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Lisbon, 12 April 2019

Ref. Statement regarding the Electrical and Computer Engineering Doctoral Course of Eng.
Andrés Alejandro Zúñiga Rodríguez at Instituto Superior Técnico / Universidade de Lisboa.

This statement serves as evidence for the research activities of Eng. Andrés Zúñiga Rodríguez.
Eng. Zúñiga is currently study his Doctoral Program in Electrical and Computer Engineering PDEEC at
Instituto Superior Técnico / Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal, under my advising and the co-advising of
Prof. João Filipe Pereira Fernandes.
Eng. Zúñiga’s research work is titled as “Dynamic reliability modelling and simulation for smart distribution
grids considering the impact of the cyber-power vulnerabilities”, and will propose a reliability assessment
approach based on dynamic reliability, which considers the identification and explicitly modelling of the
interdependencies that can cause a reliability changes in time, through the combination of analytical-
based and simulation-based reliability methods.
Eng. Zúñiga’s Doctoral research plan is expected to finish in September 2022.

Paulo José da Costa Branco

Associate Professor with Habilitation

Energy Scientific Area/DEEC, Researches in LAETA-IDMEC
+351-919508106 (mobile); +351-218417432 (IST)