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Friday, June 28, 2019

Special Edition
2 Commemorative Grad Section 2019 The Minnedosa Tribune


Congratulations Graduation
to the 2019 Class of
class! Wishing
Teagan Marlena Katelyn Grace Ethan Jared Destiny Marie
you all the best Daughter of Darcy Bialas and Daughter of Tammy and Son of Kathie and Daughter of Kim and
in your future. Lisa Hunter. David Brown. Don Bruce. Mike Bukarz. Jackson Law
Plans to attend University of
Manitoba to attain a degree
Will be attending Assiniboine
Community College to take
Will be entering the
workforce to obtain his
Plans to take a year off
to work and then attend
in Psychology with a focus 110B Main St. S.
on forensics and a minor in Business Administration. ticket in refrigeration. secondary school in Minnedosa, MB
criminology. Brandon. 204-867-3981

Follow Way
Your to Go
Liam John Madison Johanna Candace Taylor Jodie Danielle
Son of Catherine MacDonald
and Sean Christopher.
Daughter of Aaron Cibula-
Gaiser and Jason Cibula.
Daughter of Lorena and
James Crooks.
Daughter of Martine and
John Davis. Four
Plans to attend University of Will be attending the Will be entering the Plans to attend Brandon
Minnedosa Manitoba to study business. Universtity of Regina to workforce. University to become a
Auto Wreckers become a social worker. Physiotherapist or teacher.

“If you haven’t Congrats to

found it yet, keep
looking. Don’t
the Class of
settle. As with 2019 and
all matters of the Jordyn Dawn Thomas Derrick Austin Jay Joshua Dennis good luck in
heart, you’ll know
when you find it.”
Daughter of Sylvia and Son of Tricia and David Fisher. Son of Jill Gordon and Son of Laura and
–Steve Jobs Mark Firby. Will be entering the workforce. Darryl Gamey. Barry Good. endeavors!
Will be continuing his
Will be taking her Bachelor Plans to attend Assiniboine
of Science at Brandon education at MCI.
Community College to
University to become a
become an agronomist.
Trading Co.
The Minnedosa Tribune Commemorative Grad Section 2019 3

Grad’s “Don’t cry

You’re on because it’s over.
Top of the Carter Micheil Danielle Elizabeth Kain Severine Alexander Zoey Lynn
Smile because
Dr. Suess
Son of Marian and Daughter of Joanne Son of Erin Alexander nad Daughter of Cindy and
Micheil Greig.
Sharon’s Will be taking a year off
then attend university or
Bonneteau and
Gary Hadden.
Mark Hayward.
Will be entering the
Lars Heino.
Will be attending University
Town & Country college. Plans to take a year off and workforce. of Manitoba and taking
Insurance enter the workforce. University 1 to Pursue a
career in education.

Here’s to Way to go
a Bright Best of Luck
Nickolas Robert Caitlin Mary Joshua Derek Allan Kaleigh Jayde
in your Future
From Laurie
Son of Melanie Henry and
Daughter of Susan and
Son of Tricia and
Daughter of Angela Holmes Endeavors!
& Staff at Jim Henry. Michael Holman Brad Kingdon. and Robert Kreshewski.
Plans to travel to Southeat
Minnedosa Will be working towards his Will continue to work and Will continue to apprentice
as a Machinist at Kingdon Asia before atttending
Class 1 license. attend university in the University to pursue a
Service near future. Machine Works.
career in the medical field.

Best of luck Here’s
to the Class to a job
of 2019! Matthew David Zane Hedley Amy Marie Cody John
well done!
Son of Jasmine and David Son of Karen MacDonald and Daughter of Janice and Son of Callie Mendrikis and
MacDonald. Craig MacDonald. Ed Maguire. David Mashtoler.
Will be attending Dakota Will be attending Lakeland
Brian Horner WIll be entering the
College at Bottineau to enroll College in Lloydminister,
Will be entering the
workforce. workforce.
Trucking in pre engineering while Alberta to become a Real
R.M. of
continuing to play competitive Estate Assesment and
204-210-0029 hockey. Appraisalist. Minto - Odanah

It took a lot of hard work to reach this goal. You had to show up every day,
whether you felt like it or not.
Greg Nesbitt

Class of 22001189
I hope you feel great about what you’ve accomplished, and I hope you’ll MLA Riding Mountain
continue to be a person who shows up day in and day out for those things 204�759�3313
that are worthwhile and important in life. 1�844�877�7767
Enjoy your special day!
4 Commemorative Grad Section 2019 The Minnedosa Tribune

Follow Your
Congratulations Dreams
But Never
Abby Olson,
Rayna Topham, Trinity Reese Abby Justine Abderrahmane Andrew Montgomery
Forget Your
and the rest of Daughter of Pennie and Daughter of Judi and Son of Louise Pearson and Son of Linda MacDonald
James Nylen. Wes Olson. Sidi Mohamed Ould Moine. and Monty Peckover. Home!
the 2019 Will be travelling to New Will be attending Assiniboine WIll be entering the Plans to attend
Zealand in September workforce.
graduating class! Community College to

and in the fall of 2020 wil University of Manitoba for The Minnedosa
attend university to obtain a receive a diploma in engineering.
Bachelor of Social Work. Business Administration. Since 1883

Keely Jayden Brooks Dezerae Ksenia Rhein-Lee Oliver Jackson Taye BRIGHT
Grads of Daughter of Jeff and Daughter of Marla and Son of Carla Skoglund and Son of Denise and
2019 Shanda Stewart. Don Saunders. Trent Tingey. Nigel Kusnick. GRADS!
Plans to attend Brandon Will be entering the Will be continuing his Will take a year off and then
University to receive her workforce. education at MCI. attend Brandon University Saler’s
for Psychology. Backhoe &
Bachelor of Arts.

Congratulations and
Best Wishes for the Future to
All Rolling River School Division Graduates
Good Luck from the
to the Abigail Rae Alexa Jordyn Rayna Paige
RRSD Board of Trustees and Employees
Class of Daughter of Clarke and Daughter of Tammy and Daughter of Corinne and
Amanda Swain. Scott Tomlinson. Gary Topham.
2019! Plans to take a year off Plans to attend H & CO Plans to attend Brandon
University to obtain a
then move to BC to pursue college and become Bachelor of Arts and
a career in Equine Therapy. a hairstylist and nail become a high school
technician. English teacher.


Congrats and Best Wishes!
From the Board & Staff at
Minnedosa Credit Union
The Minnedosa Tribune Commemorative Grad Section 2019 5

Minnedosa Collegiate Graduation

Female Athlete of the Year – Abby Olson Manitoba 4H Council Scholarship – Morris Industries Bursary –
Rayna Topham Joshua Kingdon
Archie & Winona Londry –
Zane MacDonald and Andrew Peckover Masonic Award – Kaleigh Kreshewski Piston Ring Power Mechanics Award –
Matthew MacDonald
Averill Memorial Foundation MCI Yearbook Award – Katie Brown
Scholarship – Rayna Topham Raymond Girling Scholarships –
Merit Contractors Assoc of Manitoba Andy Peckover, Zane MacDonald, Trinity Nylen,
Canadian Legion Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship – Zane MacDonald Rayna Topham
Award – Katie Brown
Minnedosa Archery Club Bursary – Redfern Farm Services Award –
Captain HGL Hutton Award – Teagan Bialas Amy Maguire
Teagan Bialas
Minnedosa Band Parents Association Rockin’ the Fields of Minnedosa
Chamber of Commerce Scholarship – Award – Amy Maguire Scholarship – Zoey Heino
Abby Olson and Trinity Nylen
Minnedosa Collegiate Award – Rolling River School Division English
Charette Award for Excellence in Keely Rose 40S Award – Rayna Topham
Community Service - Trinity Nylen
Minnedosa Construction Trades Group Rolling River Teachers Assoc.
Chown Centennial Entrance Scholarship – Joshua Kingdon Scholarship – Katie Brown
Scholarship – Teagan Bialas
Minnedosa Credit Union Award – The Shawn Cooper Memorial
Ducks Unlimited Canada – Minnedosa Amy Maguire Scholarship – Joshua Good
Chapter Bursary– Jodie Davis
Minnedosa Credit Union Youth Board – South Parkland Area 4H Council Award
Frontier Trading Co. Bursary – Katie Brown, Jordyn Firby, Abby Olson, – Josh Kingdon, Rayna Topham
Teagan Bialas Rayna Topham
United Commercial Travellors
GM Bursary – Matthew MacDonald Minnedosa & District Health Foundation Scholarship – Katie Brown
Inc. Scholarship – Jordyn Firby
Governor General’s Medal – Valley Snow Hawk Bursary –
Zane MacDonald Minnedosa Health District Auxiliary Matthew MacDonald
Award Scholarship – Jordyn Firby
J. Girling Family Award (Mary Kathleen Vocational Teacher’s Assoc. of
Yuar) – Katie Brown Minnedosa Heritage Co-op Bursary – Manitoba Award of Merit – Matthew
Katie Brown MacDonald
Dr. A.S. Khandelwal MCI Scholarship –
Rayna Topham Minnedosa Lions Club Award – Westman Award of Excellence
Trinity Nylen Scholarship – Rayna Topham
Level 1 Motor Vehicle Mechanics
Technical Credit – Matthew MacDonald Minnedosa Tribune Honour Roll – William Angus Grant Memorial Award –
Jodie Davis, Zane MacDonald, Trinity Nylen, Andrew Peckover
Lois Thompson-Hudon Memorial Andy Peckover, Rayna Topham
Scholarship – Jodie Davis
MNP Scholarship – Katie Brown

Serving the
communities of
Minnedosa, Brandon,
Wawanesa, Erickson,
Sandy Lake, Strathclair
& Rivers

Congratulations Graduates of 2019

6 Commemorative Grad Section 2019 The Minnedosa Tribune


Devon Marcel Rene Elvin Kiera Christine Gauthier Jeth Chua Juliana Victoria
Son of Debbie Voz and Son of Cheryl Bourassa Daughter of Barb Brewster Son of Jeanette and Daughter of Victoria and
and Dwayne Brewster. Guadencio, and brother of Colin Davis.
Kevin Beatty. and Elvin Huntinghawk. Plans to play hockey at McKendree
Plans to attend Brandon Plans to enter the Plans to go to New Juan Buedron.
University in Illinois and study
Brunswick to take a dog Plans to work for one year
University to study a workforce. grooming course and enter and then attend University
Bio-Psychology before taking a
Masters in Occupational Therapy
degree in Education. the LPN program at ACC. of Manitoba the following or Kinesology at University of
year to study Business. Manitoba.

Meagan Baxter Kendra Raelene Kenneth Robert Ross Madison Dawn McKenzie April Jean
Daughter of Rhonda and Daughter of Crystal and Son of Crystal Zarn and Daughter of Wanda and Daughter of Terryl and
Tim Doan. Craig Erickson. Lloyd Hayward. Larry Huculak. Dave Maduke.
Plans to take a year off to Plans to attend Brandon
Plans to play volleyball at Plans to attend community Plans to study Science at
work and travel and then plans University to study Science.
to attend Brandon University Assiniboine Community college in the fall. the University of Manitoba.
or University of Winnipeg to College while studying
study film. business.

Kieran Wesley Elizabeth Verna-Ann Kody Raine Kyla Melody Jenna Caitlin Jeremiah Cyrus
Son of Sarah Burk and Daughter of Darlene and Son of Karen Huntinghawk Daughter of Florence and Daughter of Andrea and Son of Shirley Huntinghawk
Wes Norman. Jim Preisinger. and Stanley Smith. Wayne Foster. Michael Usick. and Jarrett Wilson.
Plans to study Psychology Plans to enter the workforce. Plans to enter the Plans to take a year off Plans to study Nursing at Plans to take a year
at the University of British workforce. before attending H and CO University of Manitoba. off before attending
Columbia. to study Esthetics. Assiniboine Community
College for Mechanics.
The Minnedosa Tribune Commemorative Grad Section 2019 7

Erickson Collegiate Graduation
ELA Medallion – Meagan Doan Royal Canadian Legion Erickson Branch Fusion Credit Union – McKenzie Maduke
#143 in Honour of Ladies Auxiliary –
MLA Outstanding Citizenship Award – Kendra Erickson Chown Entrance Scholarship –
McKenzie Maduke McKenzie Maduke
Jewels of Siam Award – Juliana Davis
Heritage Co-op – Kendra Erickson Erickson Women’s Institute – Jenna Usick
Royal Bank Citizenship Award –
In Memory of Indu Bala Khandewal Award – McKenzie Maduke Municipality of Clanwilliam – Erickson
Jenna Usick Endeavour Award – Kiera Brewster
Wilda and Kelly Carlson Award –
Wasagaming Chamber of Commerce – McKenzie Maduke Erickson Nurses Union Local #73 –
Kendra Erickson Jenna Usick
Erickson Legion Branch #143 –
Erickson Lions Club – Meagan Doan McKenzie Maduke Erickson Chamber of Commerce –
Kendra Erickson
Uncle Carl’s – Rene Bourassa Jason Kelly Memorial Scholarship –
Elizabeth Preisinger Westman Communications Scholarship –
Rolling River Teacher’s Association Award McKenzie Maduke
– Juliana Davis Sure-Line Auto Award – Kieran Norman
Erickson Wildlife Scholarship-
Mom’s Canteen/Dianne Watts Memorial – Municipality of Harrison Park – McKenzie Maduke
Kiera Brewster Madison Huculak
Governor General Award Winner –
Jeff Kerr Memorial Award – Onanole Rodeo Association Scholarship – McKenzie Maduke
McKenzie Maduke Juliana Davis
Athletes of the Year -
Compass Credit Union Award – Parkway Insurance/Wawanesa Insurance Juliana Davis and Kendra Erickson
Madison Huculak Scholarship – Kendra Erickson

Way to There is a good
Best of luck Grad‛s Congratulations reason they call to the
to the Class
You‛re Tops to the class of go these ceremonies
With us! 2019! Grads! exercises.” Class of
of 2019! From the Graduation is not
staff at From Adam the end; it’s the
and Staff M&M beginning. Sims and
Modern Looks
Unisex Hair at - Orrin Hatch Company
AUTOBODY Minnedosa Barristers
Design Kirk’s Service Pharmacy

Congrats and Best Wishes!

To all the Grads of 2019!
8 Commemorative Grad Section 2019 The Minnedosa Tribune

Minnedosa Collegiate would like to say Thank you to our following sponsors:
Archie & Winona Londry (2 x $2,700) Minnedosa Credit Union Award ($750)
Averill Memorial Foundation Scholarship ($2,000) Minnedosa Credit Union Youth Board ($300 ea)
Canadian Legion Ladies Auxiliary Award ($500) Minnedosa & District Health Foundation Inc. Scholarship ($500)
Captain HGL Hutton Award ($270) Minnedosa Health District Auxiliary Award Scholarship ($1,000)
Chamber of Commerce Scholarship (2 x $1,000) Minnedosa Heritage Co-op Bursary ($500)
Charette Award for Excellence in Community Service ($150) Minnedosa Lions Club Award ($500)
Chown Centennial Entrance Scholarship ($1,000) Minnedosa Tribune Honour Roll (Certificates and subscriptions)
Ducks Unlimited Canada – Minnedosa Chapter Bursary ($300) MNP Scholarship ($500)
Frontier Trading Co. Bursary ($250) Morris Industries Bursary ($200)
GM Bursary ($100) Piston Ring Power Mechanics Award (Toolbox)
Governor General’s Medal ($750) Raymond Girling Scholarships ($660 ea)
J. Girling Family Award (Mary Kathleen Yuar) ($700) Redfern Farm Services Award ($250)
Dr. A.S. Khandelwal MCI Scholarship ($500) Rockin’ the Fields of Minnedosa Scholarship ($500)
Level 1 Motor Vehicle Mechanics Technical Credit (Certificate) Rolling River School Division English 40S Award ($250)
Lois Thompson-Hudon Memorial Scholarship ($1,000) Rolling River Teachers Assoc. Scholarship ($750)
Manitoba 4H Council Scholarship ($1,000) South Parkland Area 4H Council Award (Gift)
Masonic Award ($400) The Shawn Cooper Memorial Scholarship ($300)
MCI Yearbook Award ($200) United Commercial Travellors Scholarship ($500)
Merit Contractors Assoc of Manitoba Scholarship ($500) Valley Snow Hawk Bursary ($250)
Minnedosa Archery Club Bursary ($200) Vocational Techer’s Assoc. of Manitoba Award of Merit (Certificate)
Minnedosa Band Parents Association Award ($300) Westman Award of Excellence Scholarship ($500)
Minnedosa Collegiate Award ($400) William Angus Grant Memorial Award ($200)
Minnedosa Construction Trades Group Scholarship ($50 gift card)

Message to the Class of 2019

Dear Grads,
You have reached an important milestone in your life journey; you have successfully completed your elementary and high school education and are
now ready to face new challenges.
High school graduation is a time most graduates feel as though they are riding a wild rollercoaster of emotions. There is great excitement and
celebration, as well as some sadness and possibly even some fear as you ponder what the future may hold. As you graduate, you close the book on a
regular routine you have known for the majority of your lives. Although this door is closing, a new door is opening wide. As you pass through this doorway
you will find an endless supply of opportunities and challenges. This is a time of important choices and new beginnings which will help shape the rest of
your life.
While some of you may know exactly what you want out of life others may still be unsure, and that’s okay. Whatever life path you choose to follow,
make sure you do it for the right reasons; do it because you want to, do it because it brings you happiness, fulfillment and personal satisfaction. As you
seek your future career choices, keep in mind you must do what you personally feel is best for you. While financial stability is extremely important, it is not
everything. Never make a career decision based solely on its financial rewards. One can have all the riches in the world but without personal satisfaction and
happiness that person will not experience the best life has to offer.
My wish to you all is that you find your own personal balance between home and career and that overall, you make the best of what you have and
enjoy every moment of the rest of your life. As you move forward in life face each challenge head on with no fear. No dream or goal is out of reach. It isn’t
going to come easy – it will take a lot of hard work, but let me assure you, in the end it is definitely worth it. Each and every one of you has the ability to use
your knowledge and personal skills to their full potential. There is always something new to learn so never close your mind to new learning opportunities
which will arise throughout your life.
You are the leaders of tomorrow, the next generation of young adults setting out to shape this crazy world we live in. Every choice and decision you
make leads you to the next step on the road of life. Always strive to make good decisions and responsible choices and don’t be too hard on yourself if you
stumble now and then. One of the most important messages I can pass on to you is to remember that nobody is perfect. We are all human and we are all
capable of making mistakes or losing our way from time to time. If you do, it’s perfectly okay. You can always find a way to make new choices and move
beyond the turmoil so that you can find yourself in a better place. Some time ago, I heard a great quote from a young man diagnosed with terminal cancer.
No matter what life threw his way, he constantly reminded himself that it could be worse. That is so true. Remember, no matter how bad things may get it
could always be worse.
In closing I want to encourage each and every one of our graduates to enjoy this time with your family, friends, and classmates. You have been
through a lot together throughout your school years. There have been good times and bad times and those ups and downs will continue throughout your
life – that’s just the way life goes. None of us know our destiny or what our future holds. The important thing is to live each day like it’s your last, live your life
to the fullest and have no regrets when looking back. Although it can be hard to understand, everything happens for a reason. Surround yourself with good
people and stay in touch with family and friends no matter where this world may take you.
Be proud of who you are and how far you have come so far. The ride is not over and there is a lot more out there. Jump in and accelerate yourself into
the future. Go out there and make things happen! Congratulations on your graduation and good luck with all your future endeavors!
Darryl A. Holyk