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Know the value of sleep

Most recovery happens between 10PM-2AM (aka Money time sleep), which means that any sleep
outside this is bonus. If you do not sleep during the money time you will get fatigued.

Staying up late affects the ability to sleep when you want, thus resulting in being tired during the day.
What you need to take from this is that you should have a consistent sleep schedule.

You should go to bed between 9 and 11PM during most of the year which is a few hours of getting dark.
An exception is the summer period when you can stay up longer since the day is longer.

AVOID THE NIGHT SHIFT as much as possible.

Don’t say something is impossible.

If you cannot avoid the night work you should have a specific intense period of night work which is
followed by normal sleep hours (2 months overnight, 3 months normal)

A sleep cycle consists of 90 min so you need to set the alarm as to not interrupt the sleep cycle.

You need/should have to have a minimum of 4 sleep cycles which totals in 6 hours.

Fix your gut to fix your sleep

Healthy gut results in healthy sleep so you need to change your food in order to change your sleep.

You have to avoid the following:

 agricultural chemical;
 processed foods;
 antibiotics;
 chemical food additives , preservatives;
 chlorine water (get a water filter);

Get your good sleep nutrients from the sources mentioned after them:

 cilenium : brazil nuts; beef; sunflower seeds; oysters; chicken; mushrooms;

 vitamin C : superfoods like camu camu berry; bell pepper; green leaf vegetables; kiwi;
strawberries; citres fruits; papaya;
 triptofan : turkey; chicken; eggs; sweet potatoes; chia seeds; bananas; pumpkin seeds; yougurt;
green leafy vegetables
 potasium : leafy greens; potatoes; broccoli; mushrooms; avocado;
 calcium: kale(varză); color greens; mustard greens ; sardines; sea veggies ; sesame seeds
 vitamin d: sword fish, salmon , mushrooms, oysters; Optimal form exposure to sunlight with D3
 omega 3
 vitamin B6;
 probiotics/prebiotics;


relaxes tense muscle

reduces pain
calms the nervous system
balance blood sugar

You should include magnesium rich foods(green veggies; pumpkin seeds; brazil nuts) in your diet.

You may need to get a stool test for parasites if that is causing you problems;

Avoid potentially gut damaging chemicals.

Get your food locally grown and unprocessed

You should have 3-5 servings of good foods (nutrients)

Get more sunlight during the day

you get more light from the outside compared to the inside lighthing(cloudy day 10% more light
than the one inside(artificial) ;
production of seratonin , which is secreted naturally as it gets darker outside, sets you for good
night sleep;
night time melatonin is highest on young children, but it declines as we age;
more sunlight exposure during the day and less artificial light exposure at night = working sleep
healthy rhythm of chortyshol production(increase in it in morning then it is bottomed up to set
you for good night sleep)
chortysol melatonyn inverse relationship;
body clock most responsive in the early morning (6 am-8:30 am);

Avoid screens before bed time

cut screen time 90 minutes-2 hours before bed

use blue light blocker;

Have a caffeine curfew

6 hours before bed affects your sleep;

Caffeine in the morning can help with the circadian rhythm;
Caffeine curfew like no coffe after 2PM;
Get it only when you NEED it;
BE cool

Being too warm will upset the temperature clock of your body
a good sleeping temperature is between 60 and 68 degrees;
bathe 90 minutes before going to sleep;