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Science Essay Grading Rubric

5 4 3 2 1 Earned
The essay is fully The essay is The essay is The essay is The essay shows
focused and consistently focused sufficiently focused minimally focused. little or no focus
IDEAS contains a wealth of and contains ample and contains some The provided and the ideas are
 Controlling idea ideas and examples. ideas and examples. ideas and examples. examples are vague unclear, irrelevant,
 Supporting ideas The writer uses The writer may use The response is or general and the or repetitive. The
 Use of details scientific reasoning scientific reasoning generally response response is
 Awareness of purpose to addresses ideas to addresses ideas appropriate to the demonstrates incomplete or too
 Sense of completeness and arguments. and arguments. purpose. minimal awareness. brief.

The organization of The organization is The organization is The organization is The essay shows
ideas supports the appropriate and the generally formulaic or little evidence of
ORGANIZATION writer’s focus. sequencing of ideas appropriate and the inappropriate. The organization or
 Introduction/body/conclusion Ideas are grouped in is logical. Varied ideas are clearly response may lack a sequencing.
 Sequence of ideas a logical manner. transitions are used. sequenced, but may clear introduction or Transitions are not
 Grouping of ideas Effective and varied be repetitive. conclusion. used. The response
 Effective transitions transitions are used. Transitions are used Transitions are rare. is incomplete or too
 Awareness of purpose brief.

The writer The writer The writer The writer The writer lacks
demonstrates full demonstrates demonstrates demonstrates understanding of the
CONVENTIONS command of the knowledge of the sufficient control of minimal control of conventions of
 Sentence formation conventions of conventions of the conventions of the conventions of written English.
 Subject-verb agreement written English written English. written English. written English. Errors are
 Standard word forms language. No errors Errors are minor Errors may interfere Errors are frequent pervasive. The
 Punctuation, spelling, and are evident. and do not interfere with meaning, but and interfere with response is
capitalization with meaning. are not distracting. meaning. incomplete or too

TOTAL POINTS = ____________