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A Personal Touch

Posted by Sophie Jewry on Jul 10, 2013 in Branding, Business, Marketing | 0 comments

I stumbled across a great personalised gift the other day and it got me thinking about how popular a personalised touch is these days.
You can see it even with giant corporations, they are trying to give a more personal approach to business and going back to grass roots. They
know that we, the consumer, like to feel we’re connecting with individuals rather than a giant machine. Even Coke is now printing bottles with
names on.
USP (Unique Selling Point) is mentioned a lot in business – what makes you stand out from your competitors and why would we choose you over
the next business offering a similar product or service? It’s definitely important and always worth thinking ‘outside the box’ to work out what
really does make your business unique.
So, what are you doing in your business to make sure that you’re giving your customers that personal touch? It may be that you’re a one man
band and so you your business is all about the personal touch, but even then it’s worth considering the hows, whys and whats so you have a better
idea of exactly what you’re offering your clients – this comes in handy with your promotional strategy.
For a bit of fun I thought I’d show you a handful of examples of some of the great personalised gift offerings there are out there and hopefully
help you get those creative juices flowing for how you can get more personalisation and/or personal service happening within your business.
Not Another Bill
Buy a one-off gift or a regular monthly delivery – this clever idea is a way to brighten up your post. A great gift for you or a loved one and
completely original!
Personalised Books
You may have seen a few different businesses offering these and this company stood out for me in that you can not only personalise a name but
also events, locations, dates and more. Have a play on their demo and see how it works.
Personalised Maps
How great are these for lovers of the great outdoors. Choose your picture and personalise your own map – simples!
Personalised Chocolate
I bought my daughter this for her 13th birthday and it was a massive success! One of the cheapest and most favourite of her presents in fact.
Genius marketing and a great present.
Personalised Monopoly Game
A staple item for the family home and a lovely gift. My mum in fact did this for my brother, using his old university haunts as the personalised
locations. It was a lovely, personal gift.
I also recently discovered StoryWorth, a lovely website that builds your own story via content supplied by family, friends and loved ones
(including you) that is prompted by an email. A very lovely idea.
Another website dedicated to high quality personalised gifts by designers and artists is Not On The High Street. You’ll find a treasure trove of
gifts on here.
So think about a more personal approach and why not comment below now and explain what you do that is personal and why it works for your
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