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Diagnostic Test

A. Directions: Read the following questions carefully and a. Read the label of the poisonous material.
choose the letter of the correct answer. b. Remove anything remaining in the mouth.
1. This is a sweet course or dish which is usually served at the c. Give her a glass of water or any fruit juice.
end of a meal. d. Give her a spoonful sugar or any kind of sweets.
a. Sauce c. Stock 13. Which of the following is the proper order in washing the
b. Dessert d. Appetizer dishes?
2. All of the following are characteristics of good fruit desserts, a. chinaware, utensils, silverware, glassware
EXCEPT b. utensils, silverware, glassware, chinaware
a. appetizing aroma c. simple and attractive c. silverware, chinaware, glassware, utensils,
b. slightly chilled temperature d. moderately sweet d. glassware, silverware, chinaware, utensils
3. What is the process of putting your product into containers for 14. Which of the following is the proper order/steps in cleaning
easy distribution? kitchen premises.
a. Packaging c. Wrapping a. Rinse all surfaces with cold to hot water to remove
b. Labeling d. Storing thoroughly all remaining chemical solution and food soil
4. Which of the following sanitary practices is not true in storing residues.
desserts? b. Remove residual food soils from equipment surfaces
a. Wash utensils and equipment thoroughly c. Scrape and Pre-rinse
b. Keep away from food when you are ill d. Rinse all equipment surfaces with sanitizing agent.
c. Store foods and ingredients in a dry place
a. 2 4 13 b. 3 1 4 2 c. 3 2 1 4 d. 1 2 3 4
d. Safeguard the food during distribution
5. In plating and presenting food, which among the following B. Directions: Arrange the following steps in preparing
statement is related to texture? hamburger in chronological order. Use A for the first step, B
a. Enhances plate presentation for second and so on. Write your answer on a separate sheet
b. Plays important part in plate presentation of paper.
c. Adds visual interest to the food ______ 1. Cover the cheese with meat like roast beef, turkey, or
d. Serves as frame of the presentation sliced ham.
6. It is the most important principle for sandwich safety after ______ 2. Sprinkle a bit of spice, fresh basil or parsley and dried
preparation to avoid spoilage. spices like chili or turmeric powder.
a. 4 – 40 - 140 c. 140 – 4 - 40 ______ 3. Assemble necessary tools, equipment, oven, and
b. 4- 140 – 40 d. 40 – 140 - 4 toaster.
7. Which of the following considerations is essential in choosing ______ 4. Top the meat with another slice of cheese.
ingredients for high quality salads? ______ 5. Toast the bread lightly and place it on a clean sheet
a. quality and quantity c. freshness and variety with the cut side up.
b. texture and color d. crispiness and taste ______ 6. Add your choice of vegetable like red onion, tomatoes,
8. Which of the following guidelines is not included in making red peppers.
vegetable salad? ______ 7. Finish the sandwich with another piece of bread and
a. Cooked to a firm, crisp texture and good color put it in a pre-heated350 F oven for about 5 minutes.
b. Cooked until completely tender and overcooked ______ 8. Put two slices of cheese on the bread like cheddar,
c. Thoroughly drained and chilled before using Swiss, mozzarella or
d. Marinated or soaked in a seasoned liquid any cheese combination desired.
9. Which of the following procedures for quantity green salad ______ 9. Prepare and assemble all ingredients; sandwich
production is the last step to do? breads like hamburger buns, sliced cheeses, vegetables and
a. Arrange salad plates on worktables meats.
b. Add dressing before serving
c. Prepare all ingredients D. Directions: Arrange the following steps in cleaning and
d. Refrigerate until serving sanitizing range in chronological order. Use A for the first
10. Which of the following appetizers are made out of thin slices step, B for second and so on. Write your answer on a
of bread in different shapes? separate sheet of paper.
a. Relish c. Hors D’ Oeuvres ______ 1. When cool, wash top of range
b. Cocktail d. Canapé ______ 2. Before replacing, rub with oil-damped cloth
11. Aling Pelita finds it hard to remove tough soils from the used ______ 3. Remove all burnt sediments and wipe grease from top
pots and pans, it does not respond to different cleaning agents of range after each use.
she used, if you will help her which of the following will you ______ 4. Clean oven by removing grates, scraping off food
recommend that will surely solve her problem?. deposits, washing and drying.
a. Abrasives C. Detergents ______ 5. Run oiled cloth over top of range
b. Acid Cleaners D. Solvent Cleaners ______ 6. Scrape grease from curbs and openings hinges.
12. Your younger sister accidentally swallowed poison. What first ______ 7. Keep burners clean. Gas burners can be soaked and
aid treatment should you do? scrubbed with stiff brush while electric burners should be cleaned
with a brush or with a damp cloth.