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Ree (IE—Ta-11) sree rearaft Riche sige Prafeftrs Rai A gen waar are me 8a) 2 are A Rn Baer feed wa oft Si Bihan 8 ga whe we Hom Bt Gras gar Sen 1 ates afta # ca ah wet 48 de ore 8 ee 8 es we ge A TG Soa wets eau & fey Fran sie za aM fe HL =m a snfaga arom 3 fora om aren, freer ogee sr wea—wr A fen nk, sh ga Stes wn ere FH-Be-EH (ye He Ro) Geran & yaye & Pike era fen oe afk) writes eG & Hie Ss ame sen TE si wel FAY Lp 2 xn, wet aghast, arn ae ee @UPSEC PDE cord nen era Fy sre safe wa @ eee we Sa A A AIH sre AB BG S) meee-se yer Aor oS 7 aA ge set we om le: we Ae) SOCIOLOGY (PAPER-II) ed : Three Hours Maximum Marks : 250 QUESTION PAPER SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS (Please read each of the following instructions carefully before attempting questions) 2 are EIGHT questions divided in two Sections and printed both in HIND! and GLISH, Candidate has to attempt FIVE questions in all. Question Nos. 1 and 5 are compulsory and out of the remaining, THREE are to be attempted choosing at least ONE question from each Section. The number of marks carried by a question/ part is indicated against it. Answers must be written in the medium authorized in the Admission Certificate which at be stated clearly on the cover of this Question-cum-Answer (QCA) Booklet in the space provided. No marks will be given for answers written in a medium other than the authorized one Word limit in questions, wherever specified, should be adhered to. i i tial order. Unless struck off, attempt of @ A of questions shall be counted in sequen! r spe eal ‘be counted even if attempted partly. Any page or portion ‘of the page left blank im the Question-cum-Answer Booklet must be clearly struck off. 1 | P.T.O. FOE B-SOCR/2 eee / SECTION—A Creates weal Ws errata gitar a vin aa feaftam, sh wees eens 150 Tel Ae: ee, Jn Write short answers, with a sociological perspective, of the following ors e about-IS0 words each ; en Hrs tier FT Ao Ho eel a smaen weer ae wm feo ferfaa Write a note on G, $, Ghurye’s Indological perspective of understanding Indian society, or at ciate uta sre a ameter fare Af) Give a critical analysis of Andre Beteille’s study of Tanjore village. Tifton itera a hen a &) Reaee ACL ledia is the fourth pillar of democracy. Discuss. t} wre aeerifa aiken A uafa a cel aftrersHl ac oe femaoh fafa ee Write a note on the changing roles of middle-class women in India. sna 8 anil wel A wah A Rea a Discuss the growth of religious sects in India. ©) (0) EJ) 2. fa) “ia fara % gu a vo ome tag & Prant aa faveren ABR) Analyze A. R. Desai’s views on India’s path of development. 20 (>) shaPaies une 3 aera Phar ordeal waste neers a ote Ae Examine sociological dynamics of Champaran Peasant Movement in colonial India. 20 (co) TaMfrrert arin (2004-2006) 1 fremiel fre wa ana sae a fore sta wa tor aren) gftiie adi 87 How do the recommendations of Swaminathan Commission (2004-2006) ensure food and nutrition security for the Indian masses? 10 fate sifted ste sufta dart & im aa eet oot aE sere BIT ge Hf What do you understand by discrete castes and muddled hierarchies? Substantiate your answer with suitable illustrations, vurca 4 serra fate & aod #, fereraHa faearaa wal HSN Me A aie FA Frege sere 3 ae or re we ACL Discuss development-induced displacement in the context of tribal uprisi India, Substantiate your answer with any one detailed illustration from Ind (b) FOU-B-SOUy/12 — * we war AL GRafia Boe ateensi) A aera’ wk “geray! I mee A saree aes ea AC Illustrate the importance of ‘Kanyadan’ and “‘Kulabadhu’ in chang institutions of marriage and family. a anf Af (1991) 3 farm wae rer A acta more A taste et Hest sunfire 8? —— eS re eee i Sey How has the Kew Economic Policy (1991) 3ffected the(lifestyle And brechance™ new middle class in India? ae fmm a a orerieaal fh frensii a op aarciraarers oe fafa! Write a critical narrative on the concerns of religious minorities in India. smite ware 4 feorer/faen (ziedeat) 1 gemd @ erates ae A fareT FS! Discuss the issues relating to the entitlement of transgender in Indian society: @UPSC_PDF mo ‘Wwe_B / SEcTION—B 20 10 Prater weil & aerate otis 8 aie am fe, at ats ene 150 Wad A A Write short answers, with a sociological perspective, of the following questions in about ,150 words each 10*5=50 do ame aden aa maga wes Sea A dare a afte fenies Fife) Jaborate the concept of constitutional morality as given by B. R. Ambedkar. ana Hare soften A aah ef sah x corset Bede A ce Construct a sociological narrative on the incr ia dof child abut arrareta sree 8 re fee oreciers A TSA Ft BARTER Explain the dynamics of neo-farmers’ movement in contemporary India. (@ A fae > ee fee & afer ase Are mmoting education of girl child. DRI “ort Assess the af (fg)! Sears Ke 8 ee sue wee BE AAR) Elaborate the ‘Me Too’ Movement and its impact in India. Ge (ap we A mere flor gf oh wre sh raw fw he Gt re Boi fave Wan aR HA 7 i How do you relate the growth of development of metropolis and its impact the mental and social life of people in India? ae: HOU-D-S0EY/12