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Sub: Offer for Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of 1000 KWp PV Solar Roof On-

Grid Captive Power Plant-Reg.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for the opportunity

Some of the Highlights are:

 10 mm roof with a density of 1250kg/cum thus increasing lifespan of roof.

 Increased efficiency due to thermal conductivity of 0.072 W/mtK
 Thermal Insulation reduces the temperatures by 35-40%
 Customizable sizes for larger orders
 Can be used on the building faced to gain maximum surface area with an extra floor!
 Investment payback in just 4 - 6 years approximately

Benefits :

 When compared to GV sheets, PV Modules generates no noise and minimizes the

effects of heat & rain.
 No need of an insulation mat under the roof
 No rust formation; product lasts for more than 25 years
 Fire resistant & Electric Shock Proof compared to Galvalume sheets which are
dangerous and can cause shock & electrocution
 Non-Hazardous material when compared to Galvalume sheets which conduct
radiations and may cause health hazards

We are enclosing following documents for your kind perusal.

1) Techno commercial offer,
2) Product Brochure,
3) Pv Solar Roof Module datasheet

Thanking you once again and assuring you our best services.

Yours truly,
A. System Definition

Plant Size:
DC Solar Array capacity: 1000 KWp
Grid Tied Inverter Capacity: 50KWp *20 No’s
PV Solar Panels – 320Wp panels – 3125Nos

Energy Production:

Site location: Tamilnadu

Number of full production days assumed per year: 330

PVSYST. Based Statistics:

Expected Annual production: 14,85,000 KWH @ 4.5units/per KW/per day (As per simulations,
with losses)

Energy production projections are estimated energy only based on site’s solar data and our
experience with similar systems. We make no guarantee as to actual production output from this
system. Actual generation is subject to orientation, tilt angle of solar panels and losses (10 -15%).

On-Grid/Load Interfacing:
Solar system output shall be connected to a suitable load bus capable of taking the input. This
input point shall be selected in field in consultation with client’s Electrical Engineer.
B. System Components
Poly Crystalline Solar Modules Make: High Efficiency Modules (Frameless)
Model: PV Modules -72
Watage: 320 Wp
No. of Cells: 72
Voc: 44.14 V
Isc: 8.89 A
Vmp: 36.86 V
Imp: 8.68 A
Cell Efficiency: 18.1%
Module Efficiency: 15.1 %
Dimensions: 2030 X 1030 X 10 (mm)
Weight: 50 kg
Operating Conditions: -40°C to +60 °C
Maximum System Voltage:1000 VDC
Grid Tie Inverter
Grid Tie Inverter: 50KWp*20 no.s
Make: IEC approved, Reputed make
AC maximum output: Total 1000KWp
MPP voltage range: 270VDC - 850VDC
Maxi Open Array Voltage: 250VDC-1000VDC
Maximum efficiency: >98%
Power connection: 3-phase

Panels shall be mounted on M.S frames inclined to North/

South (as per site condition). The structure is designed in
Mounting Structure/ Super such a manner that module can be replaced easily and in line
Structure with site requirements and it is easy to install and service in
future. The frames will be supported by columns of suitable
lengths to provide the pre-determined inclination.

Cables will conform to IS 694 and shall be of 1000 V/ 1.1

Electrical Accessories kV grade. Interconnections, array to Inverter, Inverter to LT
Panel etc. will be selected to keep voltage drop and losses to
the minimum. The bright annealed 99.97% pure bare copper
conductors offer low conductor resistance; result in lower
heating thereby increasing cable life and efficiency. These
wires are insulated with a special grade PVC compound
formulated and manufactured in-house
Working voltage: up to 1100 V
Temperature range: -15 deg C to +70 deg C
Energy Meter
The Inverter shall have a built-in meter that tracks energy
production and displays it on a small LED screen. The display
can be used to determine real-time production, daily
production, and yearly production. For more sophisticated
analysis and visual data management, Solar Access modules
can be included.

Remote Monitoring System

The Data logging monitor continuously records and stores all
available data in real time; in addition, the inverter
Parameters can be requested and modified. We provide with
various modern data processing options for professional data
management. Real time generation info can be accessed thru
Web browser & Mobile App.

C. Bill of Material

S. No Component Type/Model No Specifications Quantity

1 PV Modules 72 Cells 320 Wp 3125 No’s

2 Grid Tie Inverter IEC Reputed Make 50KWp 20No’s

As required
Panel Mounting
3 Reputed Make M.S per the site
4 AC & DC cables As Per site requirement As per ISO As per site
Remote Monitoring
5 As per the Inverter Make Monitor Lot
Earthing and
6 As Per IS Standard As per site
Lightning Arrestor
D. Solar On-Grid Power Plant

E. Installation Details

Area required:
The Total Area required for the System Installation shall be approx. 78,000 Sq. feet, without any
shades, facing North/south

Structural Anchoring:
Panels shall be mounted on M.S frames inclined to north/south depending on the site
conditions. The structure is designed in such a manner that module can be replaced easily and
in line with site requirements and it is easy to install and service in future. The frames will
be supported by M.S columns of suitable lengths to provide the pre-determined inclination
as per the drawing submited to you in the earlier.

Inverter Installation:

The inverter is available in IP65 housing; however, an enclosed space to be provided for the
same. Actual installation location and methods will be determined during Installation phase.
For maximum efficiency and minimum losses, it is advised to place the inverter close to Solar
Proposed fire hose shaf will be used for running electrical cables down to the electrical panel
board. A detailed electrical design with single-line diagram and specifications will be prepared
during full design phase after receiving the PO, for the client’s approval

Scope of Work:

1) We shall conduct a detailed site visit with specialists to take accurate measurements,
photographs, and other site-specific information for full design.
2) Prepare full system design to include civil, structural, electrical and mechanical
components, with construction drawings and specifications.
3) Procure equipment and materials and deliver to site.
4) Perform complete system installation.
5) Test all electrical components in accordance with manufacturer instructions.
6) Commission the system to full operability
7) M.S fabrication work for Roof to mount PV solar panels.

F. Client Scope

Site-specific considerations will require assistance and cooperation from the client as outlined
 Provide access to work site for delivery of equipment and materials prior to and during
project implementation.
 Provide a suitable and secure space for storage of equipment and materials.
 Facilitate access of work crew to the work site 7 days a week.
 Facilitate interfacing with the client’s resident engineering staff for consultation as
 Separate electrical loads as per agreed loads and connect solar output to building load
system. Civil works, if any.
 All the Statutory clearances, if any, required for the Project.
 Net meter approval from Discom at extra charge.
 Raising of pillars up to required height.
 Provide free, un-interrupted power, security to material and personnel.

G. Delivery Schedule

Installation & Commissioning

Power plant will be installed within 10-12 weeks from the date of receipt of Order and approval
of the BOQ along with “SLD”.
The details are as below
1. Inverter: 5 years from the date of commissioning
2. Balance of the Systems: Standard 12 Months warranty against manufacturing defects from
the date commissioning.
3. We shall also ensure supply of required spares for the System

H. Project Cost

The above rate includes PV Modules, Civil works, M.S. Fabrication works, installation of
modules, and B.O.S.incl. Installation & Commissioning.

Cost Vs Payback Calculation for Energy Generating Roof

A Total Capital expenditure for Solar Plant without GST Rs. 5,95,50,000.00
B A.D Benefit up to 40% Not considered
C Annual Savings @ Rs.8.5/- per unit x 14,85,000 units Rs. 1,25,22,500.00
D Payback Period: (A divided by C) 4.5 Years
E Free Power for balance 20.5 Years
F Total Power Plant life 25 Years

*Accelerated Depreciation (A.D) and yearly escalation of power tariff not considered.
If considered payback period will be even less/quick.

Terms & Conditions:

 Freight: Ex-Works, Extra at actuals

 GST: 5% & 18% at extra
 Delivery: Dispatch will be affected in 4-6 weeks from the date of acceptance of Purchase
Order (P.O). System installation will be completed in 10-12 weeks from date of receipt of
materials at site, provided site is ready for installation.
 Payment Terms
70% of the amount payable as advance along with formal PO (100% for the PV
modules and partial mobilization advance for the civil, fabrication items)
20% on supply of material (as indicated in BOM) at the site
10% on successful commissioning of the project
 Validity: This offer is valid for 20 days from the date of proposal

Authorized Signatory