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Name: Mary Grace S. Jimenea Course and Section: ABM 11-St.

Ignatius of Loyola
Instructor: Miss Vincy A. Manzon Date:
Name of Activity: Synthesis Report Word Count: 680


Romantic Relationship can be prolonged in many different strategies. There are

different elements that may affect a relationship of two individuals. Being involved in a
Romantic Relationship, each of the people involved must observe maturity and knows how to
handle each other’s behavior. To maintain the relationship of these two people they need to be
mindful in understanding one another and keep the respect in between. Behavior is one of the
main factors that affect the condition of being stable in affinity. If a partners shows dislike
towards the other the possibility of argument may occur that may lead to their break up. Mainly,
the idea that these texts are of the same is that there must be strategies and behavior to be
observed in maintaining a good and healthy relationship. Also it is a must to observe these
strategies if you like to have a good relationship with your partner

Other informations that these texts gives are strategies to maintain romantic relationship,
being mindful towards one another , causes for unhealthy relationship, attachment in a
relationship and handling relationship in different types. These days, romantic relationship are
common towards teenager. It seems like it is being one of the trends of the Generation Being one
of these product of the current generation I had come up with a theoretical idea that rather than
joking about relationship statuses, it is better to make this as a learning process to have a heads
up of what occurrences that is most likely to be romantic relationship related. The strategies of
the given text (positivity, assurances, openness, sharing tasks and social networks) are applicable
in managing our personality with the relationship as a bonus. Also this may not only apply in
Romantic Relationship but also with the relationship we have with ourselves, our family and
with the community.

The text differ through their idea of Romantic Relationship. The role of mindfulness
prioritized the behavior that caused misunderstandings in relationship such as drinking and
smoking habits that may pressure the couples involved that leads to eating disorders, lack of
understanding, and being not interested with one another. The other text Maintenance and
strategies offers ways or traits to be observed in order to keep the essence of the bearing that two
people holds on. It indicates that those who are involved must have positivity, assurance,
openness, sharing tasks and social networks in order to maintain the relationship status. The last
text is about how personality may affect a relationship. Most causes of break ups or fights was
due to the person’s personality, the first judgement we have in a person is their physical image
followed by their personality. If a person may have flaws or traits that contradicts to other, the
tendency of quarrels are quite high.
Discovering these different text about Romantic Relationship, I had honed my imagination
and knowledge on what to apply for future circumstances. The ideas I gained can be helpful in
my future self or situation if I will be involved in a relationship. Through these learnings I know
what to avoid and what to observe in handling a mature relationship. Because of these I can also
give advises with the peers and people I know which may face love problems also I can find
ways to fix problems considering my love affairs in the future. There are chances that I’ll be
judged in our society because I am exploring another level of relationship which teens my age
should not think or worry at the moment ,but this can also be another way to show my maturity
as a student ,as a teenager and as a citizen of the society.
Following these process, I can re-shape my personality to be mature in handling
relationship. It might help me in gaining positivity in life and assurance to what I am capable of.
It can help me to be prepared on the circumstances that I might enter a relationship, maybe not
today but years from now. I will easily cope up to my shortcomings to my future partner.


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