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Cupertino Piano Studio Monthly Studio Themes and Challenges 

Month  Special Focus  Challenges 

September  Practice skills  Thirty Practice Bull’s Eyes (special treat) 

60 Second Challenges (name as many notes as possible. 

October  Note naming 
Winners announced on November 1st) 

Name and Get to Know Famous Composers (Composer 

November  Composers’ Corner 

December  Recital Prep  Perform Your Piece for Friends/Family  

January  Aural skills  5 minute games 

February  Sight reading  Sight Reading (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3) 

March  Technique  Technique Wizard 

April  Composing Project  Write your own song 

May  Recital Prep   

June  Revisit the Old  Play through old songs or learn something POP