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How to Become a Programmer and Web Developer / front end and back end developer?

If you want to be a web developer whether it's relevant with front-end or back-end developer then you
have to be a programmer first by the mean to seeing yourself is an expert web programmer,
You have to capture programming languages, web protocols and internet technologies as Python, Ruby,
Cloud Technologies. In context, I will guide you to becoming a programmer and web developer here by
covering the subject line of this article at the below-

Guidelines for the Beginner:

As you are reading this book, I am assuming that you want to learn programming. You have to know
and learn a lot to achieve your goal. Therefore your first goal is to know and learn.

Before learning programming you have to learn the basic and subtle matters about programming
because we should have a good knowledge of a work to start learning it. Prepare yourself to learn
programming by acquiring the details of programming.

Plan yourself what you should learn and from where to learn programming and then start learning
about it, because you must have a good planning to achieve any goal.

The present age is the age of technology. You should have a good knowledge on technology to keep
pace with the present Age. At present the importance of programming is immense in the world.
Programming is a large part of computer technology. If you have decided to learn programming, then it
is the best decision that you have taken because you can bring your financial solvency and be honored
by programming.

If you are a newbie in computer technology, it will seem to you a dark way. Think a little while, today
those who are Programmers, Software Developers, Software Engineers and computer scientists, they
also passed the dark way. Today they are successful by achieving their goals passing the dark way. You
can also pass the dark way if you try your best.

Computer technology is divided in two branches- hardware and software. These two branches are
divided in different sub-branches and computer technology is developing by dividing these two
branches into many sub-branches. I will try to give you advices from my experience on the software
branch of computer technology to make a career.

If you want to build your career in software section some questions will come in your mind and this
book is designed according to these questions and their answers. Therefore all of the topics of this book
are very important for you. Thus you have to read the book with deep attention and try to understand. If
you cannot understand then read again and again.

The Importance of Programming Language-Let me give you an example about the importance of
programming languages. What will you think if you see that there is no software in the computer or
mobile phone of your friend when you switched it on. There is no video player, audio player, internet

browser, gaming software? It will seem to you that the computer or mobile phone of your friend is
totally useless.

All the installed softwares of mobiles or computers are made by using programming language. I think
you are able to realize the importance of programming language. Programming languages are used in
all the technology of the world. I think, no technology can be completed and self-sufficient without
using programming language.

Can I build my Career by Learning Programming Languages ?

Yes, you can be Programmer, Web Developer, Software Developer, Software Engineer by learning
programming languages.Many of us think that"to be Programmer, Web Developer, Software Developer,
Software Engineer it needs to study on technology."Let me make you understand by some examples:
Web Development, Software Development, Software Engineering are also professions like professions
of business, non-government and government jobs etc.

The man who does business is called businessman like this the man who makes software is called
Software Developer. A businessman earns money by doing business like that a Software Developer
earns money by making software.

The man who does business can introduce himself as businessman like that who makes software can
introduce himself as Software Developer.Obtaining a degree from an academic institution means a
student has achieved his honors and master's degree on computer technology from an institution. An
academic institute can only give the basic knowledge to a student.

Such as- how a computer runs, how to do coding, how to make software, the responsibilities of a
Software Developer, the responsibilities of Software Engineer, the responsibilities of computer scientist

To be a Software Developer or Software Engineer one should study more than the institutional
education and be skilled on Software Development and Software Engineering.

In brief, to be a Software Developer or Software Engineer one has to be depended on one's learning not
on the institutional learning. Anyone can be a Software Developer and Software Engineer by learning
programming languages.

Big companies need Software Developers and Software Engineers not merely the degree holders of
honors and masters. Thus these companies emphasize on skill instead of certificates when they recruit
Software Developers and Software Engineers. If the candidates have enough skill they give job to the
candidates even if they do not have certificate.
Thus you can be a Programmer, Web Developer, Software Developer, Software Engineer if you can
learn programming language.

If you have any institutional education then you can acquire the skill of a Web Developer, Software
Developer, Software Engineer in a very easy way.

How can I Acquire knowledge on Computer Technology ?

I felt the necessity of learning a lot of things when I started studying programming language. I divided
the skill of computer technology into 6 parts to make my learning faster and perfect. If this method
comes as fruitful to you then you can also follow it.

First Step:
You can assume that you have crossed the first step when you will be able to switch on/off a computer,
install/uninstall software, solve general issues of hardware and can use the application software. I think
you will be able to have computer operator's skill if you can cross the first step.

Second Step:
When you can learn anything by browsing the internet, you will be able to cross the second step. I think
you will be a skilled computer user if you can cross the second step.

Third Step:
You will cross the third step when you can write a program of your own or others software by learning
programming language. I think you will achieve the skill of a Programmer.

Fourth Step:
You will cross the fourth step when you can make a dynamic website or software to solve the problem
of people by using the method of Software Development. I think you will achieve the skill of Software

Fifth Step:
You will cross the fifth step when you can solve the problem of your own or others by developing
software in an easy way, low cost and less manpower that is acceptable to all. I think you will achieve
the skill of a Software Engineer.

Sixth Step:
When you will make hardware or improve the quality of a hardware for the development of computer
technology or solve any problem of computer technology or help the Software Developer and
Programmer to develop a software for the development of computer technology, you will cross the
sixth step. I think you will achieve the skill of a computer scientist if you can cross the sixth step. To
learn and build a career quickly there are important tutorials given from Udemy.
I think you will learn quickly and perfectly if you learn from the tutorials of Udemy
Programming Career:

The biggest companies of the world recruit Programmers, Software Developers, and Software
Engineers to develop new software and create and manage their websites and for the improvement of
their software and websites. You can get job in these companies if will able to achieve the skill of
Programmer, Software Developer, Software Engineer by learning programming. You can get job in
these companies if you will able to be a Software Engineer.
You can earn money by creating your own website and software. You can earn by establishing your
own software company. You can earn money from freelancing marketplaces. You can earn money by
teaching programming on YouTube. Actually you can earn money by using any of your ideas if you
know programming.

About Programming:

We use different languages to express our feelings. The languages are Bengali, English, Hindi etc.
Computer is not human being. It does not understand languages like Bengali, English, Hindi etc. We
have to use a different language to express our feelings to the computer. These languages are called
programming languages. Let's make it clearer. The people of China do not understand anything of
Bengali. So it is not possible to make the people of China by using Bengali. To make them understand
we have to use Chinese language. Likewise to give any instruction to the computer we have to use
programming languages. When you write echo "My First Program"; by installing PHP in your
computer, you are giving instruction to your computer to write My First Program.

What is a Program ?

When you write echo "My First Program"; after installing PHP in your computer, you are giving
instruction to your computer to write My First Program. The instruction, which you have given through
a code to your computer, is called a program. Here echo "My First Program"; is a small program.

It would be better to understand by an example. The number of visiting this page will be counted and
the number will be shown in the page. These codes are doing a specific work in my website. The codes,
those are written to count the number, are together called a program. Program is the sum of a lot of
codes which gives instruction to do specific works. Let me make it clearer. The codes, those are
working to complete a specific work of software, is altogether called a program.

How does Programming Language Work ?

We use different languages to express our feelings. Letter is the smallest unit of each language. In
English language 'from a to z' total 26 letters is the unit. We construct words by using these 26 letters
and we express our feelings by constructing sentence by using a number of words. We do all work of
English using these 26 letters. Like that computer works by using 2 digits. The digits are "1 and 0".
When you save anything in your computer, all the things are translated and saved by using the 2 digits
"1 and 0". For example: I have written "my name is Shyamol" using notepad and saved the sentence,
the notepad translate the binary code and save the binary code to computer.

Notepad translates the binary code to English and represents to us when the file is opened.
The binary code of "My name is Shyamol" is 01101101 01111001 00100000 01101110 01100001
01101101 01100101 001000000 01110011 00100000 01110011 01101000 01111001 01100001
01101101 01101101 01101111 01101100. Now a question may rise in your mind that, who has
translated the sentence from "Human Readable Language" to "Binary Language"? "Complier" or
"Interpreter" translates everything that we write by using the programming languages. "Complier" or
"Interpreter" of programming language converts the program code to binary code and give instruction
to the computer. Then the output is represented to us as human readable language.

About Programming Career-Who is called a Programmer ?

The small unit of software is a program. The person who composes the program is called a
Programmer. Indeed, the person, who can compose program, make correction of the error or mistake of
program, is called Programmer. It cannot be understood a person's skill in which programming
language by the word Programmer. So it is used the name of programming language in front of the
Programmer to make it clear.For example-One, who is skilled in C language, is called C
Programmer.One, who is skilled in Python language, is called Python Programmer.One, who is skilled
in PHP language, is called PHP Programmer.

I want to be a Programmer:

You have to be skilled enough in any of the programming languages to be a Programmer. Different
colleges, academies and websites will teach you the basic of programming. You will be called
Programmer but not professional Programmer if you know only the basic of programming because you
cannot compose complex problems of programming by the knowledge of basic programming. You
have to try to solve the complex problems of programming to be a professional Programmer. There are
many websites where you will find many problems. You can be a skilled Programmer by solving these
problems. You can become a Programmer to learn any of the following programming languages
(affiliate links).Python Tutorial JavaScript Tutorial PHP Tutorial Java TutorialC++ Tutorial C Tutorial
How to Learn Programming Language?

All the beginner Programmers have a desire to acquire the skill of a Software Developer or a Software
Engineer. I have told you before. there are lots of softwares. You should learn the programming
language which is most used and on the basis of which you want to be a Software Developer and
Software Engineer. Try to be a Programmer by learning these languages.Each programming language
has an official website. In these sites the details of syntax and their uses are provided. You can learn it
from there.Different websites teach programming languages in different languages. You can also learn
from there. Youtube is another platform of learning programming. Many teachers of programming
teach programming in different languages. You can learn from there.You can learn popular and widely
used programming languages from the links (affiliate links) below. Python Tutorial JavaScript Tutorial
PHP Tutorial Java TutorialC++ Tutorial C

== Tips ==

The author of this e-book, Mr."Shyamol Singha" published his learned lessons on his websites
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• 9. Advice and he has covered multiples part of each and every parts of this multiple web
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