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Dosen : Dr. Ir. Arief Daryanto, M.Ec.

Latihan Soal Elastisitas


Abitur Asianto
NIM. P06614052 3.10DM

Program Doktor Manajemen Bisnis

Institut Pertanian Bogor
{r{,{J'Ln'"- oe't e foluob$A g;"' tik rt' r,,f t t

Exercise BML l: Demand Elasticify

Multiple-Choice Questions

1{tr.priceelasticityofdemandisameasureof E %a qWe^{.rr^ u#%u

responsiveness of the quantity demanded to price changes. Cp
t1t" = of
_ -tr-
B) the quantity demanded ar a given price. ' A hA"Wa af/,,
C) the shift in the demand curve when price changes. ";
;r- ,

Oj tt demand for a product holding price constant. : Op!

2) The elasticity of demand for a product is rikery to be greater
qal Q,={rrs
A) the smaller the number of substitute products available.
smaller.the proportion of one's income spent on the product.
R the
larger the number of substitute products available.
D) if the product is an imported good rather than a domestically produced

3) If OPEC increases its price of oil, and stillthe demand

for oil decreases by a very small
amount, we can conclude that the demand for oil is
A) relatively elastic.
@ relatively inelastic.
C) perfectly elastic.
D) perfectly inelastic.

4) If the consumption of sugar does not change at all following price

a increase from 50 cents
per pound to 65 cents per pound, the demand for sugar
is consi-ideied to be
A) relatively inelastic.
B) perfectly elastic.

9,:::ril:;::l::''" -+ t, t4{. tu rr,o'b*erw(^

5) Ifthe demand for a product is said to be relatively inelastic, the ,,absolute,,
value of the
*:*:*:"j*ientwill be t
(A} less than one.
B) greater than one. 4 '"( {t r L} f 4 €.{htA4lq b4
{f ,f
C) equal to one.
D) zero. &ztJ.- = I-rl
6) Ifan item has several good substitutes, the demand curve
for that item is likelv to be
A) relatively inelastic.
@ relatively elastic.
C) perfectly inelastic.
D) unit elastic.

is defined as the percentage change in quantity

ln percentage terms,

C) remain the same.

D) either increase or decrease.

{. Lt i'^t"('k'thr

ilkrtyua rw$r&€. + hlrttya"

e frA,
Ep= Oa, G, 0-{r ; --*^- ^ *b'75 ' -v
tffi4T yr,Wtr* W 5/,
8) Suppose the price of beans rises from
$ I .00 apound to $2.00 u pound, quantity

units' the coefficient orelasticitv oro".*l f", b#;;;;;;;i*,L
A) -1.33.
B) -0.75.
D) -0.25.

9) Suppose the price ofbeans rises from

$L00 a pound to $2.00 a pound, quantity demanded
falls from 10 units to 6 units. In this exampre, the
demand for beans is said to be
A) relativelv elastic.
G) relatively inelastic.
C) perfectly elastic.
D) perfectly inelastic.

l0) A perfectly elastic demand curve 'w
A) can be represented by a line parallel to the vertical
B) is a 45-deeree line.
$,a,'pk* ; .u{.*ii,tf#.
@ can be repiesented by a line parallel to the
horizontal axis. {Woh ) w{wrr

D) cannot be represented on a two_dimensional graph.
") 4/rF4 prar.n'{r {a W yV | }
I I ) The sensitivity of the change in quantity
consumed of one good to a change in the
price of
4lelated good is called
B) substitute elasticity.
C) complementary elasticity.
D) price elasticity of demand.
-/ euJrh'$&4a
Q) fne cross-price elasticity
rty of demand for coffee addtea is likelv
to be
B) less than zero.
C) zero.
h-' a
', m;r Ec,=tfJ
D) infinity. -*-.-+
- Wplt l,ho,*,ury4s,7
be *l"
13) The cross-price erasticity of demand for
coffee una is likely to
4) greater than zero. "or""(r"?*

?li'i"::*^'" o*tr*, n e41,l,a Qraq{

D)infinitv. E. = i-l
__&-*^ L_ **+
l4) The cross-price elasticity of demand for coffee
and caskets is likely to be
A) Iess than zero.
zero' :k*t-
ff:r:"'than fiwhi6^*^
D) infinity.

l5) when purchases of tennis socks decline following

an increase in the price of tennis
sneakers (other things remaining equal),
therelationfiip betwe;;these two items can be
described as
A)substiturable \', LrItA"
CB cornplementary. IflAir{*,r,
C) unique.
D) ordinary.
I 6) The owner of a produce store found that when the price of a head
of lettuce was raised
from 50 cents to $1, the quantity sold per hour fell from l8 to 8. The arc elasticity of demand
for lettuce is ''..-....."--..-
A) -0.s6.
c) -0.8.
D) -1.57. :

17) Suppose the price ofcrude oil drops from $150 a barrel to $120 a barrel. The quantity
bought remains unchanged at 100 barrels. The coefficient of price elasticity of demand in this
example would be
A) -0.5. Y g
B) infinity. I

c) -1.0.
l8) lfa firmdecreases the price ofa good and total revenue decreases, then
. A) the demand for this good is price elastic.
(p the demand for this good is price inelastic.
C) the cross elasticity is negative.
D) the income elasticity is less than l.

19) When total revenue reaches its peak (elasticity equals I ), marginal revenue reaches
A) 1.
D) Cannot be determined from the information provided

20) lf the income elasticity of a particular good is negative 0.2, it would be considered
A) a superior good.
B) a normal sood.
@un inferioigood.
D) an elastic good.

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