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Connecting With Christ

NOMINATING COMMITTEE Grief is an amazing thing. It grips the

Our Nominating Committee is meet- mourning individual so tightly there
ing this month to fill church offices for
the coming year. Please pray for God
to lead in this process!
are times when it’s difficult to take a
breath. Pain from great depths can
erupt to the surface of the most placid
This Week @ campus hill
Rita Bender of individuals.
Volume 1. Issue 10 June 1 I 2019
Chriss Carlson
Don Johnson How does one deal with grief? I’ve Dear Church Family, GRAD BAGS
Gabriel Katrib found strength in many of the old-
As Pastor Shiphrah leads today in wor- You will notice as you enter the foyer or
Grant McCauley time hymns that speak of Jesus. ship, we’ll be focusing on something as you leave, a table in the foyer with
Hope McKenzie Hymns like, “Take the Name of Jesus all to close to many of us — grief. Grad Bags. On each bag is the name
Dr. Ogunji With You,” and, “Does Jesus Care?”
of one of Campus Hill’s graduates.
Beatrice Wiafe One of my favorites begins, “I must It has been said that grief is love with
Judi Wright tell Jesus all of my trials, I cannot bear no place to go. For most of us, the
word brings back painful memories Grad bags
these burdens alone; In my distress
most of us have had to work through. very simple
He kindly will help me,He ever loves
Some, however, choose other ways of way for you
and cares for his own.” coping. to share in
the joy of
In 1858 Scottish missionary John G. Edith Rockefeller McCormick, the our gradu-
Paton and his wife sailed for the New daughter of John D. Rockefeller, main-
tained a large household staff. She ap- ates from
Hebrides (now called Vanuatu) Three
plied one rule to every servant without Campus
months after arriving on the island of
exception: they were not permitted to Hill.
Tanna, his wife died. One week later
speak to her.
his infant son also died.
On the backside of our grab bag insert
The rule was broken only once, when you will see the names of those who
Paton was plunged into sorrow. Feel- word arrived at the family’s country have graduated. Take one of the pro-
ing terribly alone, and surrounded by retreat that their young son had died
of scarlet fever. The McCormicks were vided congratulations cards, purchase
savage people who showed him no
hosting a dinner party, but following or make a card of your own, or give a
sympathy, he wrote, “Let those who
a discussion in the servants’ quarters small gift like a book, a pen or pencil
have ever passed through any similar
it was decided that Mrs. McCormick set, or something he else. Use your
VBS FUNDS ARE NEEDED! darkness as of midnight feel for me. needed to know right away. own creativity to affirm them in their
We are in need of funds to begin pur- As for all other, it would be more than
chasing materials. Please prayerfully vain to try to paint my sorrows.… When the tragic news was whispered
consider a donation for our 2019 to her, she merely nodded her head
Vacation Bible School. Our goal is But for Jesus, and [His} fellowship, I and the party continued without inter-
[would] have gone mad and died.” ruption.
3,000 of which $590 has already
come in! I’m not sure whether Mrs. McCormick
Whatever you’re facing, remember ever shed a tear, but I know it’s OK if
Jesus cares “oh yes He cares, His you do. John 11 shows Jesus empa-
PLEASE NOTE A DATE CHANGE heart is touched with my grief...” thizing with Mary and Martha as He
VBS WILL BE wept with them over the loss of their
brother. You can know He weeps with
JULY 8-13 you, too.
— Pastor Mark
a weekl y comm u n i cati o n fo r C am pu s H i l l fam i l y an d fri e n ds
Once again, Campus Hill was in the THIS WEEK | CALENDAR
middle of the news about America’s Sabbath : June 1
Blue Zone! Last Sabbath we had 3 8:30a - Choir Practice
guests from Iceland making a docu- 9:30a - Sabbath Schools
mentary with Loma Linda being the first
10:55a - Divine Worship Service
stop on their Blue Zone tour. When they
came to Campus Hill, they were going 12:45p - Student/Visitor Luncheon
6:00p - Elders’ Meeting

YOUR CHURCH NEEDS YOU! Wednesday : June 5

Pray FOR ONE ANOTHER It’s time again for you to prayerfully 6:30p - Prayer Meeting
consider where God is calling you
PRAISE GOD to serve as a member of the body of Thursday : June 6
• All our graduates’ success! Christ here at Campus Hill. 6:00p - Women’s Choir Practice
• For our wonderful church family
Each member is a necessary part in
• For all who are giving faithfully to Friday : June 7
making our church all God intends it
our Church Budget to be. Without your God-given gifts, 7:00p - Family Vespers
our church won’t be at full-strength.
PRAYERS Sabbath : June 8
to shoot for 10 minutes, but ended up
8:30a - Choir Practice
• Michael, a young man who has staying through the whole service!
9:30a - Sabbath Schools
many issues needing God’s Some may wonder about the wisdom of 10:55a - Divine Worship Service
miraculous power. allowing film crews into our worship ser- 12:45p - Student/Visitor Luncheon
• Our mission into San Bernardino vice, but not
• Our Church to grow together as a me! As I ate
Family lunch with
our three
• Farah Prem as she battles cancer. guests, one
• For each member to follow God’s theme came Grace Notes
call to ministry to keep His body out loud and
strong and effective in sharing the clear — none
of them had Did you know research shows that “ ..we continue fumbling in
Good News!
• All who are graduating to seek
ever experi- only 1 in 5 Adventists read their the bargain bin
enced the sense of peace, community, Bibles daily. Let’s make sure we’re
God’s direction during the next and “otherworldness” they felt upon helping bump that average up! of last year’s over-hyped,
part of their education/careers. entering our church! The young wom-
To read the Bible through in a year,
self-centered strategies...
an, Helga, had never sung in church
There is no answer
• My family members who don’t
know Jesus to open their hearts to before, but expressed she got caught keep up with this schedule!
for our pain that heals
His calling. up in the music and the words were on
the screen, so she joined in! Let’s keep June 2 - Leviticus 24-25
To have a special praise or prayer request praying for opportunities to share the June 3 - Leviticus 26-27
June 4 - Numbers 1-2
us like God’s word of
placed in our weekly prayer box, mark your incredible love of God!
Blue Card and place it in offering or email June 5 - Numbers 3-4
it to June 6 - Numbers 5-6
June 7 - Numbers 7 Our rescue always
June 8 - Numbers 8-10 comes from
outside and above.”
— Pastor Bill Knott