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9 tizy COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE DERBY BOARD OF EDUCATION AND THE DERBY EDUCATION ASSOCIATION FOR THE PERIOD JULY 1, 2019 THROUGH JUNE 30, 2022 TABLE OF CONTENTS Article I~ General Article II ~ Recognition Article Ill - Grievance Procedure Article IV — Salaries Article V — Fringe Benefits Article VI Deductions Article VII— Protection ‘Article VIII ~ Personal Injury Benefits Article IX ~ Sick Leave Article X — Personal, Bereavement, Renewal Leave Article XI — Sabbatical Leave, Teacher Exchange Program Article XII — Other Leave Article XIII ~ Working Conditions Article XIV — Teacher Assignments, Transfers & Promotions Article XV — Reduction in Force Article XVI General Working Conditions Article XVII —Degree Definitions Article XVIII - Summer Schoo! Program Article XIX — General Provisions Article XX — Stipends for Extra-Curricular Activities Article XXI Duration ‘Appendix A~ Leave of Absence with Pay (Sabbatical Leave) ‘Appendix B ~ Teacher's Initial Contract ‘Appendix C—Teacher’s Annual Salary Statement Appendix D ~ Dues Authorization Form Appendix E - Coaching Salaries Appendix F — Differentials and Extra Duty Appendix G — Formal Grievance Presentation Appendix H — 2019-2020 Salary Schedules Appendix I~ 2020-2021 Salary Schedule Appendix J 2021-2022 Salary Schedule Appendix K ~ Annuity/Mutual Fund List ‘Appendix L — Health Insurance WY tt7y 45-46 50-51 52. 33 54 55 W4 tizy THIS AGREEMENT IS MADE AND ENTERED INTO by and between the Derby Board of Education (hereinafter called the “Board”) and the Derby Education Association affiliated with the Connecticut Education Association (hereinafter called the “Association”). ARTICLE 1 GENERAL ‘A. Subject to the provisions of this Agreement, the Board and the Superintendent of Schools reserve and retain full rights, authority and discretion, in the proper discharge of th duties and responsibilities, to control, supervise and manage the Derby Public Schools and its professional staff under governing law, ordinances, rules and regulations, municipal, state and federal. In all matters under this Agreement calling for the exercise of judgment or discretion on the part of the Board (as for example only, the assignment, transfer or promotion of teachers, the summer programs, or the numbers, categories or priorities of the specialists to be employed) the decision of the Board shall be final and binding if made in good faith, .e., not arbitrarily, capriciously or without rational basis in fact, except where some other standard of grievability or arbitrability is set forth in this, Agreement. B, Nothing in this Agreement shall in any way limit or contravene the authority of the Derby Board of Apportionment and Taxation or any other municipal, state or federal board, commission, agency or other governmental body. C. This Agreement shall not be altered, amended or changed except in writing, signed by both the Board and the Association, which amendment shall be appended hereto and become a part hereof. D. The term “Board of Education” ot “Board,” as used in this Agreement, shall mean the Board or its designee. The term “Superintendent of Schools” or “Superintendent,” as used herein, shall mean the Superintendent or his/her designee. ARTICLE II RECOGNITION ‘A. The Board recognizes the Association for the purpose of professional negotiation, as the exclusive representative of the entire unit consisting of all positions requiring a teaching or other certificate, excluding positions requiring administrative or intermediate administrative certificate and temporary substitutes and all other positions not included under the Teacher Negotiation Act, §§10-153b et seq., of the General Statutes; (hereinafter referred to as “teachers”) pursuant to and with all rights and privileges of collective bargaining as defined by §10-153a-j of-the Connecticut General Statutes, the Association having been certified as the exclusive representative pursuant to a designation agreement signed by the Board on April 12, 1982.