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Casey Schneider

East Lansing, Michigan 48823

517.290.9128 |

Michigan State University, College of Engineering Expected graduation date - May 2019
• Bachelor of Science, Computer Science (Engineering)
• GPA 3.55

Objective: I am pursuing an internship to gain more experience before I pursue a Masters Degree in computer science. I
plan to attend beginning in the Spring of 2020 and ending in the Spring of 2022.

MSU Capstone (Senior Design) Current
• Working with Google to create an open source Kubernetes Cluster Inspection tool
• Using Go, Prometheus, Fluentd, K8s API, and Stackdriver to gather data about a cluster into a single view to
significantly reduce the work effort to diagnose problems within a cluster

Tesla - ITMFG Intern Summer 2018

• Worked with the IT MFG and DevOps teams to build a distributed monitoring system that overlooked thousands of
machines across Tesla’s factories
• Worked with the IT MFG and InfoSec teams to contain and remediate virus outbreaks infecting machines across
Tesla’s factories

Tesla - ITMFG Intern Fall 2017

• Built an interactive map of Tesla’s Fremont factory using the Google Maps API that displayed accurate locations of
connected devices across the plant
• Worked with others, both inside and outside of Tesla, to help build out two assembly lines for the Model 3, one
automated and one manual
Textron - Intern Summer 2017
• Worked with outside sources to develop and integrate RFID technology into the plant
• Collaborated with other plants internationally to debug, test, and verify applications used across the company
• Supported day-to-day operations of the manufacturing plant

Computer Programming
• Proficient using C++, C, Python, SQL, Go, Docker, InfluxDB Stack, Kubernetes, and Git
• Fluid with macOS, Windows, and Ubuntu
• Practiced in data structures and algorithms, database concepts, cloud concepts, and agile development

Computer Engineering
• Experience setting up, configuring, and troubleshooting networks
• Excel in asking probing questions and problem solving

Activities and Honors

• SOAR AutoDrive Challenge
• Hackathons
• Eagle Scout