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Prinny Race Details

A Prinny is a race of militaristic or servant minor penguin-like devils. A prinny is formed when an
evil human who has led a worthless life dies, the soul is sewn into the body of a prinny, some
awaiting reincarnation. As a Prinny levels they gain titles and honors, some may even be
meaningful. Their wings are useless, though they can jump high. These are hardy little guys,
with a strong sense of self worth and their own intrinsic hierarchy. When sufficiently threatened
they have 3 defaults. They run in head first to confront said enemy foolheartedly, they run away
with a high level of self preservation, or they offer their services to the being that has intimidated
them to this point.

Prinny Traits
● Ability Score Increase
● Darkvision
● Languages
● Prinny Hierarchy
● Resistances
● Title Gains

Ability Score Increase

● Dexterity + 3
● Constitution + 3

As a devil your eyes are better in the dark than most--you have darkvision for 30 feet.

● Infernal
● Language of Choice

At the start of every turn, you regenerate based off the table below depending on level, up to
your maximum HP. This can be suppressed by an appropriate spell.

Level Pecking Order

1 Maggot

2 Dirt

3 Bait

4 Warm Body
5 Cannon Fodder

6 Front Line

7 Student (Martial or Service)

8 Armsmen

9 Knight

10 Earl

11 Duke / Duchess

12 Lord

13 King / Queen

14 +14

15 +15

16 +16

17 +17

18 +18

19 +19

20 Overlord

As a Devil you resist necrotic and fire damage.

As an Devil with Dragonic Inheritance, you are immune to being frightened or charmed.