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How Fargo Learned of the disaster Headlines, as they appeared in the 1912 editions of The Fargo Forum TUESDAY’S EVENING EDITION APRIL 16, 1912 1341 Souls Carried to Bottom of Atlantic in the Fearful Plunge of Liner Titanic--H.F. Chaffee Among Lost--Mrs. Chaffee Saved Most Fearful Disaster in History of Navigation~All Hope For Those Not on Carpathia Is Abandoned 868 People, Mostly Women and Children Safe on Carpathia WEDNESDAY’S EVENING EDITION APRIL 17, 1912 Latest Report Says That Over 2000 Perished on Titanic--More People on the Ship Than Were First Reported Wireless Communication Was Obtained With the Carpathia Late Today Over 700 Saved--Says This Latest Report-—Enormous Berg Hit FRIDAY’S EVENING EDITION APRIL 19, 1912 Gruesome Details of Last Moments of Titanic Told by the Survivors--Band Played Nearer My God to Thee As Ship Sank---Hit Iceberg Glancing Blow, Ripping Whole Side Open Men Shot to Death in Boats-Thrilling Tales Told by the Survivors Ismay Nervous as He Told Probe Committee About Titanic Wreck SATURDAY’S EVENING EDITION APRIL 20, 1912 Capt. Smith Tried to Save Two Little Children Just Before the Titanic Sank Last Man to Leave Ship Tells His Experience All Liners of Ismay’s Company Will Have All Lifeboats Needed MONDAY’S EVENING EDITION APRIL 22, 1912 How News of Sinking of Titanic Came to be Withheld from World For So Long After it Went Down Reporters Rushed Out of the White Star Office as the Message Was Read TUESDAY’S EVENING EDITION APRIL 23, 1912 Sickening Horrors of Screams and Moans of the Titanic Victims Were Described Before Probe Committee Saved Heard the Awful “Long Continuous Moan” and Dared Not Go Back WEDNESDAY’S EVENING EDITION APRIL 23, 1912 Ismay Told to “Get to Hell Out of Way” By Officer Trying to Lower Lifeboat