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Teaching Date July 17-21, 2017 Quarter: 1ST Quarter
Time Checked by:
Principal I
Quarter 1 Week 6 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
July 17, 2017 July 18, 2017 July 19, 2017 July 20, 2017 July 21, 2017

A.Content Standards Illustrates the concept of demonstrates demonstrates Demonstrates demonstrates

rhythm by applying notes understanding of the use of understanding of understanding of personal understanding of
and rests, rhythmic patterns, lines, shapes, colors, participation and health issues and concerns participation and
and time signatures for texture, and the principles assessment of physical and the importance of assessment of physical
appropriate mastery and of emphasis and contrast in activity and physical health appraisal procedures activity and physical
acquisition of skills drawing a logo and own fitness and community resources in fitness
cartoon character using preventing or managing
new technologies in them
B. Performance Standards creates concepts through participates and practices self-management participates and
Creates rhythmic patterns art processes, elements, assesses performance skills to prevent and control assesses performance in
using half, quarter, eighth and principles using new in physical activities. personal health issues and physical activities.
and technologies (hardware and assesses physical concerns assesses physical fitness
sixteenth notes and rests, in software) to create personal fitness
time signatures 2 3 4 and 6 or class logo.
4 4 4 8 designs cartoon character
on-the spot using new
C. Learning Competencies/ Identifies through Realizes that art processes, To be able to assess executes the different skills
Objectives conducting the relationship elements, and principles still regular participation in avails of health services in the involved in the game
( Write the LCcode for of the first and the last apply even with the use of school and in the community PE6GS-Ic-h-4
Physical Activities based
each) technologies. H6PH-Igh-24
measure in an incomplete on the Philippine Physical
measure Activity Pyramid.
appreciates the elements and
Creates rhythmic patterns principles applied in comic art.
in 2 3 4 A6PL-Ie
4 4 4
time signatures
Musical Symbols and
II. CONTENT Concepts: Conducting
( Subject Matter)
A. References
1. Teacher’s Guide pages
2. Learner’s Material pages
3. Textbook pages OHSP Health 1Q1 Module
1 Reading 2 pp. 12
2. OSHP Health 1Q4 pp.14
3. Edukasyong
Musika I. DepED. Abejo, Mary
Placid Sr. et. al. 1991. pp.53
Health 6 Curriculum Guide
4. Additional Materials from
Learning Resource LR
B. Other Learning Resources
A. Reviewing previous Lesson Do the following: Activate prior knowledge on Conduct Review on Review: Community health Conduct a review about
or presenting new lesson 1. Tap the rhythm. lines, shapes, colors and Physical Activity Pyramid resources Locomotor and Non-
2. Given the indicated time contrast and emphasis Guide. Let pupils the Locomotor Movements.
signature, conduct pupils identify and give Let the pupils execute
according to the value of each example.
an examples of the
each note in each measure. activities that belong to
the recommended step
like in
- Step 1: Daily Activities
(walking to school, doing
household chores, like
cleaning and washing the
- Step 2: Always Activities
(riding a bike, playing
balls, and jogging)
- Step 3: Sometimes
Activities (dancing,
swimming, rowing,
tumbling, and activities
that develop flexibility?
- Step 4: Minimal / Limit
these Activity (watching
TV, playing video games
using computers, and all
activities that are in
Also review the
indicators of Fitness (past
lesson 2)
B. Establishing a purpose for Let the children sing the song Arrange in series the comic Sing Mag tanim ay Biro Ask the pupils about the
the lesson “Ang Saya-Saya” strip in the comic panel health services offered in
template. the barangay.

C Presenting Song Analysis: ( Ang Saya- Say: Teacher will present a

Examples/Instances of the Saya) A One page comic is a sample of a Test Paper
New Lesson 1. Identify the meter, time narrative blend of texts and and ask what is the
signature, key and the first images. It is a compilation of object I am holding? (Test
note of the song. comic strips arranged in Paper)
2. (Ans. Triple, , G Major, series. Each visual narrative Ask: How do you feel
re) is produced from a creative before a test? Of course
process involving an author there is a feel of anxiety
3. How many phrases are and an artist. But most and nervous. The test
there in the song? modern comics are produced that you will experience
using creative teams, which may also bring the
(Ans. four) adds letterers, colorists, and anxiety on your part. But
5. What can you say
inkers into the process. this kind of test is a non –
about the number of
Reading a comic is entirely graded test, the result of
beats found in the
first measure in the different from reading a which is a goal for you to
first phrase? traditional test because of its plan.
5. How about the last visual nature. In making a
measure? one page comic paneling is
6. What is your take with one of the most significant
this kind of song or part. We can see the
composition? importance of panel through
its size- the bigger size of the
panel shows the focus of the
narrative. Make your
characters seamless in each
movement in the panel.
D. Discussing New Concepts Do the following: Refer to Think Creatively on Ask: What activities may Discuss School health Culminating / Post Activity
and Practicing New Skills 1 a. Clap the rhythm. Activity Sheet, page______ be given to measure services and Community : The class will be divided
b. Tap the beat. regular participation health services into 4 Stations
c. Conduct the pattern. activities? Present Station 1: Three minute
d. Sing the melodies. different pictures to the Step Test for Cardio-
e. Identify what part of the class and let the pupils vascular Endurance
beat the first measure answer what did the Station 2: Abdominal
started. (1st, 2nd, or 3rd). picture is all about. Strength Curl ups Test foe
strength and Endurance
Station 3: The Zipper Test
for Flexibility
Station 4: Push- ups for
strength and Flexibility
E. Discussing New Concepts What can you say about Ask: Base on the picture Ask: (Individual / Pair activity)
and Practicing New Skills 2 the following songs? 1. What are the art presented, which 1. What health services are – Pupils will execute and
What part of the beat did it elements used in your movement is a loco- shown in the pictures? perform the assigned self-
start? comic? motor movements and 2. What health services are assessment.
2. How did you show Non loco-motor available in your school and Look for a partner to
contrast in your work? movements? Explain in your community? record the result. Do the
3. How did emphasis help Why? 3. Why school/community following physical fitness
in relaying the mood of Regular participation to health services important? tests. . Record your result
your comic? physical activities 4. Why should health in your notebook.
4. What positive trait/s are improves ones physical services be availed?
needed to come up with a fitness. Such can be
remarkable art work?
assessed by self – testing
Self -testing exercises are
activities that one does
repeatedly to achieve a
goal: to improve one’s
own fitness level. They
consist of exercises that
improve one’s
endurance, strength, and
F. Developing Mastery Do the following: Group Activity: Game Each group will have a role
(Lead to Formative Assessment 1. Sing the song. Divide the class in two play depicting on th health
3) 2. Tap the rhythm. group. Each group will services in the school and in
3. Where is the first strong choose leader. The the community.
beat? mechanics of the game is
4. How many beats are in each group will choose
the first measure? one movement it’s either
5. How many beats are in loco-motor or non-
needed to complete the first loco-motor movements,
measure? the other group will
guess the movement
they act. The group who
will got the highest score
will declare the winner
G. Finding Practical In our lives we do not begin at Ask: Emphasize to the pupils Why should we avail all these
Applications of Concepts and the same time. Others will be How did you express that safety measures is health services?
Skills in Daily Living successful earlier but in the yourself in your art work? very important in
end all of us will be successful. What positive trait did you performing the activity.
acquire in making the art He/she must be careful in
work? doing the activities to
avoid injury.
H. Making Generalizations In conducting music, the When on creates a work of Ask: What activities may Differentiate School Health
and Abstractions About the preparatory beat is always art such as a comic paneling be given to measure Services and Community
Lesson important. Some music start and layouting are the basic regular participation in Health Services.
with broken or incomplete tools when one creates a physical activities?
measure. The missing beats in work of art such as a comic. What are the two types
the first measure are usually The reader must also get the of self-testing Activities?
completed in the last flow of the conversation Describe each type and
measure. easily. Once it was the give examples.
conversation was
established, there should be
consistency throughout the
story to avoid confusion. The
reader should also acquire
understanding of the story
summary even without the
dialogue because the
storyline is clear.
I. Evaluating Learning Fill in the chart below. Ask: Let the pupils fill up the Write TRUE if the statement Performance Task
How did you express Physical Fitness avails the health services in
beat yourself in your art work? Passport the school and FALSE if it is
the What positive trait did you not.
start? acquire in making the art 1. A young girl have a regular
( 1st,
2nd, work? check –up by the dentist in
3rd , or

4th ) school and in the community.
2. Carl accidentally slip on
Let it
the floor and suffered from
Bato pain because the doctor is
out in the
3. The pupils of Valencia
Central Elementary School
were dewormed every six
4. Every time my cousin
suffered from dysmenorrhea,
she runs to her mother for a
5. The whole Grade 6 class of
San Jose Elementary School
is a beneficiary of the NGO
J. Additional Activities for Write at least 3 of the health
Application or Remediation services you availed in school
and in the community.

A. Bilang ng mag-aaral na
nakakuha ng 80% sa

B. Bilang ng mga-aaral na
nangangailangan ng iba
pang gawain para sa

C. Nakatulong ba ang
remediation? Bilang ng mag-
aaral na nakaunawa sa

D. Bilang ng mga mag-aaral

na magpapatuloy sa
E. Alin sa mga istratehiyang
pagtuturo ang nakatulong ng
lubos? Paano ito

F. Anong suliranin ang aking

naranasan na nasolusyunan
sa tulong ng aking
punungguro at superbisor?

G. Anong kagamitan ang

aking nadibuho na nais kong
ibahagi sa mga kapwa ko