to shop for
web bookstall however quickly different, selling DVDs, a product without any hesitation as well as protection. No
VHS, CDs, video and MP3 downloads/streaming, software want to carry coins all of the time.
program, videogames, electronics, apparel, furnishings,
meals, toys, and jewelry. Amazon has separate retail

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Volume 4, Issue 5, May– 2019 International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology
ISSN No:-2456-2165
IV. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY complete survey. The survey technique studies design
changed into used for this study. The researcher used a
 To observe the awareness of virtual advertising in on judgment sampling technique to achieve statistics. The
line Purchases. quantitative technique for use assumed that online
 To investigate the impact of digital marketing in the advertising and marketing via online shopping shops and
purchase selection. shopping for digital gadgets are independent and
 To recognize approximately the form of products sold established variables, respectively. manner and variance
by means of utilising digital channels. were received from those variables for statistical
 To investigate the impact of digital advertising in the evaluation. The samples had been taken into consideration
purchase choice. with the aid of the use of the non-possibility approach
(handy sampling method) became confirmed and took it for
V. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY further evaluation. Secondary facts are likewise being
accrued from articles, journals and so forth.
A. Research Design
The existing research work is descriptive and B. Research Model
analytical based totally on the empirical remark and

Fig 1

The research design clearly examines the impact of E. Sampling

digital advertising and advertising within the consumer We selected like-minded pattern frames from the Pune
searching for choice. The observed, in particular, focused to towns taking part in the research. Our choice of an
observe the intent of the customer to make make use of the enterprise-extensive homogeneous sample become made
digital advertising and marketing channels in their shopping primarily based on the rationale of keeping manipulate over
for preference and additionally to analyses that what shape the “industry” variable. For pleasing the goals of the study
of products that they can extra preferably through the randomly select a hundred kids from Pune District. The
virtual advertising. sample for this examines got here from the company
running or Small enterprise individual task Grade A to
C. Area of Study Grade D staff.
For this have a look at the respondents are randomly
decided on within the Pune town. F. Record Analysis And Discussion
One of the essential steps is to investigate the records
D. Research Approach and communicate the findings in this component
For this study Secondary method and Interview researchers will communicate the empirical findings from
method is used for collecting data gathering the knowledge, this check. The records assessment mainly troubles via
the various aspects mentioned in it. interview methods and secondary strategies in Pune district

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Volume 4, Issue 5, May– 2019 International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology
ISSN No:-2456-2165
Below table, shows the results of frequency for respondent’s agreement with statements.

Modules Strongly Agree Uncertain Disagree Strongly Total

Agree Disagree Weights

Convenience Frequency
It is easy to pick 30(150) 25(100) 25(60) 05(10) 20(20) 340
out and
assessment with
while buying on
I can purchase the 40(200) 25(100) 25(60) 10(20) 05(05) 385
products anytime
24 *7 even as
buying on line
Are we able to get 20(100) 25(60) 20(60) 30(60) 15(15) 295
on-time shipping
by shopping
Element records 25(125) 30(80) 15(45) 25(50) 15(15) 315
is available whilst
doing shopping
The internet site 45(150) 25(100) 30(90) 10(20) 05(05) 365
layout helps me in
looking and
choosing the right
product whilst
shopping on-line
I pick to shop for 37(135) 22(84) 18(54) 18(36) 15(15) 324
from a internet
site that offers me
with the first-class
of information
Is web site design 20(100) 10(40) 30(90) 30(60) 10(10) 300
facilitates us in
looking the
products without
on-line 29(145) 20(80) 18(54) 18(36) 15(15) 330
doesn't waste time
I experience that 32(160) 17(68) 18(54) 16(32) 17(17) 331
it takes less time
to assess and pick
a product even as
shopping online
on-line shopping 05(25) 10(40) 62(126) 38(76) 05(05) 272
protects my
I feel secure and 10(50) 20(80) 30(90) 30(60) 10(10) 290
secure while
purchasing on-
Table 1
Source: Primary (Interview) Method & Secondary method.

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Volume 4, Issue 5, May– 2019 International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology
ISSN No:-2456-2165
The following are the vital findings of the test India is
the fifth largest united states inside the term of YouTube  Consumers want to be privy to digital advertising and
clients. On average, Indian’s spend spherical 14 hours each there's a need to create a proper awareness.
week online, which honestly overshadowed tv. The Indian  The examiner is made in a selected geographical region
online advertising and marketing market is developing the consequences of the take a look at famous that
speedy at the rate of 50% consistent with 12 months and it humans aware about the digital channels despite their
comes to be suggested to move a thousand corers in 2020. corporate work revel in, customers use to choose digital
The elements which typically affect the looking for the channels to buy any of merchandise, no much function
conduct of the children encompass, manner of lifestyles, of monthly profits of humans plays a function selecting
attracting the opportunity sex, buying power, family a type product purchase through digital channels.
historical past, employment recognition of the children, an  As maximum of the research found out that the clients
intervention of Western way of life, instructional are hazard averse and subsequently they need to gain
qualification and so on. India has almost 950 cellular knowledge of how to manage hazard related to digital
subscribers and as a minimum, 50 million subscribers have marketing.
net-enabled cell telephones. The variety of web web sites in  The customers are satisfied with products they offered
India is more than 90 million whilst that of profiles is more thru the digital channels this is considered as a
than 500 million. each day over 8 million inbound and 12 wonderful sign for the boom virtual channels in client
billion outbound messages are dispatched through buy decision.
Whatsapp. besides, on-line retail in India is at the upward  As mentioned in advance this look at made particularly
push as 60% percent of net clients in U.S of America visit region sensible correct consequences on the variables
online retail sites. using cellular internet and lots of extra couldn't be able to gain. There exists a destiny scope to
different factors account for a developing virtual analyses the effect of virtual channels on customer
advertising corporation in India. at the same time as all purchase selection.
different industries in India are struggling with 10 to 12 %,  Marketers need to conduct pre marketplace survey to
the virtual advertising and marketing enterprise is booming identify the want & want of the purchasers especially in
immoderate with 30% growth charge. Even after having digital advertising and marketing.
one of these blowing possibility, India although the loss of
folks which might be professional and mastered in digital REFERENCES
marketing and advertising. India wishes proficient digital
marketers who can use this opportunity that might create a [1]. Dr. Shalini Nath Tripathi,Er. Monika Mittal. (n.d.).
revolution. due to converting generation, what's an Investigating the impact of mobile marketing in the
innovation nowadays becomes out of date tomorrow. This current Indian scenario and proposing customization
poses many disturbing situations for entrepreneurs. as a solution.
Majority of the respondents feels that any time buy is [2]. Harrigan J.A., “Children’s Research: Where It’s Been,
viable online. Respondents sense that clients take very a Where It Is Going”, Advances in Consumer Research,
good deal much less time to purchase. vol. 18, no. 1, pp. 11-17, 1991.
[3]. Jain P.C. and Bhatt M., “Consumer behaviour in
VII. SUGGESTIONS Indian context”, S. Chand, New Delhi, 2004.
[4]. Karet N., “Understanding children’s responses to TV.
The subsequent are the crucial tips of the have a look Advertising & Marketing to children”, vol. 5, no. 2,
at pp.51-59, 2004.
[5]. A.M. Hasan, M. b. (2006). Conceptualization and
 Marketers want to understand the accessibility of the measurement of perceived risk in online shopping.
digital centers to the teenagers' phase, before launching Marketing Management Journal, 138-147.
any product online. [6]. Alves, D. d.-F. (April 2012). Profile of the electronic
 Entrepreneurs want to conduct pre marketplace survey commerce consumer: A study with Brazilian
to choose out the want and want of the customers, University students. Journal of Internet Banking and
particularly in online marketing and marketing. Commerce.
 Customers want to be aware of digital advertising and [7]. Sadia Afzal,Javed Rabbani Khan. (2015). Impact of
marketing and there's a want to create the right online and conventional advertisement on consumer
reputation. buying behaviour of branded garments. Asian Journal
 The examiner, in the end, indicates the customers to be Management Sciences & Education ,4.
privy to all of the virtual advertising and advertising [8]. Kuruk k., (2007). “An analysis of consumer power on
portals and employ their software to the most amount the Internet, Technovation”. 27(12), 47-56.
with utmost care and caution. [9]. Williamson, D.A. (2011). Worldwide social network
 As maximum of the studies found out that the ad spending: A rising tide.
customers are a hazard averse and as a give up a result, [10]. Elisabeta Ioanăs, Ivona Stoica. (2014). Social media
they want to learn how to manage hazard related to and its impact on consumers behaviour. International
digital marketing and advertising. Journal of Economic Practices and Theories , 4.

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