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Akshay Gupta 173050020

Computer Science & Engineering M.Tech.

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Male
DOB: 19/11/1994

Examination University Institute Year CPI / %

Post Graduation IIT Bombay IIT Bombay 2019 8.65
Undergraduate Specialization : Information Technology
Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Shri Govindram Seksaria Institute of
Graduation 2017 7.25
Vishwavidyalaya Technology and Science
Board of Secondary Education,
Intermediate/+2 Nalanda Public School 2012 77.60
Madhya Pradesh
Board of Secondary Education, Saraswati Higher Sec. School Krishna Nagar
Matriculation 2010 86.10
Madhya Pradesh Satna

M.Tech. Project and Seminar

• LLVM Implementation of Generalized Points-to Graphs (MTP)
June’18 - Till Date
(Advisor: Prof. Uday P. Khedkar )
◦ Implementing a new representation named Generalized Points-to Graph of programs with pointers
which simplify and shorten the static representation and improves the efficiency of compiled program.
◦ Planned Work: Using above technique and idea to optimize large programs during compile time.
◦ Planned Work: Implementing above idea on LLVM platform to see the practical results of efficiency

• Bottom-up points to analysis Java (Seminar)

Jan’18 - May’18
(Advisor: Prof. Uday P. Khedkar )
◦ Studied and analyzed different techniques used for optimizing java programs by reducing the pointer
use in it.
◦ Researched the key challenges involved while finding out the possible pointers of variables.
◦ Compare two major approaches Level by Level and On-demand analysis of doing the same for getting
the best from both.

Course Projects
• Empty Node Analysis
Program Analysis (Advisor: Prof. Uday P. Khedkar)
◦ Objective : . Identifying the redundant statements from programs to help in redundancy removal,
reducing the control flow graph representation.
◦ In program’s control flow graph representation finding the node’s effect on it and defining its usability,
Non-redundant successor of CFG nodes are identified for merging the useful Nodes.
◦ On a intermediate code representation, analysis is performed and nodes which are empty and can be
removed without affecting control flow are identified for removal.
◦ Tools/Languages used: Java, intermediate representations.

• Bottom-up Points-to Analysis Java Implementation

Research And Development Project (Advisor: Prof. Uday P. Khedkar )
◦ Objective : Finding the possible points to set of program variables and triggering the direct and indi-
rect program optimization.
◦ Project consist of two parts: First from simple Java statements, a new representation of pointers up-
date is generated called Generalized points to update.Then using these GPU pairs to either reduce or
remove the indirection of pointers from different program points improving the chances of program
◦ Tools/Languages used: Java, Soot.
Undergraduate Project
• Opinion Mining
(Advisor: Prof. Sonu Aairen and Prof. Vivek Menon)
◦ Objective: To decide the polarity of tweets and categorizing them in two sides: positive or negative.
◦ Project mainly gets the tweets for an input keyword from Twitter API online and compare each tweet
with a pre-stored positive and negative database.
◦ Finally based on the count of positive and negative tweets, mass opinion of a keyword is decided.
◦ Tools/Languages used: Java, Swing

Technical Exposure
• Languages: C, C++, Java, Python, Shell, Assembly
• Web Technologies: HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, MMYSQL

Positions of Responsibility
• Organizer ( Organizer at inter collage level coding event "Code Casino" ) Mar’15
• Committee Member ( SGSITS Code-foster club ) Mar’15
• Teaching Assistant :
◦ Computer Programming and Utilization(CS101) Helped a group of 14 students in C++ programming
lab of weekly assignment and also evaluated graded labs and exam papers. July’17-Nov’17
◦ Implementation of Programming Languages Lab and theory(CS316,CS302) Jan’18-May’18
∗ Helped UG students in their lab assignments and assisted Prof. Uday Khedkar and Prof. Supratim
∗ Evaluated lab assignments, Quizzes, Mid term and End term papers
∗ Implemented reference assignment for lab.
◦ Program Analysis(CS618) July’18- Till Date
∗ Assisted Prof Uday in conducting classes and tutorials.
∗ Evaluated exams and quizes

Extra Curricular Activities

• Completed 30K institute level marathon.
• Active participant in all athletic activities and marathons.
• Hobbies: Athletics,Football,Gym,competitive coding
• Interests: Exploring places, Making friends,Songs.