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Saneesh C

Mobile: +91-9663456565/+91-7907560980
Address: 6-36, Prasanth Nagar Colony, Serilingampally, Hyderabad -500019

Looking forward for a challenging and growth-oriented environment of

Devops/Cloud/Linux/Automation Technologies
Profile Summary

Linux/HP-UX engineer with 3 years of DevOps/Cloud experience and having 11+ years of
total IT experience in traditional as well as cloud environments of global customers.
Currently working with AT&T Global Business Ltd, Hyderabad, India

Technical Skills:

Operating System HP-UX, Linux, Windows

AWS EC2, S3, CloudFormation, CLI, VPC Networking, NAT, Security Groups,
NACL, VPN, DNS, EFS, EBS, VM Migration, DB Migration, IAM, AMI,
CloudTrail, VPC Flow-Logs, Glacier, Autoscaling, Load Balancer, ELB, RDS,
Lambda Basics, Elastic beanstalk, CloudWatch, Burstable Instances, Amazon
Azure Azure VM, Virtual Networking, Network Security Groups (NSG), Azure
Backup, Microsoft Azure Backup Server (MABS), Recovery Services Vault,
Azure Site Recovery, Azure Migration Service, Azure Storage Accounts (File,
Table, Blob, Queue), Azure Storage explorer, Managed disks, Azure CLI, VM
Scale Sets (VMSS), Azure Load Balancer, Traffic Manager, Azure DB (PAAS,
SAAS), Azure Monitor, ARM Template, Burstable Instances, Azure Kubernetes
Automation/Build Tools/CI/CD Jenkins, Maven, Ansible, Docker, Swarm, Kubernetes and AutoSys
Version Control Systems Git
Code analysis SonarQube
Repository Jfrog Artifactory
Infra provisioning Terraform, Packer, AWS CloudFormation
Databases MariaDB Basics
Virtualization Docker, HP Virtual Partitions, HP Virtual Machines, VMware basics
Ticketing tools Jira (Agile methodology)
Volume Manager LVM, VxVM
Hardware PA-RISC, Itanium, Blade, ProLiant, Superdome
Clustering/Orchestration HP Service guard, Veritas Cluster, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm
Networking NFS, SSH, Telnet, APA, CIFS, DNS, FTP, Bonding etc.
Monitoring Elastic Search, Logstash, Kibana, AWS CloudWatch, Azure Monitor, Nagios
Scripting/Languages/Templates Shell, Python, JSON, YAML, Jinja

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Job scheduler AutoSys, Cron

Cloud Professional summary

AWS Cloud

 Hands on experience on creation and management of IAM policy and managing

custom policies
 Hands on knowledge in creation of Roles, Profiles and users in IAM
 Working knowledge on Creation of custom AMI’s
 Working experience in taking snapshots of the EBS Volumes
 Hands on experience in provisioning the Databases using RDS.
 Involved in Database Migrations using DMS Service
 Hands on experience in creation of Reusable templates using Cloud Formation
 Hands on experience in creating infrastructure using CloudFormation templates
 Involved in creating VPC, EC2 VM’s, S3 buckets, Databases using CloudFormation
 Created a delivery pipeline from Jenkins using CloudFormation
 Hands on experience in usage of ECS (Elastic Container Services) for Container
 Setting up Network Access Control Lists (ACLs) in AWS
 Hands on knowledge Backups and Migration using Glacier, S3
 Hands on experience in setting up Auto Scaling Groups for EC2
 Hands on experience in Configuration of ELB (Elastic Load Balancer)
 Hands on experience in configuration of SNS topics for alerts received from Cloud
 Hands on experience in Setting up Billing Alerts and working knowledge on Billing
and Cost Optimizations
 Working knowledge on Setting up monitoring using Cloud Watch Alarms
 Server monitoring and alert configuration using CloudWatch
 Hands on experience in Setting up Multi AZ RDS instances for High Availability
 Hands on experience in Creating of public & private subnets using VPC
 Good Experience with application and infrastructure management and monitoring
 Configuring and managing AWS services like CloudTrail, VPC Flow logs, EC2, S3,
VPC, RDS, CloudWatch, Lambda, DynamoDB, etc.
 Individual VM migration using VM import (Offline migration using VM import)
 Involved in Database migration
 Hands on experience in realizing architecture using AWS CLI.
 Hands on experience in creating EC2 machine, Autoscaling, databases etc. using AWS
 Knowledge about serverless technology (AWS Lambda)
 Creating and managing VPCs, subnets, routing, VPN, NAT and Route53
 Managing AWS database management services like RDS, Dynamo DB etc.
 Configuring elastic load balancing and auto scaling.

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Azure Cloud

 Hands on experience in taking backup using Azure site recovery

 Hands on experience in enabling Azure replication using site recovery
 Hands on experience in migrating workload to Azure from AWS/Physical
 Hands on experience in migrating VMware/Hyper-V/AWS VM's to azure
 Created and managed Azure VM's, Storage accounts, Databases etc
 Involved in creating backup of VM and storages using Azure backup service
 Involved in creating replications of VM using azure site recovery
 Involved in DB migration from On-premise Microsoft SQL to AzureSQL
 Implemented Azure Monitoring to raise alerts for Infra failure
 Working knowledge on Creation of Azure Images
 Involved in Database Migrations using DMS Service
 Involved in creating NSG, Virtual Networking, DNS, DHCP and IP addressing
 Understanding Azure point-to-site (P2S) and site-to-site (S2S) VPN
 Understand availability sets, fault domains and update domains in Azure
 Setting up Network Security Groups (NSG) in Azure
 Hands on experience in Creating of virtual networks and subnets using Azure Vnet
 Configuring and managing Azure Storage Accounts (File, Table, Blob, Queue), Azure
Storage explorer, Managed disks
 Hands on experience in realizing architecture using Azure CLI.
 Involved in creating and managing VM Scale set, Azure load balancer
 Better understanding about Azure load balancing including Traffic Manager
 Better understanding about Azure DB (PAAS, SAAS)
 Moderate knowledge about ARM template creation
 Understanding about Azure Active Directory
 Better Understanding about Azure Kubernetes service

DevOps Professional summary

 Deep knowledge of CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Deployment)

methodologies with Jenkins
 Build Management – Experience in tools such as Jenkins, Maven for build
 Hands on experience with Configuration Management Tools such as Ansible
 Worked for Agile Projects and knowledge of SDLC processes
 Hands on experience with SCM tools like Git for branching, tagging, version
management, rebase, Hooks, Merging etc
 Hands on experience with code coverage tools like SonarQube

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 Hands experience on Amazon EC2 cloud deployments using DevOps tools like
Jenkins and Ansible
 Extensive Experience in Jenkins master-slave for multi machine builds.
 Hand on experience in delivering container-based deployments using Docker
 Having knowledge on setting up and managing Docker private repository.
 Having experience in creating custom Docker Images using Docker file
 Having knowledge on Docker Networking
 Deep understanding on Docker Clustering using Kubernetes

DevOps Responsibilities

 Setup and maintain system-monitoring using Nagios

 Setup and maintain log-monitoring using Elastic Search, Logstash and Kibana
 Support the engineering teams regarding CI/Build tools, Environments and
 Involved in Branching, Tagging and Merging of code delivery at required releases
 Help Development teams automate the environment setup using tools like Ansible
 Setup DEV, QA and UAT environments for every sprint using Ansible
 Troubleshoot and resolve issues related to application deployment and operations
 Working with cross functional, geographically distributed team to provide 24X7
deployment support across multiple environments
 Identification of root causes on critical problems throughout the platform, incident
reports and the organization of the engineering team members in steps to resolve
 Participation in project meetings with other technical staff and business owners and
subject matter experts.
 Managing Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) using Jenkins
and release management using SonarQube
 Configuring the Day and Night Builds for the sprint teams in Jenkins
 Writing modules to automate infrastructure using Ansible
 Configuring CRON Jobs for executing daily activities such as Backup/Archive etc
 Automated the deployments to DEV and QA Environments by picking up builds from
 Created docker files for easier replication of DEV, QA Environments in local
 Automation of the compilation, continuous integration, testing, packaging, and
distribution of software
 Setting up and maintaining monitoring & alert systems for servers
 Automation of DB / Server maintenance activities.
 Setting backups / replications / archiving, implement disaster recovery.
 Managing patches/software upgrades in servers
 Reviewing the technical architecture requirements to assess the DevOps Activities
 Migration of shell-scripts for deployments and environment creations to Ansible

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Devops Tools Knowledge

Version Control Systems (Git)

 Configuring and managing of local/remote git repositories for version control.

 Cloning repos from GitHub, pushing and pulling the changes between git and
 Making use of GitHub for installation of tools and packages
 Triggering automated code build by integrating GitHub with CI-CD tools like Jenkins
 Hands on experience with SCM tools like Git for branching, merging, tagging and
version management
 Better understanding about Git flow branching strategy
 Better understanding about Git stash, Git merge, Rebase, cherry-pick and Git hooks
 Worked on Branching, Merging, Resolving Branching Strategy and maintaining
Branching strategy using GIT.

Build Tool (Maven)

 Installation, Configuration and setting up Maven on Linux box

 Good hands on experience in Build automation tools Maven
 Better understanding about mvn commands like compile, test, package, install,
deploy etc
 Better understanding about artifcatID, groupID and Version in the pom.xml
 Experience in changing versions of projects using pom.xml file
 Better understanding about incremental build and full build using Maven

CI/CD (Jenkins)

 Installing and configuring Jenkins Server, Configuring Jenkins Environment for

various build and automation tools.
 Integrated Git, Jenkins, Maven in accomplishing continuous integration with poll
SCM, Build trigger.
 Running unit tests and code analysis. Familiar with SonarQube and configuring
continuous inspection of code quality using SonarQube scanner plugins in Jenkins.
 Configuring Jfrog Artifacts with Jenkins for storing the artifacts
 Installing and configuring plugins and integrating the tools like GitHub, Nexus,
Ansible, Docker, Terraform, Kubernetes with Jenkins.
 Configuring and managing additional Jenkins nodes and distributing the jobs across
the nodes.

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 Configuring fully automated build and deployment across on premises servers,
containers and cloud environments using Jenkins and ansible.
 Configuring periodic builds using Jenkins scheduler.
 Configuring build pipelines for build, code analysis and deployment jobs.
 Configuring build results reporting and notification services like SMTP.
 Installing new plug-ins in Jenkins.
 Configured Continuous Integration (CI) tools Jenkins from scratch and managed
Jenkins Plugins, created slave nodes, created build and deployment jobs.
 Performing Manual and Automation Builds using Git, Maven and Jenkins.
 Automate code deployments by using Maven and Jenkins.
 Creating a Jenkins master and slave for the implementation of multiple parallel
 Creating Jenkins build jobs based on the requirement.
 Responsible for creating jobs in Jenkins and monitoring daily operations in Jenkins.
 Scheduled Build jobs configured build pipeline and automated deployment using
 Implemented the setup for Master slave architecture to improve the Performance of
Jenkins, implemented parallel builds
 Configuring Linux, Ubuntu, Windows slaves/nodes for Jenkins so that build is
Developed and Pushed to Docker Containers Using AWS.
 Versioning of artifacts using Nexus and configuring build jobs for test, dev and
production deployment using Jenkins.
 Working with development team for automated code deployment in to test, dev and
production environments by creating continuous delivery pipeline of downstream

Container (Docker)

 Hand on experience in delivering container-based deployments using Docker

 Better understanding about docker architecture
 Having experience in creating custom Docker Images using Docker file
 Having knowledge on Docker Networking
 Having experience on Docker volumes
 Better understanding about Namespaces and C-Groups concept for docker
 Better understanding about Underlay and Overlay network concept
 Better understanding about Docker image layering concept
 Having knowledge on Docker Clustering using Swarm
 Created docker files for easier replication of DEV, QA Environments in local
 Installation and configuration of Docker hosts. Pulling the images from registries.
 Launching the containers using available images, managing private and public
network connectivity and routing of the containers.
 Managing data sharing and volumes for containers.
 Building the images using Docker file.
 Creating & maintaining of Docker environment for micro services applications using
Docker file and docker compose
 Troubleshooting the various issues related to docker containers
 Created images stored in the Docker container and uploaded to Docker hub.

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 Building/Maintaining Docker container clusters managed by Docker
 Working Knowledge of Docker Containers and Orchestrations.

Orchestration (Swarm/Kubernetes)

 Building/Maintaining Docker container clusters managed by Kubernetes

 Installed and configured Kubernetes cluster using Kubeadm
 Deep understanding about Kubernetes Master and nodes architecture
 Better understanding about master components and PODS
 Hands on experience in creating PODS, Service, Replication Controller and
 Understanding about tight coupling, Loose coupling models
 Better understanding about inter-pod communication
 Writing YAML file for POD, Service, Replication Controller and Deployment creation
 Deploy an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster and Amazon Elastic Container
Service (ECS)

Configuration Management (Ansible)

 Installation and configuration of Ansible Control server and Linux/Windows Nodes

 Better understanding about writing YAML Playbooks for deployments
 Better understanding about Ansible Modules
 Creating and maintaining the ansible plays & tasks for deployments & SCM activities
 Using the ansible commands for adhoc issues troubleshooting
 Configuring fully automated build and deployment across on premises servers,
containers and cloud environments using Jenkins and Ansible
 Automating regular Linux/DB/Backup tasks using ansible
 Integrating and making use of Ansible with Jenkins.
 Creating roles, familiar with Jinja2 templates, Ansible vault and Ansible galaxy.

Infra Provisioning (Terraform/CloudFormation/Packer)

 Considerable knowledge of consistent workflows in-order to provision, secure,

connect, and run infrastructure - HashiCorp stack (Terraform, Packer).
 Automation of infrastructure using Terraform, Packer and AWS CloudFormation
 Used Terraform to map more complex dependencies and identify network issue.
 Hands on experience on Terraform a tool for building, changing, and versioning
infrastructure safely and efficiently.
 Worked with Terraform key features such as Infrastructure as code, Execution plans,
Resource Graphs, Change Automation
 Worked with Terraform to create AWS components like EC2, IAM, VPC, ELB, Security
 Worked with Terraform to create Azure components
 Implemented AWS Code Pipeline and Created Cloud formation JSON templates in
Terraform for infrastructure as code
 Automate provisioning and repetitive tasks using Terraform

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 Managed different infrastructure resources, like physical machines, VMs and even
Docker containers using Terraform It supports different Cloud service providers like
AWS and Azure
 Configured RDS instances using Cloud formations and Terraform.
 Built Jenkins jobs to create AWS infrastructure from GitHub repos containing
terraform code.
 Experienced in Cloud automation using AWS Cloud Formation templates
 Hands on experience in creation of Reusable templates using Cloud Formation
 Hands on experience in creating infrastructure using CloudFormation templates
 Involved in creating VPC networks, EC2 Machines, S3 buckets, Databases using
 Created a delivery pipeline from Jenkins using CloudFormation
 Designed AWS CloudFormation templates to create custom sized VPC, Subnets, NAT
to ensure successful deployment of Web applications and database
 Create machine images using Packer

Monitoring (ELK Stack, AWS CloudWatch, Azure Monitor, Nagios)

 Installed and configured Elastic search, Logstash and Kibana

 Setup and maintain log-monitoring using Elastic Search, Logstash and Kibana
 Elasticsearch and Logstash performance and configuration tuning.
 Configured Logstash: input, output plugins, Logstash and elastic search as output
converting search indexes to Elastic
 Used ELK stack for logging and monitoring our systems end to end Using Beats.
 Used Kibana plugin to visualize for Elasticsearch.
 Setup and maintain system-monitoring using Nagios
 Installation and configuration of Nagios Core tool
 Configured Nagios for getting alerts as email notification with resource limits
 Server monitoring and alert configuration using CloudWatch and Azure Monitor
 Setting up and maintaining monitoring & alert systems for servers
 Having good understanding in Azure Monitoring service
 Implemented AWS CloudWatch and Azure Monitoring to raise alerts for Infra failure

Operating System (Linux and HP-UX)

 Configuration of Hardware and Linux based trouble shooting.

 System diagnostics and troubleshooting.
 Troubleshooting Startup, Performance and Network issues.
 Understanding current performance issues
 Analyzing and optimizing memory/IO and Network issues
 Server Performance Tuning, Patching (Physical and VM servers), Kernel Upgrade.
 Troubleshooting Service Guard and Veritas cluster services.
 Networking configuration and administration.
 Configuring and Managing LUN from storage and Disk management using LVM.

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 Supporting Patch Administration -- Adding / removing patches as per client /
System Requirements.
 NFS and ISCSI Management. Trouble shooting NFS, SAMBA, auto mounter and other
Linux service related issues.
 Have hands-on experience in Linux (RHEL and HP-UX) installation, system
administration, network administration, and troubleshooting.
 Possess good knowledge and experience in Server products such as HP PARISC and
Integrity serves, HPE Blade, HP Superdomes Servers (PARISC and Integrity)
 Have hands-on experience in Linux and UNIX installation, upgrade, migration,
system administration, network administration, performance management, and
troubleshooting and system recovery.
 Provide technical support for break-fix issues and involve HPE Product experts/
engineering team whenever there is a need.
 Proactively notify customers for any known issues as and when needed. Assist
onsite team for any technical queries.
 Verifying RFC for new implementation setups and existing setup.
 Participating in change advisory board (Request for change in production
 Validate changes and provide HPE recommendation before implementation of onsite
activity (Eg: Firmware upgrade, Hardware changes (addition/removal) etc.)
 Handling end to end escalations for complex issues.

Hardware Platforms

 HP PARISC and Integrity Superdome servers

 HPE ProLiant servers and Blade enclosure C3000 and C7000
 HP-Integrity Servers (RX 16xx/26xx/RX 3600/6600/4640/76xx/86xx)
 Integrity Blade (BL 860c, BL 870c, BL 890c and i2 i4series)
 Configuring and maintaining HP PARISC servers and HP Integrity servers
 Configuration of RHEL / HP UNIX operating system on HP servers.
 Configuration & Hardware troubleshooting using MP and GSP console.
 Configuration of EFI shell & BCH in HP servers.
 Collection of hardware and operating system logs & analysis for any h/w or s/w
 Hardware & Firmware up gradation on HP servers.
 Npar & Vpar in Cell Based servers.

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Previous Employment History

Working as Infrastructure Engineer (November 2015 – Current) in AT&T Global

Business ltd, Hyderabad
Worked as Level-3 Linux/Unix engineer (April 2011- Nov 2015) in HPE Bangalore.
Worked as Customer Support engineer (Dec 2009 - April2011) in Aeforeserve ltd
(NCR Corporation Ltd, Mumbai)
Worked as Customer support engineer (Aug-2007 - Nov 2009) in HCL Infosystems
ltd, Mumbai

Technical Certifications

 AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

 Red hat certified System administrator (RHEL-7)
 Red hat certified system engineer (RHEL-7)
 Intro to Programming Nanodegree (Udacity)
 HP0-P21 HP-UX 11iv3 Advanced System Administration
 HP0-P20 HP-UX 11iv3 System Administration

Training Attended

 Training on Open-stack and AT&T integrity cloud (AIC)

 Veritas cluster training from AT&T
 Python Basic training from AT&T
 AWS/Azure internal Training from AT&T
 Ansible/Docker/Kubernetes training from AT&T
 Veritas Volume manager and Veritas cluster training from AT&T
 Training on HP UNIX System and Network Administration – part 1 and 2
 Training on LVM, SD-UX, Service-Guard and Ignite-UX.
 Training on SAN Fundamentals & EVA
 HP Blade server and HP integrity & PA-RISC deep level trainings
 HPUX Advance Internals Training
 Deep level kernel traces analysis on HPUX for Performance.
 Crash dump analysis.
 RHEL-7 Advanced system administration training

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Educational Qualification

# Course, University
Year Marks
1 BCA – MKU University (Distance) 2012 59%

3 Years DIPLOMA in Electronics

2 Engineering 2004 60%
Board of Technical Education, Kerala.
3 SSLC – 2000, Kerala. 2000 72.5%

Personal Information

Date of Birth : 8th November 1983 (8/11/1983)

Nationality: : Indian.
Marital Status : Married.
Languages : English, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam
Permanent Address : Kasturi Nivas, Koyyatil, Kannur - Kerala-670650

I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge.
Saneesh C

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