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School Form 3 (SF3) Books Issued and Returned

(This replaced Form 1 & Inventory of Text Book)

School ID: 302714 School Year: ___________________________________
School Name: DOMINGO LACSON NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Grade Level: ____Section: ___________
Subject Area: ___________________________________ Title of the Book: _______________________________

Students’ MIDDLE Date
LRN NAME (Please refer to the legend
Issued Returned on last page)

GUIDELINES: In case of losses/unreturned, please provide Prepared by:

1. Title of Books Issued to each information with the following code:
learner must be recorded by the A. In Column Date Returned, codes are: ________________________________
class adviser. FM=Force Majeure, TDO: (Signature over Printed Name)
2. The Date of Issuance and the Date Transferred/Dropout, NEG=Negligence
of Return shall be reflected in the Date BoSY: ___________________
form. B. In Column Remark/Action Taken, codes Date EoSY: ___________________
3. The Total Number of Copies issued are: LLTR=Secured Letter from Learner
at BoSY shall be reflected in the duly signed by parent/guardian (for code Noted by:
form. FM), TLTR=Teacher prepared
4. The Total Number of Copies of letter/report duly noted by School Head ________________________________
Books Returned at the EoSY shall for submission to School Property (Property Custodian Signature over
be reflected in the form. Custodian (for code TDO), PTL=Paid by Printed Name)
5. All textbooks being used must be the Learner (for code NEG).
included. Additional copy/ies of References: DO#23, s.2001, DO#25, s.2003, JOSETTE S. TERRORA
this form may use if needed. DO#14, s.2012. Principal IV

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