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2/19 Keyboard Group Class I (Basics of the Keyboard)

Yiyuan 5
Vladislav 5
Caleb 5
Samuel 5
Leo 6
Richard 7

INTRO: Names, experience with piano, age (5 min)

Students fill “All About Me” Papers

How to sit/ play with curved fingers (5 min)

R/L and Fingers Numbers (Trace on J.Morin Worksheet)
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Group of ⅔ Black Keys (10 min)

Give out bears for students to place Low/High
Up, Down, staying the same.
Show Victor Borge on Sesame Street Clip (2 min)
Ear Training: CArnival of the Animals (Hens, Elephant, Aquarium, Cangaroo). How
would these animals move?

Note names (5 min)

(give handout for reinforcement at home)

Rhythms (10 min)
Plum, Plum, App-le, Plum pattern

Give out handout: Today I learned how to sit at the piano and name my fingers. I learned about
keyboard geography and how notes can go up,down or stay the same. I learned that the low
notes live on the left side of the keyboard, while the high notes live on the right side. I learned
that each sound has a name. Under the group of 2 black keys, there lives C,D and E. Under the
group of 3 black keys, there lives F,G,A and B. I also learned about the duration of notes. We
can have short notes or long notes. I am looking forward to tomorrow, when I’ll learn about
pentascales, improvisation and jazz.
2/20 Group Piano Class 2: Pentascales and Improvisation

Intro Activity (Listening to review Day 1 concepts) (5min)

Remembering Note Names (5 min)

Pentascales (10 min)

Little kids use finger number 2 or 3
Older kids use finger numbers
C, F, G
D, A needs one black note. Can you find it?
E needs 2 black notes. Can you find them?

Improvisation (5 min)
Create a song on the spot, but with some rules.
Analogy of: making dinner from scratch, but you have to use tomatoes and beans somehow.
To improvise we need a melody, a rhythm and some rules that make it all sound good.

Play pentascales on PLUM PLUM APPLE PLUM (5 min)

2min improvisation demonstration for non musicians: (5 min)

Student A plays the same note on the pattern plum plum apple plum.
Student B goes up playing the same pattern
Student C goes down
Student D chooses two notes out of 5
Student E uses 3 fingers
Student I plays the same note

Carnival of the animals ​​ (3min)

Gershwin ​​ (13min)

Summary: Today, I learned about pentascales and improvisation.

2/21 Piano Group Class 3: Continuation of Day 1 and 2

Intro: watch a video or ear training examples

I got the Blues Composition for the 6 or 7 year old (10 min)

Improv one by one (10 min)

Play Old McDonald swinging (5 min)

Jazz clip (5min)​ Old Mcdonald had a farm- E. Fitzgerald