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Attestation Cell HEC

Requirements for the Attestation of PhD Degree

To ensure the quality criteria of PhD degree, the degree holder is required to fulfill the following
requirements for the attestation of PhD degree.
Personal Information:-

Name: CNIC: __________________________________________

Name of Supervisor: ____________________________ E-mail (applicant):_____________________________

Cell No: Name of Authorized Person: - ____________________________________

Postal Address: ____________________________________________________________________________

Academic Information:-
University/Institute: _________________________________Date of

Enrollment: _______________Date of Completion:_________________Subject:_______________________

Year of Publication of Attach Research Article:-______________ISSN: ________________________________

Name of Countries of Foreign Evaluators: (i) _______________________ (ii) __________________________

Attach Research Article is (Tick the appropriate one)
 National _____________________________________________________________________

 International _________________________________________________________________

Applicant Signature
Note: The Process for Approval will take minimum 15 Days.

For Office use only:

a. Copy of title page of research article published in HEC approved “Y” Names:
category journal for sciences & social sciences (“Z” category journal is only
accepted for languages)
b. Name of two foreign evaluators with their e-mail and official addresses Countries:
who evaluated the thesis as per approval of the university/institute, they
should be from technologically and academically advanced countries.
c. Candidate name should be included in PhD country directory of HEC Against S.N:

d. Copy of Transcript showing detail of course work.
May kindly be allowed for the attestation of his/her PhD degree please.

Azizullah Khan
Assistant Director (A&A)
Dy. Director (A&A)

DG (A&A)