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June 14, 2019

This is an explanation regarding the Atosiban drip incident of Dr. G. Pastorfide's patient that happened
on June 12, 2019 (Wednesday).

• At around 8am to 9am, patient arrived from floors per wheelchair for NST and was received and
assisted by OB Prep Staff, Ms. A. Reyes.
• Patient was seen by Dr. M. Ongpin, OBROD.
• I, the LR Nurse, instructed Ms. A. Reyes to call my attention whenever there's any medication order or
whenever there's an order she can't handle yet.
• After that, I came back to LR and assisted Dr. P. Caisip in her reassessment and repeat IE to her patient
at LR Bed 3. Dr. P. Caisip, then ordered to transfer the patient to her room.
• I facilitated the orders for Dr. P. Caisip's patient and transferred the patient to her room at around
9am to 9:30am.
• Approximately 9:50am, I came back to DR from floors.
• Approximately 10am, while helping our ACN, Ms. Z. Miguel to sort out the EDTR charts, Ms. A. Reyes
approached me and gave me the chart of Dr. G. Pastorfide's patient and told me to sign. By this time,
Ms. A. Reyes already sent the patient back to her room.
• As I read the orders at the POS, I have read that there's an order regarding the Atosiban drip and I
immediately asked Ms. A. Reyes who started the Atosiban drip. Ms. A. Reyes told me that it was Dr. M.
Ongpin who started it.
• I asked her twice if she's sure that the drip was really started and if it was started by Dr. M. Ongpin and
she said yes. Ms. A. Reyes told me that she saw Dr. M. Ongpin manipulated the infusion pump.
• So, I assumed that it was started by Dr. M. Ongpin and put her name on the Nurse I of the IVF sheet.
Then I signed the Nurse II.
• I asked Ms. A. Reyes if she endorsed it to the floor nurse and told me that she verbally told the NOD
that second cycle of Atosiban drip was started.

Delivery Room - Staff Nurse

Kyna B. David