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The Necro Society

By Yvonne Marie Johnson

Chapter 1

It had been a cluster fuck week and all Detective

Joshua “Mac” MacKabe wanted was to get laid that night.

Instead he was on his way down the back stairs of the

station house to the interview room. Some rookie P.O. got

lucky and pulled over Henry Oscar David, the man with three
first names and one of the ten most wanted. Pulled him

over and ran his name and ID number; came back hotter than

a firecracker on the forth of July. It was only four weeks

ago that The Necro Society had gotten anonymous phone calls

about his illegal resurrection from someone who knew about

it and wanted any reward there was to be had. Illegal

raising was a crime and the Necro Society had a payment and

benefit division set up for public rewards and bounties.

Their 1-800-raise-me telephone number was posted everywhere

for the general public. It was on their billboards, their

blimps and their flyers.

The rookie pulled him over for the classic broken

taillight and he, being arrogant; Henry Oscar David hadn’t

bothered to change any of his names nor his appearance

although he knew he would be a wanted man. He had died and

returned and simply felt like God. He didn’t care about

the laws.

He had been terrorizing half the city for two of the

four weeks he’d been out on the loose and with everyone

looking for him it took a rookie P.O. to bring him down.

You’d think that someone as hot as Henry Oscar David had

been would be more cautious but he wasn’t. He went where

he wanted and did what he wanted to anyone and had begun to

make enemies, and enemies can be dangerous whether they are

naturally alive or resurrected. Even the resurrected could

claim rewards.

Henry Oscar David had by passed the ceremonies of The

Necro Society and returned from the other side illegally

and with a fatal disease. It hadn’t affected him but all

others around him were at risk. The law was clear; those

who returned without the assistance of The Necro Society

were considered a threat to society as a whole and he or

she would face final death. The Necro Society had no

chance to quarantine Henry Oscar David after his illegal

resurrection so he had been put on the top ten lists of the

CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and TNS (The Necro

Society) and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Henry Oscar David alone was responsible for the

outbreak of the City’s West Side pneumonic plague. Twenty

people died and more remained hospitalized before the

Centers for Disease Control took charge and officially

labeled the outbreak an epidemic. Some survived the

outbreak but most died and were cremated by The Necro

Society as prescribed by law to assure their final deaths.

The Medical Department of TNS for one month put those who

survived under quarantine; if no other symptoms presented

themselves the quarantine was lifted and they were observed

periodically after that by one of the local Reincarnate


The first time Henry Oscar David died his family

buried him without The Necro Society’s special interment

services. This alone would exclude him from being legally

resurrected as prescribed by law. There were cemetery

owners who would bury people without permission for a fee.

However, they were few and far between and The Necro

Society’s police division would make frequent raids on all

cemeteries. Penalties for any violations could be severe;

fines and confinement even final death were all


About half way down the stairs Mac’s partner of eight

years, Gabe Anderson, joined him from the second floor gym.

Gabe clapped Mac on his back, “care to join me next time in

the gym partner?” Mac laughed, “Does this body look like

it belongs in a Gym?” Both men couldn’t help but laugh.

Mac handed Gabe the folder he had been carrying.

“The Sergeant called and wants both of us to meet him

in the interview room ASAP.”

The two detectives continued down the stairs at a slower

pace to give Gabe a chance to look at the folder.

“What’s up?”

“Some rookie pulled Henry Oscar David over for a

broken taillight. He recognized his picture from the

bulletins and hauled his ass in.”

“Did anyone call TNS?”

“Not yet. The Sergeant’s going to tell you that’s

your job.”

Gabe turned to Mac and said, “better be someone’s job,”

pointing to the folder. “I see this sucker bought back the

pneumonic plaque. That means we all may have to be


“Not to worry partner, they put him in that special

booth in the interview room. You remember the one they

reinforced and bactericide last month for dead detainees.

The only one who may have to be quarantined is that


As the two detectives landed on the first floor they

got their first live look at Henry Oscar David, the man

with three first names; dead for four weeks and terrorizing

the city for two. They were glad that he was already

placed behind the plexy glass of the interview room.

The word seemed to over take Mac’s tongue before he had the

chance to close his mouth. He sucked his teeth as the

thought and feeling of getting laid left his body.


Gabe turned to Mac and said, “HUH? What’d you say?”

He too was in his own little trance looking through the

door at the resurrected killer. Mac didn’t reply.

Henry Oscar David was a powerfully large man requiring

two pairs of handcuffs to restrain his hands behind him.

The tips of his fingers and the edges of his wrists had

already started to decay and fall off, which made it harder

to restrain him properly.

Since embalming had been outlawed years ago, those who

were resurrected needed the ceremonies of The Necro Society

to avoid deterioration to the body along with a host of

other very bad things from happening. Mac’s thoughts raced

as they walked toward the killer. He turned his head in

Gabe’s direction but kept his eyes on the killer. Quietly

Mac whispered, “Why in God’s name would anyone want to

resurrect King Kong over there let alone pay for it? That

thing in there would scare Satan.”

Chapter 2

Henry Oscar David’s clothes were torn, dirty and

stained with an unknown substance. He not only looked like

death but also smelled like death. The damp earth he had

been in left a foul impression on him and all over him

despite being raised a month ago.

Unlike Henry Oscar David, Gabe was a meticulous

dresser and enjoyed looking good. His short cropped salt

and pepper Afro brought out the copper high lights of his

complexion. He was a handsome man who worked out every

chance he got. He was a regular in the station house gym

and tried his best to get his partner to join him, always

without success. The only other constant was his firemen

red suspenders he always wore. They went with every outfit

no matter the color. They were his trademarks. He had

gotten used to all the ribbing everyone put him through

about those red suspenders. He didn’t care. They were

going to stay. He still looked dapper, always.

Mac wore his brown hair long and kept it in a ponytail

while working and loose when off duty. He lived in blue

jeans, tee shirts and hiking boots. Most of the time he

was laid back but you could tell he wasn’t going to take

any crap. He smoked too much and didn’t work out and had
no intention of working out no matter how many times Gabe

invited him to.

He got his love for the police department when he was

still in High School, but he never anticipated that he

would be tracking down the dead who don’t have the good

sense to stay dead. So here he was walking toward the

interview room that held not only a dead man who refused to

stay dead and buried but also one who turns out to be a

resurrected killer. Mac wondered who paid for the killer’s

return. Before his death he was on the books for the death

of two little girls, but with his return with a killer

disease his killer status rose.

Mac was glad that he only had to turn Henry Oscar

David over to The Necro Society’s Police, religious and

medical divisions instead of processing him, himself and

doing double the paper work. There was always double paper

work when it came to processing the resurrected, especially

if they were to be returned to their graves. Medical

papers, religious papers, and papers giving permission to

reopen graves for ashes, all of which gave Mac the hives.

On the other hand the paper work didn’t bother Gabe; he

used to joke that he majored in paper work at the Police

Gabe opened the door to the interview room and held it

open for Mac. The room was almost bare. A single table

and four folding chairs around it sat smack dab in the

middle of the room. A thick steel bar called ‘The

Mistress’ stood strong in the far corner of the room behind

the walls of the isolation booth. It was designed to hold

prisoners in an upright position, either sitting or

standing. All in all it was uncomfortable and unyielding.

Every few inches were round links just large enough to

allow handcuffs to fasten to them. If detainees pissed

officers off they might find themselves attached to that

very bar for long periods of time.

The Sergeant met the two detectives inside the room.

He motioned for the rookie who arrested the killer to

secure him to ‘the mistress’, which he did without

disturbance from the killer. With a station house filled

with cops, Henry Oscar David finally realized his fate,

that, being his ultimate return to his grave.

The three Detectives took their places at the table.

Without talking, they just knew where each was to sit.

Next to ‘the Mistress’ stood the rookie P.O. waiting for

further instructions regarding his prisoner. Mac looked

from the killer to the handcuffs that restrained him,

mentally crossing his fingers. He knew that if the

handcuffs didn’t hold, everyone in the room would be in

trouble, reinforced room not-with-standing. Hell, everyone

in the station house might still be in trouble. This

powerful man was already dead so he didn’t have anything to

lose, unless an arm or leg fell off.

The dead killer stood restrained to ‘the mistress’

sizing up the detectives. Eyes more black than the normal

dead blue. An eerie smile came over his face as he watched

every movement no matter how small, his eyes alone moving

in the direction of the movement. The Detectives talked

quietly among themselves before paying the killer any

apparent attention.

Mac broke the silence. “Hey,” he said looking in the

direction of the killer. “Why’d you come back here? Who

paid for you to be resurrected?” Henry Oscar David just

smiled an eerie, evil smile giving no verbal response. The

Sergeant asked Gabe if he called the Necro Society. Gabe

turned to Mac and gave him a look as if to say, “I hate

people who are always right.”

“Not yet Sergeant. I’ll do that after the interview.”

Henry Oscar David began to laugh. A heavy growling laugh

that grew in his throat raising to his mouth curling and

opening his lips. Jagged teeth filled the opening. He

spoke words that came from deep inside his core, while
keeping that eerie smile on his face. “There’s no need for

the interview. I have nothing to fear. You can’t do me

nothing. It’s a shame you have to hand me over to that

Necro Society. I was hoping to waltz with you.”

The Sergeant lifted his right index finger slightly

from the table. The high sign for Gabe to make the call.

The door slammed hard behind him as he left the room to

make the call. Henry Oscar David nodded in Gabe’s

direction. “I know where he’s going.”

Mac mimicked the killers’ eerie smile and

guttural laugh. “I bet you do.” He reached into his Jeans

pocket and pulled out a half pack of cigarettes, lit one

then took a long draw. Henry Oscar David nodded his head

at Mac and Mac obliged. He handed a cigarette and a pack

of matches to the rookie who lit it for the killer. The

Rookie coughed as the smoke circled his head.

Henry Oscar David wanted the smoke but he couldn’t

resist the urge to kick at the officer. It was just his

nature. He was cuffed to the pole in a standing position

and when he kicked at the officer he almost lost his

balance. The rookie was a patient little guy and waited

for the much larger man to calm down. When He did, the

officer put the cigarette between the killer’s lips.

Henry Oscar David motioned for the officer to release

his handcuffs so he could smoke.

“Not on this side of life,” was the reply.

“Well, officer, maybe we’ll meet on the other side;

then we’ll really have some fun.”

He took a long draw on the cigarette until the ash was

long and fell to the floor. Mac finished the first

cigarette and lit a second. The second cigarette was more

of a distraction. If he had to stay and stare at old ugly

under glass, he might as well do something he liked doing.

The Sergeant didn’t smoke so he waved the smoke away from

his face.

Minutes later Gabe returned to the room and as he

entered the smoke hit him in the pit of his stomach. He

began backing out of the room as he said, “What’s with all

the smoke? You’re going to die if you don’t stop.”

Henry Oscar David shifted his weight from one foot to

the other as he finished his cigarette. He spit the butt

to the floor then crushed it out with his boot. He looked

at Gabe and said, “OOPS, too late. Been there, done that.”

Gabe held his nose; “I’ll just wait for out here. Too much

smoke, I’ve got working lungs.”

He closed the door once again behind him.

The killer found that very funny and gave a hardy

belly laugh. Mac said, “you better be careful, you’ll

loose another body part or two.” Henry Oscar David stopped

laughing and the room became as silent as a grave. If

looks could kill, at that moment, Mac would be dead.

Curiosity had gotten the better of him so he asked,

“what’s it like being dead?”

The killer just smiled. “Why don’t you find out for

yourself. You might like it.”

Mac continued staring at him. “How’d you get back here

without TNS?”

“What’s that, tits and ass?”

With that he gave another belly laugh.

“Detective, you’ll just have to wait your turn to go.

I’ll help if you want?”

“Well are you going to tell me how you got back

without TNS?” Henry Oscar David winked at Mac and said,

“fuck those shit head’s services, listen to the wind. The

sound is all around.”

He shifted his weight then threw a kiss in Mac’s direction

then said, “rhythms, jingles and bones my boy. Rhythms,

jingles and bones. The Bone throwers can tell you. Ask


But before he could finish his statement Gabe opened

the door and five men walked into the room ahead of him.

Introductions were made all around. The five were from The

Necro Society. Thomas Walker and Eugene Lane were police

officers from their law enforcement division. Both were

large men. Some say these men were bred to be that large

just for this job. But the reality was they, like Gabe,

spent a lot of time in the gym bulking up their bodies.

Caleb King and Larry Smith were Elders from their

religious division. They were smaller in stature but

carried Bibles and the Books of the Dead. These were their

power. The fifth man, Jack Morgan MD, was from the medical

division. They set right out to take Henry Oscar David into

custody. No talk, no interview.

They removed the metal handcuffs and applied their own

restraints. A thin strip of metal was applied to the

decaying wrists by the two police officers while the Elders

read from their books and sang their songs. The Detectives

watched the whole ceremony with much interest. The words

and the songs anesthetized the large killer. The harder he

fought the effect of the ceremony the deeper he fell under

it’s spell. Shortly he became easy to move and without

fanfare he and four of the men were gone. The fifth man,

the MD, stayed back a minute then handed the rookie a slip
of paper. “You’re the arresting officer?” The rookie

nodded yes. “You have two hours to report to that address.

Pack enough for at least one week. If by some chance you

don't show up these police officers will come and pick you

up.” With that he too was gone and the rookie wasn’t too

far behind him.

On his way out, the MD handed Mac a pamphlet

containing a history of The Necro Society. Mac looked at

the coffin and cross on the cover then opened the pamphlet

and began reading. He groaned as he read the first words,

“welcome to a short history of the Guardians of Society,

The Necro Society.”

Everything around Mac seemed to have been muted while

he lost himself in the reading material. In the distance

her heard the coffeepot in the small break room set itself

and a little past that, the fax machine going off.

As he read he couldn’t help but think about the good

old days when the dead didn’t walk the earth. Neither his

religion nor his schooling had prepared him for this New

World and he felt like he was one of the original odd men

out. Neither he nor his partner liked the walking dead but

it was the law to treat them as equals so they had no

choice but no law could make him like them.

Mac read the words on the front of the pamphlet again

and grunted when he repeated, “the guardians of society.”

He laughed a bit then whispered, “what a crock of crap.”

Chapter 3

Psychics, Health Care Professionals, Educators, Police

Officers, and Religious leaders of all denominations

founded the Necro Society in 2110. It was founded for the

protection of the general public, from itself.

Spiritualism, shamanism and alternative religions had begun

to over take conservative religions. Psychics and Seances

were on the rise and the younger generation was looking for

all the wrong things in all the wrong places. Television

Psychics replaced television evangelists and ratings

couldn't be any better, but the government didn’t take

apparent notice until the newest craze of throwing bones to

raise the dead became all too real. The craze moved from

behind closed doors and secret parties in 2103 to the full

moon light of prominent cemeteries. Either by accident or

on purpose throwing the bones worked. The atmosphere of

the 2000’s was primed and ready for such events.

Bone throwing became a thriving business venture.

Advertising their show and wares without care for the

government, bone throwers were everywhere. Originally,

once someone was pronounced dead, a family member contacted

a bone thrower, who with his or her own bones and chants

bought back the dead to some form resembling life. Most

were raised rather the embalming process was done or not

causing havoc and anguish not only to the newly raised but

also to their family. Those already embalmed became more

like dependent zombies as opposed to thinking independent

people. The government tried to put a lid on the whole

situation. Their answer was The Necro Society founded

early in 2110. The first law enacted was the Embalming act

of 2000 that outlawed the process of embalming, to avoid

accidents and further heartache.

The Necro Society went about setting up reincarnate

centers everywhere. These centers were set up to help the

dead return to society legally and safely. The Federal

Government set the prices and taxes for all services from

raising the dead legally to rounding up the illegally

raised and returning them to their graves. They then

dispatched their own over seers to monitor each center.

Bills were enacted and the laws enforced especially the

embalming law. The bone throwers had to be run out of

business and the Government didn’t much care how.

Bone throwers were dangerous to the general public so

the Government supplemented The Necro Society with all they

needed to combat that threat. The government wanted the

money that the public was paying the bone throwers to use

in the government’s budget as needed.

The Necro Society’s Reincarnate Centers were set up

everywhere from the cities to the most rural areas. The

centers were set up to help the legally raised dead return

to society healthy and safely. Once the dead was raised

they had one month to be indoctrinated back into society,

not as zombies but as living, breathing and thinking

productive members of society.

Through the centers they had to open a bank account

and maintain at least a five hundred-dollar minimum

balance. Their inoculations and all health records had to

be updated from their prior lives. Resident’s documents

were put into the Government’s computers with the local

reincarnate center’s ID number. Last but not least the

individuals had to register with their local police

stations. If all of these things were not done within the

month, the individual would be returned to their grave

despite their family’s payment for the resurrection.

Those who were resurrected could not hold medical

positions, food-handling jobs, grave digging positions, or

deal with newborn babies. Despite the centers’ precautions

health wise, the Government didn’t want to take any unusual

chances. Last month one Jennifer Grant, newly raised,

bought a case to the Supreme Court challenging the no grave

digging law. She was a gravedigger prior to her death and

wanted to continue digging graves after her raising. The

Court turned down the case. They didn’t want the legally

raised dead trying to raise other dead illegally. Although

The Necro Society had been around since 2110, individual or

mass resurrections were still a young science. It was

still on probation so to speak.

Mac stopped reading and went to the window to watch

Henry Oscar David being taken away. Just before the six

men got into the van Henry Oscar David began waking up.

Mac watched as the elders got on their knees and quietly

prayed as the police officers watched on the side. The

strong killer had managed to move his hands in front of him

by twisting and stepping through his arms.

The more the Elders prayed the more Henry Oscar

David’s hands were being pulled up into a prayer position.

At that point, the police officers placed a thin metal

strip around his wrists and thumbs.

The killer fought the prayers of the Elders and became

very agitated. The air around them became alive with the

crackle of electricity and filled with the smell of

decaying flesh. When the prayers stopped the large killer

floated several feet above the ground then into the van. A

minute or two later they were gone.

“Wow. Did you see tha…”

But before Mac finished his sentience he simply stopped

talking. He waved his hand in the air.

“You wouldn’t believe me anyway.”

The Sergeant looked from Mac to Gabe with a large smile on

his face.

“Which one of you is going to do the paper work.

Both Detectives replied at the same time.

“Paper work?”

“Yea paper work. You guys have to do the T 162

package. You remember, the transfer form?”

Mac pointed to Gabe and Gabe pointed to Mac. Both men

laughed as the Sergeant shrugged his shoulders.

“I don’t care who does it. But it has to be on my

desk by 1300 hours tomorrow, no later. You two have

special assignments with TNS starting tomorrow night until

further notice. Your orders are at the front desk.”

The two detectives were going to argue with their

Sergeant when both men turned and saw the look on his face

and he wasn’t in the mood to talk about it let alone argue

about it. Gabe broke the tension and asked the question

that both were thinking. “Are we going to work with the

living dead?”

The Sergeant started to get mad but changed his mind.

In a slightly light hearted voice replied, “you never know

you might like it. But I want you guys to remember that

you belong in this house. Don’t get lost.” Mac put his

arm around the Sergeant’s shoulder and said, “don’t worry

mother, we’ll be back.”

The Sergeant continued you’ll be working with

Detective Brent. Large burley man with a great sense of

humor. But watch out for him. If you fuck up you’ll wish

you were still here.

The Sergeant left leaving Mac and Gabe to do the paper

work. Gabe got the forms he needed then they headed to the

front desk to pick up their orders.

Chapter 4

When the paper work was finished and neatly placed on

the Sergeant’s desk, Mac and Gabe picked their orders up

from the desk sergeant. As he handed them a large folder

and envelope he said, “You guys ain’t gonna like this.

Messin with the dead is bad business.” Both detectives

headed out in Mac’s gold Saturn heading to the nearest bar

and grill. Mac wanted a drink, a meal and maybe a woman,

in that order. Gabe wanted the meal alone. Both men

missed their meal dealing with Henry Oscar David and it was

getting late. Mac lit a cigarette and Gabe rolled the

window down. Mac turned to Gabe and said, “It’s my car and


“I didn’t say anything,” Gabe broke in.

By the time they got to Third Avenue it was dark

and Mac had to turn on the headlights. As they passed the

Calvery Cross Cemetery they noticed a strange blue haze

coming from the center of the cemetery. Mac pulled the car

over to the front gate that was closed and pad locked. He

pointed in the direction of the blue haze. “Can’t be a

burial, it’s too late.” Gabe looked at Mac and both men
got the same thought at the same time. It was one of the

little extras of being partners for eight years.

Both eased out of the car and quietly closed the

doors. Once again the urge to get laid left Mac as both

Detectives climbed the front gates. “Listen partner,” Gabe

whispered. “If these pants tear…” Mac broke in as they hit

the ground. “SHH, you should wear jeans.” Gabe didn’t

reply he just shrugged his shoulders. Mac walked across

graves and Gabe on the side of the paved road as they made

their way close to the blue haze.

As they got four rows from the grave that hosted the

haze, Gabe joined Mac on the dirt. “This is as close as I

want to get.” Mac pulled Gabe back and they took refuge

under the out stretched wings of an Angel Monument. The

air felt strange. Not hot, nor cold but somehow invaded.

The air was filled with the smell of rotted flesh and damp


The two Detectives had come across a second Necro

Society team. This one was a resurrection team. They had

heard of them but never saw them in action. Gabe spoke to

Mac without looking at him. “I don’t think I need to be

here. Time to go.” He started to walk out from under the

shelter of that Guardian angel and Mac grabbed his arm.

“What are you doing?” Gabe asked. Mac spoke also without

looking at Gabe. “SHH. We’ll go after this.”

In the distance a church bell tolled making a doleful

sound. Both men moved further back behind the Angel when a

white horse drawn hearse pulled up to the side of the

grave. The hearse had glass all around the carriage and

from inside white ruffled curtains framed the glass. There

was no sound other than the church bell that was still

tolling in the distance. The hearse seemed to have just

pulled up from nowhere. The horse made the motions of

whinnying but no sound was heard. The air became clear and

crisp without the foul smell of rotting flesh. Waiting at

the head of the grave stood three people, an older man and

women and a younger woman.

The Elders of The Necro Society were into their second

prayer when the ground shook and the grave opened.

Gravediggers opened the grave wider with their shovels and

lifted the coffin to the surface. The head Elder took a

clump of dirt from off the top of the coffin and blew it
over the full length of the coffin. A few minutes later a

young boy stepped out of the coffin and rubbed his eyes as

though he had just woke from a nap.

Mac turned to Gabe and whispered “a bed for the

dead.” Neither had the courage to laugh out loud. The

Elders placed a thin metal strip around the boy’s wrists

forcing his hands into a prayer position. Once secured,

they and the small group of people helped the young boy

into the waiting hearse. The blue haze enveloped the

hearse and it disappeared the same way it appeared.

Minutes later the Elders and the small group of people

left the area. After replacing the empty coffin back into

the ground, the Gravediggers also left. A strong cold wind

picked up and filled the air with the same smell of rotted

flesh and damp earth as before. This time the wind

refilled the open grave with the displaced earth. In the

distance the church bell stopped tolling leaving an

unnatural silence hanging in the air.

The Detectives stood motionless watching this whole

scene thanking God for that Angel with it’s out stretched

wings. No matter that it was stone, it was there. It was

a while before either man could do or say anything.

Gabe exhaled deeply and Mac leaned back on the stone Angel

and lit a cigarette. Before either realized, they found

themselves walking toward the grave. A fresh mound of damp

earth covered it. There was no headstone but a stone

marker with the numbers 1188662. The two knew that the

number 118 meant that the boy had just died.

From behind them the detectives heard someone yell.

“Hey! What ya doing dere?” They turned to see the

caretaker coming their way. At his side a brown and white

German Shepherd at the ready. Mac held his badge up high

enough for the caretaker to see it. He was about to tell

him that they were Detectives when the caretaker gave his

dog an order to sic the two intruders. Mac and Gabe didn’t

wait to answer any questions. They took off running and

didn’t stop until they were in Mac’s car and laughing about

the whole scene they just left behind.

Gabe pulled an unraveled thread off his pants leg and

held it up.

“I told you…”

“You can’t be serious?” Mac replied.

“You bet I am and I think I want a pair of…”

“I don’t know about you, but I need a drink.”

Mac broke in.

He lit a cigarette and turned to look at Gabe. Gabe

shrugged his shoulders. “I didn’t say a thing.” Gabe

rolled his window down as Mac started the car and headed

for the nearest bar.

The Brown Fox was the nearest. Mac pulled into the

parking lot, parked near the front of the bar and ordered

his first drink, Jack Daniels as he and Gabe walked to the

far end of the bar. He grabbed a handful of peanuts as he

passed the bowl. As they sat on the barstools, the bar

tender bought over the drink. It was tossed down and Mac

ordered his second, Gabe ordered his first, Juice, he

wasn’t much of a drinker.

It wasn’t until Mac ordered his second drink that he

said something. ”did you see what I saw?” But before Gabe

could answer, Mac added, “I mean the boy, the Necro

Society, everything?” Gabe gulped his drink and motioned

for a second. “I hate the dead. I mean the dead that

won’t stay dead. I don’t see how the living could bring

them back. I mean they aren’t really alive, are they?”

Mac ordered another then asked, “you mean if someone in

your family died you wouldn’t try to bring them back?”

Gabe sat back and thought about the question. “I

don’t think so. After seeing that boy in the cemetery, I

don’t think so. But you never really know what you would

do if confronted with death. The image of that boy coming

out of the grave gives me the creeps.” Mac laughed a

nervous laugh. The bar tender bought over a basket of

pretzels and bowel of peanuts. Mac dove into the pretzels.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out the pamphlet the

TNS Doctor gave him and showed it to Gabe.

“What’s this?” “That Doctor gave it to me after he

picked up Henry Oscar David. Thought I’d read it before

tomorrow. I don’t know what to expect working with people

who track down the dead. Shit, the thought of it is fucked

up.” Gabe took the pamphlet and looking at the cover asked

Mac if it was interesting? Mac shrugged his shoulders,

“want it when I’m finished?” The reply was a sharp and

harsh, “nope.” With that, Mac put the pamphlet back in his

pocket to finish reading later.

They finished their drinks and headed to Gabe’s

house. This time Gabe drove. Mac was used to staying in

the spare bedroom from time to time, Lizzie didn’t mind,

she loved the extra company. Besides she thought of Mac as

The next night the Detectives reported to the

Reincarnate Center on Atlantic and Franklin Avenues in

Brooklyn New York. The center was a two-story building,

not elaborate but definitely a Reincarnate Center. They

all looked alike, like mausoleums.

They met a small group of TNS officers in the first

floor briefing room. These officers wore tactical gear.

Flak Jackets, helmets and batons. Mac and Gabe wore their

street clothes. Their Sergeant hadn’t informed them that

they had to wear or bring combat gear.

When The Necro Society’s Detectives came into the room

wearing their street clothes, Mac and Gabe were relieved.

Gabe didn’t want to have to complain about wearing someone

else’s clothes. When everyone in the room had taken seats,

the TNS Detectives went through a briefing about that

night’s assignment.
Chapter 5

Detective Brent spoke. “The illegal dead are walking

our streets and we were given a mandate to stop them.” Gabe

looked at Mac with a smirk on his face. “A bit dramatic

isn’t he?” Mac whispered, “SHH.” Brent continued. “We’ve

received information that one Vincent Manno, here in

Brooklyn, is running an illegal operation. He’s raising

the dead illegally taking hefty amounts of money from those

who hire him. These living dead are hired in illegal

fields and jobs. We’ve also received information that

there’s a clinic out there where the staff not only raises

the dead but also sells them and body parts on the black

market to the highest bidder. A lot of bad shit going on

out there.”

Brent was pointing to a map of the city. A pushpin

marked a spot in Brooklyn. “Tonight we’ll stake out a

warehouse here and check out any activity that goes on.”

The officers broke up into teams. Mac and Gabe were given

an unmarked car; Brent went along with them.

Once in the car Brent tried to make Mac and

Gabe feel more comfortable and recapped what he said

inside. “The Necro Society got information sometime last

month about an illegal operation run by Vincent Manno who

is very much alive but sold the illegally raised on the

black market. Some were sold as sex slaves; others for

households help others for illegal jobs. Most of the time

they were diseased.”

He started the car and followed the others to the

warehouse near the waterfront for the stake out; he went

on. “You know the living don’t know what can happen when

they hire those people, mostly to small children. The CDC

and TNS still can’t identify all the possible diseases that

the dead can bring back. Look at that killer they just

arrested, brought back the plague.”

Everyone found their spots and settled in. It was

going to be a long night they thought. Brent parked across

the street from the warehouse. Mac had just put out his

second cigarette and Gabe was dying. “Mac, you ever

considered giving those things up for chewing gum?” Mac

threw his hand up, “nope, why?” “Just thought I’d ask.”

It was a losing battle for Gabe so he just cracked his

window. Brent didn’t seem to care one way or the other.

From behind them a large black van pulled up to the

gate of the warehouse and waited. Brent started talking

over the radio in hushed tones. “No one move until I say

so.” The radio squawked a bit longer then went silent.

A few minutes later the gates opened and Brent gave

the go ahead. Before the gates were closed, the officers

made it into the building. Shortly after that they had the

driver of the van in custody. Mac looked around and saw

nothing more then vast darkness. He wanted another

cigarette so while the others were busy doing what they had

to he went outside to have it. No one seemed to notice.

Mac lit his cigarette in the gateway of the warehouse.

As he did he heard heals on the cobblestones. “Hey

handsome, want a date?” Mac turned to see a group of

prostitutes coming his way. As they got closer they

continued, “wanna play big boy?” Mac just smiled but he

felt his better nature get the best of him. He remembered

that he wanted, needed sex. Pure undiluted, bump and grind


Mac puffed on his cigarette trying to look cool. If

not cool, not too horny. He didn’t succeed. The

prostitutes continued to entice him. Mac didn’t bite

One of them did, however, catch his eye. She was a beauty.

Tall with legs that went on forever. Her short auburn hair

blew in the breeze. From where he stood Mac saw that she

had a birthmark in the shape of a large strawberry on her

right butt cheek.

She wore a teal tank top and pink stretch shorts.

Both colors highlighted her complexion. She broke with the

others and walked toward Mac. But before she got close

enough to see how glad he was to see her, Brent came out of

the warehouse to bring Mac back in.

“That’s who we should be arresting, those dead whores.

They’re real trouble. I’ll bet they can give you diseases

that would make your dick drop off.” Mac had turned to

look at Brent but had not closed his mouth since Brent

started speaking. He didn’t want to believe that beautiful

whore was one of the resurrected. He asked, “how do you

know she’s resurrected?” Brent slapped Mac on the back

come on kid, take my word that girl is one of the walking

dead. I have something else for you to see.”

Brent turned Mac around and they went back into the

warehouse. They passed the van and went into another large

room. The over head lights were turned on and they

gave off a strange bluish haze. The same type of bluish

haze that Mac and Gabe saw in the cemetery. Neither

detective wanted to say anything about their experience in

the cemetery but they nodded to each other in

acknowledgment of the thought.

The room they were standing in looked like something

out of a vampire movie. Coffins lined the walls and two

altars sat at either end of the room. On the command of

Brent the coffins were opened. Each contained a nameplate,

a large picture of Jesus but no body.

He motioned for half of the officers to go to the

offices in the front of the building and the other half to

the back. That covered the entire building. Not only

didn’t they find anything, living or dead, other than the

van driver; the only evidence that the owners were dealing

with the dead was the coffins in the room, nothing illegal.

Disappointing to the officers, especially Brent.

Everyone wrapped up his or her business then Brent

called everyone together. “All right! Let’s pack it in,”

Brent said as he stood on one of the coffins. “We’ll have

the briefing in one hour. He motioned for a supervisor

to take the van back to the Reincarnate Center, and handed

him the paper work he had been holding. The forensic team

supervisor got behind the wheel of the van to drive it back

to the center.

Brent climbed down from the coffin where he had been

standing and gathered Mac and Gabe. “Which one of you guys

do the paper work?” Gabe pointed to Mac and Mac pointed to

Gabe. “Funny guys. No matter who does it, it’s gotta be

done.” Brent got in the car and waited for Mac and Gabe.

Mac said, “I wonder if he’s been talking to the Sergeant?”

Gabe just shrugged his shoulders before they too got into

the car and went back to the Reincarnate Center.

As they drove away Mac spotted the group of dead

hookers still hanging around the warehouse. The girl he

had his eye on still stood out in the small group. The

caravan of cars took Atlantic Avenue back and was in the

center having their briefing in no time.

Brent once again stood in front of the group and spoke

about the living dead. “Okay ladies and gentlemen, I know

that you’re disappointed at not getting Vincent Manno.

They’ll be other chances to get him. The bounty hunters

were dispatched when we didn’t find anyone.” He turned to

Mac and Gabe and told them that it was standard procedure

to send the bounty hunters out after a failed bust.

“Criminals love to return to familiar grounds.” He gave

his officers their orders for the next night and told Mac

and Gabe to report to his office in the Atlantic Avenue

center a few minutes before their next change of shift.

With that they disbanded to do the paper work. Gabe got a

desk close to the front door and Mac went outside to wait.
Chapter 6

Mac lit a cigarette and threw the match out into the

street. As it landed on the ground a voice spoke to him,

“don’t you know it’s illegal to litter?” He looked up and

saw the dead hooker from the warehouse. “Why? You gonna

give me a ticket?” She laughed and walked over to Mac. As

she got closer this time she said, “I’m D’Anna, and you

are?” Mac wasn’t biting. He was still leery of the fact

that she was a dead hooker. He took a long draw on the

cigarette and said, “I don’t hang with dead hookers. She

let out a rousing belly laugh and asked, “who told you I

was a hooker?”

It was Mac’s turn to laugh. He pointed to her outfit

and said, “no one had to tell me. You should be shot just

for that outfit alone.” This time they both laughed, and

were still laughing when Gabe came out. “The paper work is

done. I…” He stopped talking when he saw who Mac was

laughing with. He grabbed Mac’s arm to remind him that it

was not appropriate for a police Detective to be laughing

with a hooker. Mac looked at him sideways and said, “I

know that she’s dead, I mean a hooker, but she’s fun.”

That statement blew Gabe away. He turned and faced Mac.

“DEAD! Are you crazy?” The word dead seem to reverberate

throughout the empty street. D’Anna looked up and down the

street to see if anyone was coming her way to confront her,

but there was no one.

Gabe continued. “I thought that you couldn’t stand

the dead, and a hooker besides. What are you thinking?”

Mac was looking at D’Anna and the thought of getting laid

returned to him. He could feel her skin against his and

feel her lips on his. Gabe’s words finally reached him.

“Listen partner, do you mind catching another ride

home?” Mac returned his gaze to D’Anna when he heard Gabe’s

reply. “Yea I do mind but you’re going to do it anyway.

Aren’t you?” A smile came across Mac’s face. “I don’t

know what you’re talking about.” Gabe took off with his

nose in a twist. “See you tomorrow night partner.” He

looked back and emphasized, “and don’t be late.” With Gabe

gone, Mac and D’Anna got into Mac’s car and headed for

Mac’s apartment.

Mac never had a harder time driving. When they turned

the corner of the reincarnate center D’Anna went into

action. She moved closer to Mac and put her hand on his

thigh and slowly moved it upward. At first her touch felt

cold but rather it was Mac’s need for that touch or the

fact that he pushed the reality that she was the walking

dead to the back of his head, her touch turned warm, then

hot. The further up his thigh she got the hotter he got.

He turned and smiled at D’Anna. “That feels good, but…” He

took her hand off his thigh and placed it on her lap. “You

make it really hard for me to drive.”

He pulled his car into a parking space in front of his

apartment building then headed for his apartment. When he

opened the door his cat, Little Shit, came to sniff at the

stranger Mac was bringing to her domain. She sniffed at

D’Anna’s feet and legs. It didn’t take long before Little

Shit began scratching and tearing at those heels and

hissing at those pink shorts.

Mac couldn’t help but laugh. He had never seen Little

Shit behave like this. D’Anna on the other hand wasn’t

amused. She hit at Mac while she yelled at the cat. With

Mac still laughing, he picked Little Shit up in his arms

and locked her in the bathroom as she hissed at D’Anna.

D’Anna asked, “what was that all about?” Mac shrugged

his shoulders. “I never saw anything like that before.

She never acted like that with anyone else before you.

D’Anna smiled and said, “I guess I’m special.” Mac pointed

to the couch and asked her to sit down.

She sat on the end of the couch and crossed her legs.

Mac went into the next room to check his messages and

reposition his 9mm to his back waist holster. When he

returned to the living room the thought of getting laid

filled his body again. The thought turned his ears red.

He went to the small bar he had in the far corner and

poured two Whiskies. He slugged his down before he sat and

handed the other to D’Anna. She took it with one hand

while the other hand was making its way back up his thigh

and he was responding. She unzipped his zipper and gently

massaged him. She pulled down her pink shorts and Mac

finally got his wish.

They lay there while Mac tried to convince himself

that what just happened was okay. He was a man and she was

a woman, nothing more, nothing less. He tried not to think

to hard about her being resurrected. He pictured how it

might have been before death, and that made it easier.

He got up to go to the bathroom, when he returned to

the living room D’Anna was dressed and ready to go.

“What’s up D’Anna?” She was straightening her top as she

replied. “It’s late, I have to go.” Mac was disappointed.

“It’s not late.” D’Anna said, “okay then, it’s early. I

still have to go.”

This was the only female company Mac had had in a

while. “I thought we might go out to get something to

eat.” She smiled and said; “I’ll pass. We’ll do that

another time.”

As Mac walked back into the living room, Little Shit

ran passed him taking a position in front of D’Anna

spitting and hissing at her as she finished dressing.

D’Anna kicked at the cat and Little Shit leaped up and made

minced meat out of that teal tank top. Mac had his hands

full. He corralled the cat and locked her back in the

bathroom. With the cat in the bathroom he grabbed an old

shirt and gave it to D’Anna to put on then took her home.

When they reached D’Anna’s Mac insisted on walking her

to her front door. She reluctantly gave in and he found

himself standing in front of her apartment within minutes.

The sad look on his face told her that he wanted her to

invite him in, she did. “For a few minutes,” she said.
The words few minutes seemed to burn in his ears. He

wanted more. He wasn’t looking for love, just more time to

get to know D’Anna who fascinated him. He had never known

someone who had been dead let alone having sex with that


When he entered her apartment he felt as though he

entered into another world. Sitting in the middle of the

living room floor was a small ornate mausoleum. Tower,

columns, and marble slabs all in the right places. He was

dumb founded and stood where he was for the longest time

until D’Anna gave him a little nudge.

“What’s that thing,” Mac said pointing to the

miniature building. D’Anna giggled and replied, “It ain’t

gonna bite you. It’s mine.”

“Yours? Yours what?” It was then that a bolt of

lightening smacked him right between the eyes. D’Anna had

been dead. Walking, talking and breathing didn’t matter.

She still had seen that side of the life cycle that he had

not. And with any luck he would see it for a long time to


He looked at D’Anna and wanted to give her, her wish

to be alone. “AHH, listen, I think I better go. I’ll talk

to you later.” D’Anna said okay but she knew by the look

on Mac’s face that he finally realized that she was

different than him and no matter how hard she’d try, she’d

never be the same. Still she invited him to sit and to his

amazement he accepted. He sat on a low couch that was in

front of the building. As he sat he heard a small whimper.

“Did you hear that?” He said to D’Anna as she sat close to

him. “Hear what?” He didn’t reply, he just shook his head

and stared at the building. “There has to be a whopper of

a story behind that,” he said pointing to it.

“No, no story.” She moved even closer to him and he

got a whiff of burning incense. It was coming from the

mausoleum. But as he was about to investigate, again

D’Anna went into action. She moved closer and wrapped her

long legs around Mac’s middle. He tried to respond but

that miniature mausoleum held a dark cloud over that

embrace. He wiggled out and was soon apologizing as he

headed to the front door. The aroma of the incense stayed

with him.

Outside, the air was cool and refreshing. He lit a

cigarette and went to his car to head home. He needed the

rest. Dealing with the walking dead was draining.

Chapter 7

Gabe sat in his kitchen watching the two most

important women in his life, Elizabeth, Lizzie, Barrington

and her daughter, Jamie. Lizzie was a cute little woman

with short curly light brown hair and a shape to die for.

Her demeanor was that of a quiet little woman, but that was

far from the truth. Lizzie didn’t have any trouble

expressing herself or sharing her opinions.

Jamie was growing into a beautiful young woman like

her mother. Like her father she was tall and slender and

seemed to be getting taller every day. At the age of

fifteen, she towered over her mother and was threatening to

tower over Gabe. Jamie was good in school and wanted to be

a Nurse. She had already taken a few pre-nursing classes

and liked them. She liked the idea of helping people and

she took that opportunity every chance she got.

Gabe sat in the kitchen watching Lizzie scrambling

eggs on their old fashion gas stove. Jamie went from the

table to the refrigerator helping Lizzie getting the meal

together. Gabe loved that sort of thing. This was the

family he had always wanted. The one he waited his whole

life for. He sat watching and listening to Lizzie and

Jamie plan out their day. Every so often Lizzie would look

back over her shoulder and smile at Gabe showing off her

deep dimples.

“So how was last night?” Gabe had a smirk on his

face; “it was different. I never experienced anything like

that before in my life and with any good luck, after this

assignment is over, I’ll never experience anything else

like it again.”

Sensing Gabe needed a hug Lizzie put her arms around

him from behind. “AHH! Poor baby.” Gabe gave a half turn

and replied, “you better not do that. You know what

happens to me when you hug me like that. You don’t have

the time to finish what you may get started here.” Jamie

was dishing out the eggs and she giggled at Gabe’s remark.

“What are you giggling at?” Gabe said with a smile still

on his face. “You two. If you want to go up stairs and…”

Gabe broke in, “and what?” With that everybody broke out

laughing then settled at the table to eat. Jamie added,

“I am fifteen and I do know what goes on.” Lizzie blushed

and winked at Gabe.

After breakfast, Jamie went upstairs to finish

dressing, while Gabe and Lizzie had a quiet conversation.

Gabe started, “this whole business of the living dead is

fucked up. You can’t tell who’s dead and who’s not. It

all used to be so simple. You died you got buried. You

stayed dead and buried. None of this walking around shit.”

Gabe sucked his teeth. “TCH! I can’t believe that I’m

really having this conversation as a serious topic.”

Lizzie just smiled as she cleared the table and began

washing dishes.

Gabe finished his coffee and gave the cup to Lizzie.

“You know last night Mac had a date, if you could call it

that, with one of them.” Lizzie turned off the water and

faced Gabe. He continued, “I don’t really see how he could

do that. I mean she was buried for Christ’s sake.” Lizzie

shrugged her shoulders and went back to washing the dishes.

“Well you can’t tell a grown man what to do. All you can

do is be there for him if and when he needs your help

right?” She winked at him before finishing the dishes.

Jamie ran down the stairs rushing passed her mother on

her way out to school. She threw two kisses at both her
mother and Gabe. “Bye guys. Gotta go.” Very calmly Lizzy

said, “Jamie, Jamie.” The words hit Jamie as she got to

the front door. She spun around and replied, “yes mother.”

But after fifteen years of living with her mother Jamie

knew that she wasn’t going to get an answer until they were

face to face, so Jamie walked back to the kitchen dragging

her feet. “Yes mother.” Lizzie asked in her best motherly

tone, “what time are you planning to be home this

afternoon?” “Tonight you mean,” was the reply.

Well it didn’t take long for the motherly response.

With her hands on her hips Lizzie said, “no I said what I


With an exasperated look on her face Jamie gave in. “Okay,

Okay I’ll be in by 4 o’clock.” “You better young lady.”

Lizzie was a modern woman but she still had a young

daughter to bring up and protect. Jamie turned and headed

back out of the front door with less enthusiasm than

before. As she passed Gabe, he touched her arm to give her

support, but he too knew that he better not come between

mother and daughter even if he thought that Jamie was

right. She was growing up and needed room, the kind of

room that her mother wasn’t ready to give her yet.

When the front door slammed, Lizzie went upstairs to

dress for work. Gabe was hot on her tail. She’d already

showered and had on most of her clothes. She needed to put

on her dress and makeup. She stood before the bedroom

mirror trying to apply her lipstick. Gabe came up behind

her and slipped his hand under her bra. She responded and

they finally made love. Warm and gentle love.

Gabe propped himself up on his elbows in the middle of

the bed and said, “now that was good loving. Not like some

old cold dead fish.” Lizzie finished dressing. “What do

you know about old cold dead fish?” Both laughed and

giggled then Lizzie headed out for work. Gabe rolled over,

“I hope I never find out about old cold dead fish,” he said

as he drifted off to sleep.

His dreams were collages of the living and the dead,

of Lizzie and Jamie, and his partner Mac and his dead

whore. From somewhere deep in his dreams he heard the

phone ringing. The ringing continued until he came out of

his dream and answered the phone.

Lizzie’s voice was on the other end of the phone.

“Why didn’t you put the answering machine on? I didn’t

want to wake you.” Gabe replied as he wiped his eyes,

“well sweetie, it’s too late. I’m already awake. What’s

up?” “I wanted to remind you to take the chicken out of

the freezer before you left tonight, I’ll be home later

than usual.” She threw a kiss then hung up the receiver.

As the dial tone came up Gabe threw his own kiss then he

too hung up the phone.

The frozen meat reminded him of Mac and his dead

whore. He pounded the meat on the counter, “I wonder if

she’s hard like this?” He laughed out loud. The thought

gave him the chills. “Can you imagine?” He said to

himself as he headed back to bed.

Gabe sat on the edge of his bed and turned the small

television on. He switched the channels until he got the

news. He heard the last of a report about a tie up on the

Tapan Zee Bridge due to a fatal accident. He sucked his

teeth and said, “another freekin walking dead. Why bother

to bury them?”

The next news story was about a killer who was still

on the loose somewhere in the New York area. He drifted

back to sleep before the end of the story.

Mac couldn’t sleep so he turned his small television

set on and watched the news as he finished off his bottle

of Jack Daniels. He heard the end of a news story about a

killer still on the loose in the New York area. He lay

across the bed and finally drifted off to sleep.

Jamie came home later then the agreed time of 4

o’clock but as she passed Gabe in the hallway neither said

anything about the time. “Listen Jamie I…” “I know, I

know it’s late but I did try to get home on time.” Gabe

swung Jamie around by her hands and said, “I was just going

to tell you that I took the meat out of the freezer.”

Jamie laughed and told Gabe that she thought that he

was going to lecture her about the time. “I’m not your

mother, and if you tell her I said that I’ll tell her about

the time.” Through her giggling she said, “that’s black

mail.” “I know, but let’s not call it that.” Jamie went

to her room still giggling while Gabe finished dressing for


Minutes after dressing Gabe was climbing into Mac’s

car heading to work. “Damn, what happened to you?” Mac

was disheveled with dark circles under his eyes and yawing.

“I didn’t get enough.” Gabe shook his head, “you mean you

and Jack Daniels?”

Gabe knew that Mac liked to drink a bit more then he

did, but there was never a problem. There was a long

silence lasting for most of the trip. Gabe broke the

silence by asking about Mac’s date. Mac rubbed the stubble

on his face and smiled. “It didn’t matter that she had

been dead, that is right up ‘till the time I saw her

mausoleum.” Gabe repeated “mausoleum?” “Yep.” “Where?”

“Her apartment.” Gabe didn’t reply but raised his eyebrows

high enough to wrinkle his forehead.

A news story came on the radio about the escaped

killer in the New York area. Mac laughed, “wouldn’t it be

a bitch if that was Henry Oscar David?”

“Couldn’t be, The Necro Society wouldn’t let him slip

through their fingers. Not as hot as he is.” Mac held out

his hand. “Wanna bet five bucks?” Gabe shook his hand,

“Deal.” They spotted a space close to the center, parked

and headed into Detective Brent’s office.

They were handed a large envelope and told their next

case profile was inside. When Gabe opened it his jaw

dropped open and he gave Mac a very strange look. Mac

asked, what’s the problem? “Look.” Gabe pulled out a

picture of Henry Oscar David. “Shit.” The word exploded

from Mac. “I knew it, I just knew it. What happened?”

Brent told them how he proved to be too strong for the

group from TNS to control. “By the time they reached the

next county all but two was dead and Henry Oscar David was

one of the two. It seems he left the doctor, Jack Morgan,

alive to tell The Necro Society how great and strong a God

he was. He…”

Gabe broke in, “the guy we keep hearing about; the

killer on the loose, that’s Henry Oscar David?” Brent had

no other choice but to reply in the affirmative. Mac

walked around the Detective’s desk and sat in the padded

chair. “So you want us to go out and find this piece of

shit?” “Something like that,” Brent went on. “You’ll have

four other men with you; two uniforms and two detectives.”

Mac lit a cigarette and continued, “and the six of us

are just supposed to go waltzing up the that large

individual and say please sir come with us.” “Don’t be an

ass hole Mac. We want you guys to go up to him and ask him

nicely to please stay dead.” The detectives broke out

laughing. Brent looked at his watch, “you guys gotta

report for roll call.” Mac stood then stomped out his

cigarette as he left the office. Brent called after him,

“take that butt with you.” Mac picked it up and rolled it

between his thumb and index fingers until he got outside of

the office where he threw it on the floor. “The cleaning

lady needs something to do later.”

Mac and Gabe reported for roll call where they were

introduced to the others, Brent spoke about. One of the

uniform officers, Alden Mallow, knew Mac from their days in

the street. Gabe never laughed so hard until he tried to

picture Mac in a uniform. Mac wasn’t amused, “I wasn’t

always in Homicide.” Minutes after roll call, which was

short that day, the six men got together to map out some

kind of plan to bring in Their favorite person of all time,

Henry Oscar David.

Alden Mallow and his partner Gary Lewis were the

uniform cops and Hector Nunuez and his partner Raymond

Bradley were the detectives. Alden riffled through his

wallet and pulled out an old academy picture and handed it

to Gabe. “The proof your partner was legit, I mean as

legit as Mac could get.”

Gabe took the picture and clapped Mac on the back,

“he’s a good partner.” Gabe looked at the picture and

moaned. “The good old days HUH? Short hair and all.

That’s not radical enough.”

Mac still didn’t find the whole thing funny and took

the picture from Gabe and gave it back to Alden. “No man

you keep it, I have plenty copies.” Mac moaned, non-the-

less he folded the picture up and put it in his back


The Duty officer came into the room and gave them

a clipboard that held time sheets along with two sets of

keys for their duty cars. “You guys gotta speak to Brent

about your assignment, I was told to give you these time

sheets. You’re on you own for a while. Alden looked at

Gary, “no shit finally under cover work. I told you if we

hung in there sooner or later they’d ask us.”

All the while Hector and Raymond were quiet but now

Hector wanted to know, “under cover for what? What are we

after?” Mac laughed, “you mean who.” “Okay, I’ll bite,

who?” Mac turned to Gabe and said, “this ought to be

really good.”
Mac laughed and went on. “The who is a large, no very

large dumb fuck who won’t stay dead or buried.” By that

time Brent came into the room and asked if they’d received

their keys and the clipboard. “Yea why?” Asked Raymond.

Brent filled them in on the case and Henry Oscar David

and told them that The Necro Society needed as much help as

they could get and they were the help. They could take all

the time they needed but at the end of each week they

needed to come into the station and fill him in on what had

been happening during the week. “Tonight you’ll go back to

that warehouse just in case the bounty hunters missed

something. Who knows, you might get lucky.”

“No shit?” “Don’t you know any other words?” Hector

asked Alden. Brent broke in, “now children play nicely.”

Brent continued and told them of their full assignment.

When he finished all of the partners headed to the parking

lot and found the duty cars. On the way to the parking lot

they agreed to split up the uniform officers so one could

be in each car.

Mac, Gabe and Alden climbed into one car while Gary

went with Hector and Raymond. By the time they got to the
cars it was drizzling. Fine drizzle, the kind that drives

you mad while waiting for the real rain to come.

Mac pulled his shirt collar up closer around his neck,

“TCH, just what we needed one more thing shitting on us.”

They all pilled into the cars and headed out.

Back at the warehouse they sat cramped in their cars

waiting for something that may or may not happen. Mac

didn’t think that Henry Oscar David would come strolling up

to the warehouse, not that night anyway. Mac reached the

tissues he had in his pocket and started wiping the mist

from the windshield. It wasn’t until they were sitting in

front of the warehouse that they found out that the

defoggers didn’t work. “What kind of Mickey Mouse car is

this?” Gabe laughed. “At least we got a car and aren’t

standing on the street corner like whores.”

They sat there most of the night with nothing

happening until they heard a report of a fatal accident

coming over the police radio. The next call went out as a

police officer down causing all of them to leave their

assignments and respond to the radio location.

Chapter 8
The drizzle never developed into a full rain but it

did leave a thin film of water on the streets causing

speeding cars to hydroplane along the surface of the

street. It seemed that the police car was after a larger

vehicle when a smaller vehicle got in the way. The woman

in the smaller car never stood a chance. She was hit head

on. The larger vehicle tore the entire front of her car

away leaving her body several feet away from the point of


By the time the group of officers got to the scene the

police yellow tape was being put up and the scene was being

treated as a crime scene. The police officer who made the

original call was all right. The driver of the larger

vehicle was gone while the innocent victim was dead, laying

on the ground face down with wet dirt and blood mattering

her hair.

Mac was the first to get out of the car. He lit a

cigarette and took a slow long draw. Gabe got out next and

took a look at the scene. “Damn, looks like hell on

earth.” Hector Nunuez whispered, “smells like hell.” They

walked around the area carefully trying not to disturb

anything that might be pertinent to the crime scene.

The entire time Gabe had a sick feeling in the pit of

his stomach which he attributed to the strange assignment

he was on. Even worse, the strange men he was working

with. He mumbled to himself, “Alden is just as irritating

as the walking dead. Worse.” “You said something Gabe?”

Mac asked as he stomped out his cigarette. “No, just

mumbling to…” Gabe didn’t finish the statement.

He had walked most of the crime scene and didn’t come

close to the woman’s body until now. That sick feeling in

his stomach moved to his heart as he recognized the dress

the woman was wearing. It was the same dress that Lizzie

put on after they made love earlier that day. He fell to

his knees at the body and looked closer. It was Lizzie,

his Lizzie. The women he loved and lived with, lived for.

A loud doleful, a pitiful scream rose up from deep inside

of him, a heart wrenching scream. Everyone turned around

to find Gabe stroking Lizzie’s matted hair staring off in a

daze, there but not really there any more.

Hector and Mac ran to him first and tried to get him

up. “Don’t man,” whispered Hector. “You’ll blow the

scene.” “Fuck the scene.” He turned Lizzie over into his

arms and almost threw up. Half her face was gone and bits

of gravel could be seen imbedded in the remaining flesh.

All the power he ever had as a man, as Lizzie’s protector,

and as a police officer was all gone. He sat there on the

wet ground helpless and feeling like the loneliest human on

the face of the planet. Mac put his hand on his shoulder

and asked him if he was ready. Gabe allowed Mac to help

him up and together they walked over to the patrol car and

leaned against it watching the other officers do their


Mac stood next to Gabe who was quietly recounting a

conversation Lizzie and he had not long ago. “We need

bread and strawberry jam for Jamie we…” He suddenly stopped

at the mention of Jamie. Mac didn’t react at first because

he was waiting for the next sentence like waiting for the

next shoe to drop. Gabe yelled, “Jamie.”

The partners got back into their duty car and Mac

drove to Gabe’s house where they found Jamie sprawled out

on the living room floor doing homework and eating bologna

sandwiches. “Hi Mac,” she said greeting Mac first. She

turned to Gabe; “mom’s not home yet.” Mac put his hand on

Gabe’s back and told him that he would wait outside.

Jamie sat up and asked Gabe what was wrong. He told

her out right. “Babe, mom’s dead. She was killed tonight

in a car accident.” Jamie sat there in one spot without

moving as if not moving would take away what Gabe had just

told her. “What? What?” By that time Gabe was on the

floor next to her and they fell into each other’s arms

crying. Mac came back into the room to see if everything

was okay and found the two rocking and crying on the floor.

Jamie’s eyes were dark and wide now wet with tears as

she searched Mac’s face in the hope that he would tell her

something different. It was all some horrific joke and

we’ll take you to your mom now. Instead he simply shook

his head and shrugged his shoulders. That was the last

straw. Jamie knew that was it, the words that weren’t

words that said so much. Her renewed crying filled the

room that minutes before was filled only with her books and

bologna sandwiches.

Mac sat in the over stuffed chair in the corner

watching his partner and his stepdaughter trying to adjust

to the death of someone they both loved. He could not

imagine how either of them felt. He had never lost anyone

that close to him to his recognition. The closest he could

come was old lady Doyle, who befriended him as a young

child. He remembered getting teary eyed when she died but

that was so long ago. His own mother had been dead since

he was three and his father had been drunk from that time

until his own death ten years later. So now Mac could only

watch and wait.

Gabe helped Jamie to the couch and they talked quietly

about Lizzie and what was going to happen now. They had to

plan a funeral but Jamie wasn’t fully ready to take it all

in yet. Instead she made small talk about a picnic that

they had been planning for weeks. Gabe gave in and talked

about the foods he might enjoy. He measured his words. He

didn’t want to include Lizzie in the plans.

The telephone rang and Mac answered. “Okay, I’ll tell

him as soon as I can.” When he hung the phone up he said,

“The chief coroner wants you, AH, us to come down and

register Lizzie’s death. Can’t be too late, they need to

know your plans.” Gabe looked puzzled and yelled, “plans?”

This startled Jamie and she began to cry again.

Gabe helped her to her room and stayed there until she

fell asleep across her bed. When he returned to the living

room he picked up the conversation where he left off as if

he hadn’t left the room. “Plans? My plans are to bury her

she’s dead and by God She’s going to stay that way.” He

shocked himself at being so cold but his dislike of the

walking dead out weighed the sorrow he felt at that moment

over Lizzie’s death. He called Lizzie’s friend and their

next door neighbor, Anne. After telling her what had

happened, she volunteered to look after Jamie until Gabe

got done what he needed to get done. When Anne showed up

Gabe and Mac got back into the duty car and headed back


The Coroner’s office was cold and impersonal, large

and sterile. As he and Mac made their way down the hallway

it seemed that their footsteps echoed throughout the stone

building. Mac smiled a bit thinking about all the eerie

footsteps that he’d ever heard in all the horror films and

ghosts stories he’d ever seen. But laughing seemed to be

not in keeping with the situation or the place at the time.

As they entered the examining and preparation room the

assistant coroner met them at the door. “Sorry about your

wife Anderson.” He ushered the Detectives to the table

where Lizzie had been laid out. Gabe tried not to cry but

Mac noticed tears starting to roll down his cheek.

The coroner had washed the dirt and gravel out of her

hair and off her face before Gabe and Mac got there and for

that Gabe was grateful. As he approached the table he

asked the coroner, “can she have an open coffin?” He was

surprised by the answer. “You will have to take that up

with The Necro Society. Their burial services division

will get in touch with you in the next few hours to see

what you want to do.” Gabe didn’t reply but stood there

looking at Lizzie. “Can you fix the side of her face?”

“The Necro Society will do all of that for you.”

The Coroner then showed the Detectives to his office

inorder to get the death registered. Mac and Gabe sat on

one side of the desk while the coroner squeezed by the

partners to get to the other side. The desk was rather

large for the room but someone in administration ordered

the desk and the coroner kept it for status and effect.

The Coroner handed Gabe several forms, which he had to

fill out while he was there, and two, which he could take

with him. He had until Lizzie was buried to makeup his

mind as to the rest of his plans. “The Necro Society will

be in touch with you about any arrangements you want for

your wife to be resurrected and when you want that

resurrection to take place.” Gabe looked up from the

forms. “I’ll kill the first person who tries to resurrect

my wife.”

He reached into his pocket and pulled out his driver’s

license and turned it over so the coroner could see the

check boxes on the back. “Neither of us checked these

boxes. We don’t want to come back, dead is dead. That’s

the way it used to be. That’s the way it’s supposed to


The coroner pointed out the two forms for Gabe to take

home. Then he began to help him fill out the register

forms. “The numbers on the top of the forms mean that your

wife has just died.” Gabe noticed that the forms carried

the same numbers that appeared on the young resurrected

boy’s grave, 118. The number on Lizzie’s forms was,

11899542. The coroner continued, “when you get a permanent

head stone this numbered stone becomes her foot stone

that’s required by law.” When Gabe finished the paper work

He left for home to check on Jamie. He knew that he wasn’t

going to get much sleep that night he still had to deal

with The Necro Society. He was grateful for Anne and his

partner Mac. At this point he didn’t even mind the

cigarette smoking.

The telephone was ringing as the partners walked

through the front door and Gabe picked it up before Anne

could reach it. It was The Necro Society, and from Gabe’s

conversation, Mac could tell that they would soon be back

in the duty car heading out. After checking Jamie and with

Anne to make sure she could stay with Jamie they left.

Mac drove as Gabe read the pamphlet on The Necro

Society that Mac had been carrying around in his pocket.

Within an hour they were parking in front of the Brooklyn

North reincarnate center. A large TNS logo took up most of

the space on the front of the building and as they entered

a low drone of music played over the loud speakers. The

receptionist took their names and asked them to wait for a

sales representative and one of the Pastors. All services

for burial started with this team. The receptionist

assigned a caseworker and number to the case and began a

file for the sales representative.

Mac looked around for a no smoking sign; finding none

lit a cigarette and walked over to the large picture

windows. He stood there in the warmth of the center

watching the neighborhood come to life. The newspaperman

began to open his stand and the grocer was directing the

deliverymen as to where to put the milk. Others were

briskly walking to their jobs bundled up against the cool

morning air.

“Mac, did you know…” Before Gabe finished his

sentence Mac pinched out the cigarette and dumped the butt

in the trash. He came and sat next to Gabe to keep him

from yelling. Gabe finished, “did you know a resurrection

is expensive. It can cost as much as $50,000.00?” Mac

whispered, “are you thinking about resurrection?” Gabe

shook his head, “hell no.”

Gavin Marlow, walked towards the two men with his hand

outstretched. Three-piece suit, imported Italian shoes and

a bad dull color red toupee made him stand out like a sore

thumb. “Gentlemen I’m Gavin your sales representative.”

His Southern drawl in the middle of Brooklyn New York made

him stand out even more.

“Mr. Marlow here’s the file on Mrs. Anderson”; Gavin

turned to find the receptionist handing him the new file.

As he gazed at it for a quick minute he asked, “which one

of you is Gabe Anderson?” Gabe stood and shook Gavin’s

hand, “that’ll be me sir.” His voice seemed to echo

throughout the building. Gavin smiled when he saw the

caseworker’s name. “Mr. Anderson your caseworker is Mr.

Lorne Reed he’s the best in the business. He’ll be in

touch with you tomorrow to confirm all the arrangements we

make here tonight. Shell we go to my office?”

Gabe wasn’t sure how he felt about that. “Caseworker

for a funeral?” After walking the full length of the

hallway they wound up in a corner office. The room was

large but they only used the small portion where the desk

stood. Gabe couldn’t wait to hear the answer, “why do I

need a caseworker for a funeral?”

Gavin began spreading forms out in front of Gabe as he

replied. “He’s the person who you’ll address all of you

questions or problems to. If you are considering our

resurrection services he’s the person who’ll make the

arrangements.” Gabe held his temper down. “My wife and I

don’t believe in resurrection. Dead is dead and we want it

to stay that way.” Gavin finished putting the forms out

then sat down. “Well if you change your mind, your

caseworker is the man to speak to.”

They spent the better part of an hour filling out

forms preparing to bury Lizzie. Before they were finished

Gabe’s pager went off and he asked to use the phone after

checking the number left on the pager, he found that it was

his home phone number. Gavin pushed the phone over and

Gabe called home. As he spoke to Jamie Gavin gathered and

began to file the completed forms. At the same time Mac’s

pager also went off. He didn’t answer the page as he

didn’t recognize the number that appeared on the screen.

When Gabe got off the phone Gavin pushed two more

forms at him. “These two you can take home with you.” He

was pushing the resurrection forms under Gabe’s hands.

After a quick glance at the papers, Gabe said, ”I’m not

going to be needing these. My wife’s going to stay

buried.” Gavin told him to take them home, “you never know

when you’ll change your mind.”

Gabe pushed the forms back and Gavin shook his head,

“It took me four years to make my mind up about

resurrecting my own wife and I’m in the business. You met

her at the front desk.” Gabe’s eyebrows arched and he

pointed in the direction of the front desk, “your wife?”

Gavin laughed out loud, “That’s right, my wife.” Gabe

took the forms, folded them in quarters and put them in his

back pocket. Mac laughed and shook his head. “I thought

that the walking dead couldn’t work around the buried

dead.” The reply was fast and sharp, “she’s not working

around the buried dead, she’s at the front desk far enough

away from them. Technicalities but still legal. By the

way they prefer to be called the resurrected, not the

walking dead.” Mac’s pager went off again and the same

number was listed. This time he pressed a few buttons and

saved it to find out later whom it belonged to.

After clearing up the paper work, Gavin laid a color

brochure out in front of Gabe and asked him to pick a

coffin for his wife. Gabe moved the book between he and

Mac and together they picked a metal gray coffin with a

blue nameplate. “Mr. Anderson please bring a dress here

tomorrow for your wife. You can leave it with the

receptionist; it will get to us.

We also need copies of all of your wife’s health

records. Immunizations, surgeries, birth things like that.

You can bring any of these forms that you may have together

with the dress.” Gabe looked puzzled. “Don’t you guys do

that. I don’t have any of those forms.” Gavin who had

been standing over by the filing cabinets, replied as he

finished his filing. “It’s okay, anything that you don’t

have or can’t get, we’ll obtain.”

The office door opened and Pastor Jay Malone entered

the room and introduced himself. Due to the late hour he

wore street clothes rather than his TNS uniform that would

indicate that he was a Pastor. “Mr. Anderson?” Gabe

raised his hand. By now he was weary and wanted to go home

so raising his hand was all he had left in him.

Pastor Malone sat in Gavin’s chair, “ I understand

that you don’t want resurrection for your wife. Here we

do…” Gabe stood up pushing his chair away from the desk.

“NO I DON’T.” The words were so loud that everyone in the

room was startled. Mac put his hand on Gabe’s back until

he calmed down then sat down. “I’m sorry but I’m tired and

I still have many things to do. Let me say this once again

and you can put it in those papers.” He pointed at the

file cabinets. “I don’t now nor in the future want

resurrection for myself or my wife.”

Pastor Malone smiled and began his formulaic speech,

“here we do…” “Can the speech Pastor.” Gavin flashed the

Pastor a look and Mac caught it. He elbowed Gabe until he

too caught on. “Pastor you have my wishes in that file

that was just created. I need to know two other things

tonight before I go home.” The edges of the Pastor’s mouth

curled up like Gabe stopping his speech stopped the high

light of his night.

The Pastor loosened his shirt collar; “we have to get

through a few more things before we can get started with

the funeral. Getting agitated, Gabe shifted his position

in his chair. “Pastor, I’m tired and I have a lot to do.

What more do we need to do before we can have a funeral for

my wife?”

Pastor Malone pulled out a hymn and prayer book. “I

need you to pick out hymns and prayers that will be song

and read at the grave site. If you don’t pick nor have any

preferences for any I’ll pick. It’s just more personal if

you do the picking.” Gabe took the book with pen and pad

and again shared it with Mac. As Gabe listened to the

Pastor he noted his choices on the pad.

“After you pick your hymns and prayers I need the deed

to the grave if you have one. We don’t want trouble with

the cemetery in opening the site.” Gabe told him that he

did have one and he would bring the deed along with a dress

the following day. With that Gabe stood and shook hands

with the sales representative Gavin; the man with the bad

dull red toupee and Pastor Malone. Mac almost tripped over

his chair trying to get to the door. He wanted out of that

building in the worst way. He set the tilted chair back on

its four legs before he and Gabe left.

It was still cold but the sun was trying to heat up

everything its rays hit. The first thing Mac did when they

got out was to light a cigarette. Gabe didn’t put up any

protest; he just wanted to get home he was bone and soul

tired. He was glad that Mac was doing the driving he found

it hard to lift his hands to even drive.

It wasn’t long after they got into the car when Mac

pulled up in front of Gabe’s house. “You need something

right now?” Gabe waved his hand in the air as he got out

of the car, “not yet but keep you pager on. I may need you

later.” Mac watched as Gabe slowly walked toward his house

and waited there until he saw the living room light come
on. He turned the heater on high and drove off heading to

his apartment building. He was glad that the heater worked

as much as it did, the heat just took the chill out of the

car. He needed it after his night and now his morning.

Mac climbed the stairs to his apartment and for the

first time in awhile he had the chance to think. His

thoughts wandered back to D’Anna. She wasn’t so easily

forgotten especially when he opened his front door and his

cat; Little Shit met him just inside the doorway. He let

out a peel of laughter that caused him to look around to

see if any of his neighbors had come out to see what was

happening. None had.

His pager went off again and the same unfamiliar

number appeared on the screen, this time he answered. He

picked up the phone in his bedroom and dialed the number.

When someone answered he asked, “did someone from this

number page me?” The reply was a small giggle, then, “hi

Mac it’s me D’Anna, forgot about me so soon.”

Chapter 9

Mac sat down like a sack of potatoes on the edge of

his bed, “how could I ever forget about you and your

mausoleum?” He didn’t mean to say that but it just came

out. He was way to tired to guard his words. “Are you

busy right now? I would like to see you.” Mac had begun

to undress with his free hand. “I’m tired and need sleep.”

There was a long silence then, “I’ll be quiet, I

promise.” Mac gave in, “I may fall asleep on you.” D’Anna

was all right with that. The phone call ended with another

little giggle and a promise from D’Anna to remain quiet.

An hour later Mac’s front door bell rang and D’Anna sort of

floated in dressed in blue jeans and a pink tee shirt.

Little Shit eased her way to the door and when she saw it

was D’Anna hissed and walked away. Mac laughed, he

couldn’t help but laugh. D’Anna took it all in stride.

Little Shit meandered back to the bedroom and

reclaimed her section, guarding it against this new

intruder. Mac offered D’Anna a drink, “no thanks. I just

want to be here with you. Go on doing what you were doing;

don’t mind me I’m just here.” Mac couldn’t figure out why
D’Anna wanted to just be with him but he was glad for the

company. It had been too long since he slept with a woman

with or without sex.

In no time flat Mac had his clothes off and was under

the covers in nothing other than his shorts. D’Anna

watched as he undressed and waited. When he was finished

she began pulling her tee shirt off but Mac put a hold on

that. “Don’t even try it, I told you I just needed sleep.

I mean real sleep.” D’Anna giggled and put her clothes

back on. It wasn’t long after that when she too was in the

bed and cuddling under Mac. He slept long and deep with

dreams filled with the walking dead, Gabe, Henry Oscar

David and D’Anna. He woke the next morning with D’Anna

next to him and an erection.

He looked at the clock then eased his way out of bed

and into the shower, he didn’t want D’Anna see his

erection. He also had to pick Gabe up in a few hours.

Along with other things they still had to deliver the dress

to the Necro Society. Mac stood in the shower for a long

minute just letting the hot water beat down on his back.

He reran the last couple of days in his head like videotape

smiling here and there and sucking his teeth and shaking
his head at other times. He was just about to climb out of

the tub when D’Anna came into the room.

“Don’t you ever knock?” D’Anna moved quickly to keep

Mac in the tub. “Why should I, it spoils the surprise.

Besides, I saw the hard on you had when you got up. Made

me real horny.” She pushed him back into the tub and got

in behind him then turned the hot water on. She pressed up

against his body while massaging his penis. His erection

returned with a vengeance making him want her in the worst


He pushed her against the back wall and ran his

fingers over her body, she responded. As they made love

she moaned and clung to him wanting more. The hot water

sent both of them to another place. He forgot about her

being the walking dead, the hot water saw to that. When

they were finished they stayed in the shower until both

were calm.

D’Anna stood in front of Mac buttoning his shirt as he

slipped his jeans on. “A regular domestic scene we have

here,” Mac said as he finished dressing. D’Anna laughed,

“if you want, I’ll be here when you get home.” There was a

long silence then Mac laughed. “Little Shit will have your
hide if I leave you here. And if she doesn’t have your

hide, she’ll have mine.” Both Mac and D’Anna laughed until

they left the bathroom.

Mac finished getting himself together in the bedroom

then headed to the front door. D’Anna whispered, “well?

You didn’t answer.” Mac thought for a minute before he

answered. “Well if you can get along with Little Shit I

think that it would be okay.” D’Anna smiled and kicked off

her shoes. Mac left to pick up Gabe.

The Dress Gabe picked out was Lizzie’s favorite, her

powder blue sleeveless dress with a waist length jacket.

When Gabe pulled it out of the closet he remembered the day

he and Lizzie got the dress. Jamie was with them and she

wanted one just like it but Lizzie thought that it was much

too sophisticated a dress for her.

As Gabe handed the dress over to the receptionist of

The Necro Society he asked her to take good care of it.

She assured him that she would and asked if he had anything

else for the ceremony. “Here’s a copy of the deed to the

grave, the original is locked in a safe in our lawyers

office. I don’t have any of her medical records.

As Gabe stood in the lobby he looked around and was

hesitant to leave.

The receptionist asked, “can I help you Mr. Anderson?”

Gabe stammered a bit, “can I see my wife yet?” The

receptionist shook her head, “tomorrow is soon enough.”

With that she took the dress and the deed and disappeared

into a back room. The two detectives stood there in

silence as if they expected something else to happen. When

it didn’t Mac broke the silence. “Let’s get out of here.”

Mac drove to Gabe’s house where Jamie was sitting on

the front stoop waiting for him to come home. At first

sight of him she ran to him, hugging him as they walked

into the house. She didn’t say anything but her actions

spoke volumes. It wasn’t until they were in the house when

she spoke to Mac. “Hi Mac, how are you?” Mac simply

nodded and followed them into the living room.

His thoughts drifted back to D’Anna, he couldn’t help

it. This was the first time in many years since he had

anything close to a normal relationship with a woman.

“Normal,” he whispered under his breath. “What’s normal?”

He did date but for one reason or the other things never

worked out in the long run. He had begun to wonder if

something was wrong with him, then D’Anna came along. She

may have saved his life, his sexual life in any case.

He watched Gabe and Jamie interact as he told her what

she could expect to happen in the next couple of days and

at the funeral ceremonies. Mac couldn’t hear the words but

their reactions said it all. Jamie cried, laughed and put

on a brave face but you could definitely tell that she was

missing her mother. Mac thought that Jamie was putting on

that brave face for him so he excused himself to the

kitchen. A few minutes later Jamie also excused herself

and went to her room.

Gabe joined Mac in the kitchen after making several

phone calls. Mac thought that it strange that although

Gabe was on the phone and the TV played in the background,

silence was abundant throughout the house. Gabe sat across

the kitchen table from Mac. “You want something to eat?”

Mac shook his head, no. The Detectives said nothing as

Gabe made a couple of sandwiches and opened two beers.

“Funny, I just thought about the shopping. We used to

go, now I have to go.” Mac took a gulp of his beer. “You

know it really is still, we, but now it’s you and Jamie.”

Gabe smiled and finished his beer. “I know, but it’s not
the same. No one to share the beer with any more.” Mac

laughed, “there’s always me, partner.” Gabe broke out

laughing. “Sorry partner, you wouldn’t look good in a

dress. You have hairy legs.” From the kitchen doorway

they heard Jamie laughing. “How long have you been

standing there?” Said Mac through the laughter. “Long

enough to find out you have hairy legs.” Mac pulled up one

of his pant legs and modeled his hairy leg. Gabe said, “I

told you so.” They all broke out laughing. It sounded


Jamie made herself a sandwich. “Are you coming

tomorrow?” Jamie wrapped her sandwich in a napkin and

turned to face Mac who had stopped laughing and replied,

“yea.” Jamie shook her head and went back up to her room.

As she left she mumbled and laughed to herself, “hairy

legs?” Gabe finished his sandwiches then put everything

away. Mac finished his beer and checked his pager; it had

gone off while they were laughing, his own phone number

appeared on the screen.

“Listen Gabe, I gotta go. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Gabe pointed to the pager, “something important?” Mac

shook his head, “NA.” “Remember that hooker outside the

warehouse the night of the stakeout?” “Yea.” “Well she’s

at my apartment right now.” Gabe looked at Mac as if he

had three heads, “why?” Gabe didn’t wait for an explanation

he held up his hand. “Never mind, I don’t think I really

want to know.” Mac cleared his throat and tried to reply

but Gabe continued. “She’s dead man. What’s up with


By now they were standing in the living room. Mac

pointed to everything in the room. “You have all of this

and Jamie. I have a couple of rooms and me. She makes me

feel good. No great.” Gabe repeated, “She’s dead.” Mac

shrugged his shoulders “she was dead. There’s no

difference now.” They walked toward the front door. Gabe

asked, “Are you sure there’s no difference or is it that

you don’t want any differences?” As he went through the

front door Mac told Gabe that he would see him the next

tomorrow. Mac turned the radio and heater on in the car

and headed home to D’Anna and Little Shit. He laughed out

loud. “Domestic bliss, shit.”

Mac parked the car and walked to his apartment with a

spring in his step. He didn’t have to use his key, D’Anna

was waiting. She wore a frilly dress and no shoes.

Mac smelled a hint of Jasmine perfume as he came in.

She pressed against him giving him a deep kiss, he

responded by cupping her breasts and pressing in on her;

they made love. After, Mac drifted off to sleep thinking

how stressful the next day was going to be. He was Glad

D’Anna was there.

A long black limousine parked in front of Mac’s

apartment house, minutes later he climbed in the back by

himself. He thought about inviting D’Anna but thought

better of it when he remembered how Gabe felt about the

walking dead. Mac let the driver close the door behind him

and he unfolded the jump seat as the car pulled off.

Mac watched people walking the streets as the car made

it’s way over to pick up Gabe and Jamie. “TCH, how many of

them suckers are dead?” He said under his breath. The

Driver looked in his rearview mirror at Mac and asked, “did

you say something sir?” Mac shook his head, “NA.” The car

pulled up in front of the house and Jamie and Gabe climbed

in. They sat in the back seat facing forward. Until the

car pulled in front of The Necro Society’s building no one

said anything, each was lost in his or her own thoughts of

Lizzie’s life.
As the car pulled in front of The Necro Society,

Pastor Jay Malone and another man, who turned out to be the

undertaker met the car. As they greated everyone they

assisted Jamie and Gabe out of the car. Mac refused their

assistance, he didn’t like that pastor he gave him the

creeps. When they were all together in front of the

building the undertaker led them to a small chapel on the

West Side of the building.

The room was dimly lit with only four stain glass

windows around the room. The walls were covered with thick

deep red velveteen wallpaper while the floor was covered

with thick red carpeting. As the small group entered the

room the strong aroma of roses lay heavy in the air.

Wooden folding chairs stood like solders at attention in

front of the metal gray coffin Gabe and Mac pick out the

day before.

On either side of the coffin stood floor lamps also

red, casting weird shadows against the wall behind the

coffin. Jamie stood in the doorway for a few minutes

before slowly walking to the coffin. She looked around the

room as if looking for something or someone.

As she reached the coffin Gabe caught up with her and put

his arm around her shoulders. They both needed that.

Lizzie lay in her blue dress and jacket looking as if

she was just sleeping. Jamie touched her hand but pulled

away when she felt the coolness of her mother’s skin. She

wanted to say something but when she opened her mouth

nothing came out. Gabe led her away from the coffin to a

chair a few feet away then he went to the back of the room

where Mac and the TNS officials stood.

“What happens next?” Gabe asked. The pastor took

out a pamphlet and handed it to Gabe. It was like the

pamphlet Mac had earlier. Gabe thumbed through it a bit

then put it in his jacket pocket. “Just tell me what

happens next.” Just then taped music came on over the

sound system scaring the hell out of Jamie who moved over

to where Gabe was standing. It began playing the music

Gabe and Mac picked out the day before. Instead of it

sounding comforting or spiritual it sounded eerie.

Two Elders of TNS came into the room and set up a

small table next to the head of the coffin and began

praying and singing. From where he stood Gabe heard the

leader say, “I open your mouth to speak the truth.”

The second Elder pointed a scepter at Lizzie’s mouth. “I

open your eyes to see the truth.” Then again the second

Elder pointed the scepter at Lizzie’s eyes.” The scepter

was placed on the crown of Lizzie’s head. “I pray for the

soul to rejoin our sister who now lays here.”

By this time Gabe, who had been too stunned at first

to say anything spoke, “what the hell are they doing?”

“I open your heart to feel the truth.” By the time Gabe

and the small group of men he was with got to the front of

the room the Elder was now pointing to Lizzie’s feet. The

Pastor yelled, “stop,” but the two continued. “I charge

your feet to…” “STOP.” Gabe yelled as he lunged at the

Elder with the scepter. He held his arm to keep it from

waving the scepter and doing any more damage.

Gabe stood there with his fists balled up in front of

his chest just shaking. “I DIDN’T WANT HER REANAMATED.

WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” Jamie began crying. “Gabe

what’s going on?” Gabe turned to see Jamie right at his

elbow, “Nothing honey, don’t worry about it.” He sat Jamie

down and he took the Pastor, the undertaker and the two

Elders to the back of the room. As calmly as he could,

Gabe repeated his question, “what you doing?”

The two Elders took out their forms and showed them to

Gabe. “We have written permission to rejoin and resurrect


Gabe snatched the forms from the Elder and checked

them. “We told you that we had permission,” said the

second Elder. Gabe showed the forms to the pastor. “Who

authorized this?” The Pastor checked the forms, “I can’t

explain how the marks got there.” Gabe folded the papers

in quarters and put them in his packet along with the TNS

pamphlet. Gabe asked, “now what. Wasn’t that the ceremony

to resurrect?” Each man shook his head. “So what happens


The undertaker walked to the front of the room with

the two Elders and they began praying out loud. Gabe

yelled, “STOP!” He went to the coffin and told the men to

leave things alone and that he was just going to bury his

wife. “Lord help us all if she comes back.” His last

words were in whispers so that Jamie couldn’t hear them.

The two Elders left with their equipment while the

Pastor and the undertaker stood by the coffin to make sure

nothing else happened. They had done enough; both men

could see a large lawsuit coming. Nothing like this had

happened in many years; not since embalming was outlawed.

The Pastor assured Gabe that his wife would not come back.

“The full ceremony was not completed.”

Family and friends had started arriving either by

themselves or in small groups. Lizzie’s coworkers, her

boss and her first cousins were the first to show up. Each

made his or her way up to the coffin and paid their

respects then turned to greet Jamie and acknowledge Gabe.

The hardest part of the day came when her parents and

brothers came in. The closer to the coffin her mother got

the louder her crying and screaming got until her scream

became blood curdling. It was all too much for Mac, who

went outside to have a cigarette.

Lizzie’s mother stayed at the coffin a while,

whispering the entire time. She was reliving stories from

Lizzie’s childhood. It took both the undertaker and the

Pastor to lead her to a seat next to Jamie. Her father was

a little more subdue. He made his way to the coffin after

his wife and stayed there quietly crying until Gabe helped

him to the same seats. People milled around greeting and

meeting others while paying their respects the Lizzie and

her family.
Much of the family and many friends continued milling

around after the closing bell rang. It was a gentle sound,

almost the kind you might hear in a meditation session.

Gabe made an announcement and thanked everyone for coming.

He gave them the schedule for the next day, the funeral and

burial. Gabe was the last in the room to say his good-

byes. Her couldn’t seem to gather it all in yet. The only

question that came to mind was, “why?” He whispered one of

his favorite poems to Lizzie, then closed the wooden doors

behind him and went home with his daughter.

Gabe took Jamie home while Mac went home to D’Anna.

The late evening air was cool but Mac wanted to be outside.

He grabbed D’Anna and went for a walk; something he hadn’t

done for many years. They went to the deli on the corner

and got coffee and sandwiches then headed for the nearby

park. They sat on a bench talking, eating and giggling

like two school kids on their first date. Mac loved it; he

leaned over and kissed D’Anna, but before the could finish

a city cop came over and told them they would have to

leave. “Get a hotel room.” They stopped kissing and broke

out laughing. Hand in hand, arm in arm they walked down

the street heading back to Mac's apartment.

Laughter was everywhere around them as the walked and

mocked the cop. “Get a hotel room.” Then as if that idea

hit both of them like a tun of bricks, they asked at the

same time, “should we get a room?” Mac shook his head,

“NA, I have to go to a funeral tomorrow. We better go

home.” D’Anna stopped in the middle of the street and

asked him, “did you say home?” Mac kissed her and

repeated, “yea, home.”

After dinner D’Anna washed dishes while Mac watched

TV. She stood in the doorway watching him wishing all of

this had happened to her before she died. “What the hell.”

Mac heard her and asked, “did you say something ‘D’?” “No,

just thinking out loud.” She joined him on the couch and

together they watched a movie. It was one of those mummy

movies where the mummy steps out of an ancient mausoleum

and threatens to kill all around, curses and jinxes

included. Mac sat up a bit as he remembered that he wanted

to ask about that mausoleum D’Anna had in her house. He

wanted to know why she had it and what purpose it served.

He waited for the right moment then asked.

At first D’Anna was evasive but eventually gave her

answer. “It’s nothing more than a reminder of where I have

been. It also holds copies of my prayers and my songs.”

“You couldn’t get a different reminder?” D’Anna laughed,

“should I go out and get a coffin?” Both laughed so hard

Mac had tears in his eyes.

Now it was D’Anna’s turn to ask a question? “Are we a

couple now? Or are we just playing at it?” “Well, did you

go through my closets and draws the other day you were here

by yourself?” “NO.” The word was loud and defensive.

“Well I guess we are a couple. No, maybe a triple.”

D’Anna had a puzzled look on her face, “what?” Mac pointed

to the bedroom. “Don’t forget Little Shit. She’ll tear

your heart out.” D’Anna sucked her teeth, ”TCH, been there

and done that, almost. Don’t wanna go back.”

“What happens if you loose your copies of your prayers

and songs?” “Nothing happens. If I want more copies I

just go to the bureau of records and pay for the additional

copies.” “That’s it?” “Yea, that’s it. Of cause they may

investigate why I applied to get a second set of papers but

I shouldn’t have any problems.”

The next morning Mac worked around the house while

D’Anna planed what she wanted from her apartment. She

checked Mac’s closet space then the draws. “Clothes,

toiletries, books,” Mac stopped what he was doing, “books?”

D’Anna put her hands on her hips, “yea buster, I read.”

“Are we having your first argument?” D’Anna relaxed, “if

you’re not careful we will be.”

D’Anna continued making her list quietly. She

wouldn’t give Mac the satisfaction of knowing what she was

bringing over until it got there. As she made her list Mac

got ready for the funeral.

By the time the limousine pulled up in front of Mac’s

building D’Anna was heading over to her apartment to get

her things. Mac climbed into the back of the car and sat

in the fold down seat. He watched people and cars go by as

his mind wandered. As the car pulled up in front of Gabe’s

house Mac jumped out to help Jamie in. She looked tired

and worn out. Everything was catching up with her. She

sat in the back seat with Gabe and lay her head on his


The car pulled up in front of the chapel and the three

climbed out and walked into a crowd of family and friends.

Chapter 10

Low hymns played on the sound system as first the

family the friends filed in. The coffin sat in the center

of a semi circle of chairs while the Pastor greeted

everyone until everyone was seated. The music continued

while the Pastor began. “Our sister Elizabeth Barrington

has gone on to a better place. She will be missed by her

daughter and husband.” He continued with a peaceful

ceremony. Both Jamie and Gabe were comforted by it. Mac

continually checked the room, making sure that none of The

Necro Society staff was secretly trying to finish their

ceremony of the resurrection and raise Lizzie out of her

coffin. He relaxed after the procession of mourners passed

the coffin and Lizzie didn’t move a muscle.

The hymns that Gabe and Mac picked two days before

played quietly as they left the chapel and filed into the

cars going to Mount Holly Oak Cemetery. Gabe requested

that he see the coffin go into the ground as opposed to him

leaving it sitting on a mound waiting for burial.

More prayers were said but the last prayer was the

most important; The prayer for dead. In Lizzie’s case

the prayers were said with a cleansing to keep her in the

grave especially since the ceremony for resurrection and

rejoining had already begun then halted. With that Gabe

said his final good-byes then headed back to the cars.

Mac was the last to climb into the car when his

attention was drawn past the open grave to a small mound to

the right of it. A large man stood behind a tree. Mac

watched the man as the man watched the grave diggers fill

in the open grave. Mac excused himself and ran over to the

tree. The man was gone. Mac was sure that he had seen him

and more over was sure that the man was Henry Oscar David.

“What’s he want here?” Mac whispered as he climbed into

the car to leave.

On the ride back Mac thought about mentioning what he

had seen to Gabe but the thought occurred to him that he

had been wrong. How could such a large man as was Henry

Oscar David simply disappear? Mac didn’t say anything.

They went back to Gabe’s house where the family had fixed a

big spread of food and drink. Mac spent the rest of the

day with Gabe and Jamie remembering Lizzie. He thought of

calling D’Anna but didn’t. Late that night he climbed into

bed next to her and put his arms around her.

The perfume she wore filled his nostrils and he drifted off

to sleep content with his present situation.

Mac woke to the sound of the telephone ringing; he

picked it up on the third ring, it was Detective Brent. He

wanted Mac to report to work. “Tonight?” “YEP, tonight.

Your free time is up.” Mac had been so happy in the past

few days that he lost his since of time and almost reality.

He had no other choice but to give in, “what time?” “Your

regular shift. You’ll be working with Alden Mallow and

Hector Nunez until Gabe gets back.” Mac wanted to say

something but what was the point. He had no other choice.

He and D’Anna putted around the house until he had to

leave for work then she kissed him good-bye at the front

door like a dutiful wife wanna be then handed him a lunch

bag she prepared earlier. He was in seventh heaven.

D’Anna was no longer one of the walking dead to him. He

was falling in love. Besides, every relationship has

problems. This was the type of relationship he wanted for

a long time. Although, there was still something to be

said about just getting laid. Pure and simple bump and

grind sex. Leave your pants at the door sex. He smiled

just thinking about it.

His first sight of Alden Mallow reminded him of how

glad he was that Gabe was his partner. Alden was the

partner straight from hell and no matter how Alden felt

their days in the Academy were long over. The only good

thing about Alden was that he now belonged to Gary Lewis.

The others filled Mac in on their latest assignment and as

usual for Mac it had everything to do with the walking

dead. They were in the process of investigating several


The disappearances of the recently dead and buried

from the New York and Brooklyn areas. Cemetery union

workers from four cemeteries reported missing bodies and

wanted to find them before cemetery administrators had to

go to the families and report their loved ones missing; or

to The Centers for Disease Control. There are too many

diseases that the illegally raised or just dug up dead

could have. Another epidemic might break out.

Detective Brent decided to put his men on high alert

and pulled out the law manuals on the old Burking laws and

went over them. These laws were still on the books since

1880 but since 1901 no one had been convicted of violating

these laws so they were simply put on the back burners like

so many other obscure laws, until now.

Brent made sure all of his men had their vaccinations

up to date before sending them out, he couldn’t afford to

lose any of his men. Vaccinations were a normal part of

the new police recruits health profile anyway but most of

his men had been on the job for years. Most just needed

booster shots. The original vaccinations covered Small

Pox, Diphtheria and tetanus toxoids, Polio, cholera,

measles, mumps, and the rubella virus. Brent wasn’t sure

of what the immunization status of Mac and Gabe was. If

there were any other immunizations that were needed the CDC

would inform Brent.

The three men were briefed on that night’s assignment.

An entry and take down. “We have reports from the 1-800-

raise-me telephone number that Vincent Manno is behind the

disappearances, and that he’s hold up at 1110 ½, A-G Dean

Street Brooklyn, New York. We have an entry team and

members of the swat team, but we’ll take the lead after the

entry. Everyone goes, but cuffs on everyone.”

The block, for the most part, was made up of

brownstones that housed working people. By the time they

got there most of those working middle class people were

asleep. They took up positions just behind the entry team

while the swat team found positions on rooftops and on the

street. When the battering ram hit the front door of the
building the sound reverberated throughout the neighborhood

causing some of the neighbors to wake and turn lights on.

They didn’t wait they were in the house and had all

inside handcuffed and on the floor in minuets. Five men

and three women were all caught by surprise. Most were

asleep but two of the men were in the back room working

with computers and printers churning out all kinds of

documents. Birth certificates, death certificates,

passports, health papers, marriage certificates and much

more paper work.

Mac and Hector walked through the second floor of the

house while Alden and Brent walked the first. The

occupants of the house were in the living room having their

rights read to them. Mac walked through a small bedroom on

his way to the hallway and his attention was drawn to a

mirror where pictures were taped in the Four Corners.

Pictures of young people camping and swimming. His

attention was especially drawn to the camping pictures.

Several of the pictures showed a young woman with two

children, two boys. Mac pulled two of pictures from the

mirror to get a closer look; the woman was D’Anna, and if

he had any doubt it was erased after turning the pictures

over. On the backs, in block letters were the words

“D’ANNA AND HER BOYS.” Mac reexamined the pictures.

“Boys? Whose kids are they?” He whispered because he

didn’t want Hector to hear him. How could he explain that

his new girlfriend was in pictures found in a stakeout

house? He pulled the rest of the pictures off the mirror,

folded them and tucked them into his pocket.

“You coming Mac?” Hector called from the hallway.

They headed down to the living room where everyone else

was. By the time they reached the large room several more

uniform cops had arrived and were placing the men from the

house in squad cars while they had to wait for a female

officer to arrive to search the females in the house. Mac

stood at the base of the front stairway watching


“PSST, PSST, here, over here.” Mac looked around and

saw one of the handcuffed women calling, winking and

blinking for him to come over to her. He inched his way

over to where she was sitting so as not to arouse the

suspicions of the other offices. “You’re D’Anna’s friend,

ain’t you?” Mac didn’t say anything at first. “AHEM,

ain’t you?” Repeated the woman. Mac just nodded yes.

“Can you help me get out of this?” Hector, Brent and Alden

joined Mac as a female officer came into the room and

started frisking the women. Mac looked at the woman and

shrugged his shoulders.

A half an hour later the house was clear of everyone

except Detectives and uniform officers. They went through

the house with a fine toothcomb. Brent reminded them that

he didn’t want the bounty hunters to have to follow them

again and possibly find something they missed. The bounty

hunters got paid on commission and anything they find that

the cops missed put more money in their pockets and notches

in their belts.

Mac automatically went to the computers to check out

the paper work the perps had been working on. He loved

computers and took every chance to work with them. “Okay,”

said Brent after seeing Mac at the computers. “Mac’s gonna

work on the computers, the rest of you guys split up and go

through the rest of the house.” Alden started laughing,

“so where you gonna be boss.” Rather he meant it or not he

had a sarcastic tone in his voice. Brent never answered.

There were two computers and Mac worked on them one at

a time. The first computer was older and took forever to

boot up. While he waited he turned on the second. That

one was a more recent model and took seconds to come on and

boot up. Mac stayed with that computer for a while and

brought up the section that locates files and opened file

after file until he found the ones he could use.

He located names of men and women with birth dates and

death dates next to the name. Right under the death dates

of some of the people were listed resurrection dates and

small synopses of how they died and how they were raised

and why they were raised and who paid for the resurrection

and how much it cost.

Everything he came across Mac printed out. There was

so much material that he laughed to think about going into

the printing business, a new career for himself. Just for

the hell of it he put D’Anna’s name in the ‘locate

file/folder’ section. He didn’t know her last name but how

many D’Anna’s could there be. Four pages of information

came up. Mac began reading but noticed Brent checking on

everyone’s progress so Mac decided to print it out. After

printing he erased the information from the hard drive and

hoped that some computer geek couldn’t pull it up again.

The printed information was also folded and put in his

pocket right next to the pictures from the mirror.

He pulled up birth certificates of babies born to

mothers after their resurrection. He had to make sure

Brent knew about this. Mac didn’t know how that work but

he didn’t have the time right then and there to figure it

out. He came across death certificates for people he knew

were big mucky mucks in politics, on Wall Street and a few

on the police force. He quickly checked on Gabe Anderson’s

name but was relieved when it wasn’t listed. All of these

names were printed out with an extra copy going into Mac’s

pocket. “You never know,” he whispered.

The last thing he pulled up was a series of maps of

all the cemeteries in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The legends

on the maps listed locations of grave markers whose

occupants were ear marked for resurrection. Again Mac

checked someone close to him, Lizzie; this time he was

surprised to find her grave marker number, 11899542 listed.

Again, he made an extra copy of this list and shoved it in

his pocket along with everything else.

When he finished with this computer he unplugged and

gathered it along with all the paper work and prepared it

to be transported to The Necro Society’s labs for further

inspection. Mac sat there watching the uniforms do their

jobs and the detectives do theirs. Then there was Alden;

there was no explanation of Alden and what he does. Mac

pulled out his cellular phone and called his precinct. His

Desk Sergeant answered on the third ring. “77pct. Can I

help you?” Mac turned around so Brent or Alden couldn’t

hear his conversation. “Hey Sarge, It’s good to hear your

voice, it’s me Mac.”

“Hey Mac, how’s the walking dead treating you?” Mac

laughed as loud as he dared to. The Sarge went on, “we

hear that son of a bitch Henry Oscar David’s still out

there walking and talking like any other live stiff. I

once…” “Listen Sarge,” Mac interrupted, “a group of women

will arrive there soon from 1110 ½, A-G, Dean Street

Brooklyn. I don’t know the charges yet but I want to post

bond for one of them, but no one knows, right?” Mac heard

the Sarge laugh. Mac continued, “She’s wearing a tie-dyed

tee shirt and tight blue jeans.”

The Sarge moaned under his breath. “You dirty dog

you.” Mac laughed, and left it at that. The Sarge didn’t

need to know more than he already thinks he knows. “Thanks

Sarge.” Mac ended the call and put the phone away before

Alden headed in his direction. The look on Mac’s face must

have told Alden not to fuck with him because like magic

Alden turned around and went back. Mac sat there wandering

about how far he’d come from those days, not so long ago,

of him hating the walking dead to sleeping with one and

posting bond for another. Ironic, he just wanted to get

laid but wound up getting the one thing he really needed, a

long-term relationship. “But damn, with the dead,” he

After Brent made sure everything that was leaving the

house was already in the police vans, he called everyone to

the big room on the first floor. “Listen guys, I just want

to thank you all for your help and cooperation.”

He pointed to Mac and said, “you’ll have to catch your

partner up on everything that’s going on when he’s ready.”

Mac shook his head. Alden clapped Mac on his back, “until

his partner’s back we got him right?” he said to everyone.

Mac had a pained look on his face, “lucky me.” Everyone

including Alden broke out laughing.

By the time they left the house it had started to

drizzle. A cold fine sharp drizzle. Mac climbed back into

the car behind Alden and they headed back to The Necro

Society. Half way there Mac told Brent, who was driving,

to pull over. Mac haled a cab as he watched Brent drive

away. Mac wanted to see how Gabe and Jamie were doing.

The entire ride over to their house, Mac wandered rather he

should truly fill Gabe in on everything he knew or not. He

needed a sounding board so he asked George, the cab driver,

“what would you do if you knew that someone might be

resurrected and her family didn’t want that?”

“Me man, me no like dem dead tings, I don’t care what

de government say.” The cab driver replied in his West

Indian accent. “Dem dead tings walking and acting like us

give me de creeps. De government can’t tell me to like dem

and de taxi commission can’t make me pick dem up.” Mac

didn’t say anything for a while then he asked, “how can you

tell the difference between them and us, they don’t have


The cab driver laughed a hearty belly laugh. “Me know

man, me know.” The cab pulled up in front of Gabe’s house

without the driver really answering the question. Mac got

out and handed the driver a ten-dollar bill for the seven-

dollar fare. “It doesn’t matter, nothing changes,” he said

to the driver as the cab pulled off. “Nothing changes.”

He rang the bell and waited for an answer. Jamie opened

the door and as she let Mac in hugged him. “Hey Mac!”

They went into the living room arm in arm laughing.

Gabe greeted Mac a little more somber than Jamie did.

“Hey man, what’s going on? Did you get back to work yet?”

Mac just nodded yes. He didn’t get the chance to say more,

as Jamie grabbed him by the hand and dragged him off to her

bedroom. She wanted to show him her new tape collection.

The Collection that her mother bought for her on the day

she was killed. Jamie received it via UPS the day of the

funeral. Mac sat on the edge of Jamie’s bed thumbing

through the tapes. “Looks like a great collection. I’ll

listen to some tunes later, I have to talk to your father.”

Jamie nodded and waved at Mac as he left, she was too

absorbed in the music to say anything. Mac met Gabe back

in the living room going through old photos in a large


Mac decided to tell Gabe everything. He sat across

the table from Gabe and fingered a few pictures as he

picked his words carefully; but before Mac spoke Gabe asked

again, “Did you get back to work yet?” There was Mac’s

lead in so he took it. “Yea, they got me partnered with

that asshole Alden.” Everything in Gabe laughed except his

eyes. ”I thought he was your friend from the academy?”

Mac laughed, “hell no!”

“We entered a residence and grabbed some people and

computers and closed a resurrection shop. We got birth

certificates, passports, and maps of cemeteries.” Gabe

repeated, “maps?” Mac went into his pocket and pulled out

everything that he maid copies of except D’Anna’s

information and pictures and laid it on the table. “What’s

this?” Gabe asked. Mac shoved the bundle of papers toward

Gabe and said, “Read it then we’ll talk.”

Gabe thumbed through everything reading carefully.

“Jenkins?” He asked. “Yea Jenkins, ain’t that a kick in

the ass?” Gabe continued reading until he reached the

paper that listed Lizzie’s grave marker number.

“What the hell’s this?” He held the page out to Mac who

shrugged his shoulders. “That’s what came out of one of

those computers. I haven’t made full since of any of it

yet but I wanted to show it all to you so there won’t be

any surprises.”

Gabe looked at the papers again. “What do we do about

them?” “Nothing.” The word was sharp and hard. “We do

nothing until we find out what’s going on. Brent and The

Necro Society have the originals. We wait.” He took the

papers from Gabe and put them back into his pocket. “We

also check on Lizzie’s grave.” Gabe repeated, “Check?” A

puzzled look crossed his face. “For what?” There was no

reply for a while. Then Mac said what neither of them

wanted to hear. “We check to make sure that she stays in

the grave and that no one digs her up.” Gabe looked at Mac

but didn’t say anything.

Mac continued, “I didn’t know how to tell you but I

saw Henry Oscar David at Lizzie’s grave at the funeral.”

Mac held up his hands in front of him. “At least I think

it was he. There couldn’t be too many people who look like

that piece of shit.” Gabe closed the photo album and gave

Mac his full attention. “Did you tell anyone about this?”

Mac shook his head no. “I was waiting for something else

to happen.” He patted his pocket and the papers. Gabe

stood and headed to the phone. “I’ll call Anne and see if

she can come over to watch Jamie. We can go check the

grave tonight. I need to know if everything is okay.”

Minuets after Anne arrived, Gabe and Mac left. They

drove over to the cemetery and parked just outside of the

front gate. The gates were closed as it was past closing

time. ”I think we’ve been in this situation before.” Gabe

said. Mac laughed a nervous laugh; he hated cemeteries.

This time they went looking for the caretaker so they

wouldn’t have to go through climbing fences and sneaking

around. They found the caretaker in a preparation room in

the back of the cemetery burning smudge sticks and chanting

over a male body. They hid behind a large monument

watching. Gabe whispered, we’ve done this before.”

“What’s this obsession with dead bodies. Seems like

everywhere I go lately, someone’s trying to either bury

them or raise them.” Gabe wanted to laugh, instead he put

his finger over his lips, “SHH!” Mac replied, it’s true

and now here’s a caretaker trying to raise bodies on his

own.” A second man entered the room, and joined in

chanting and added more smudge sticks to the first bundle.

Mac and Gabe couldn’t make out what either man said but

they decided not to draw any attention to themselves. They

watched as the chanting grew louder and faster and as the

body on the table began to move. First the head moved from

side to side then the chest began to move up and down.

When the body began to breath and moan Mac reached for his

cellular phone and called The Necro Society.

He spoke to Detective Brent and told him what was

happening. As he gave directions to the cemetery, the

backdoor to the preparation room opened and Henry Oscar

David entered carrying a second body that he dropped on the

floor. The killer stood in front of the caretaker rubbing

both of his hands in anticipation of getting paid. Mac

whispered, “it was shit head I saw at the grave!”

Henry Oscar David jammed the money into his back pocket and

left through the same door he had entered.

By the time Brent and his men got to the cemetery

Henry Oscar David was long gone, disappearing through the

headstones. The body that had been on the table was now

standing up trying to get its balance to walk. Like baby

steps, one at a time. It was standing for the most part

until Brent and his men broke into the room; then it fell

to the cement floor with a sickening slap on the cement.

Brent arrested the caretaker for illegally raising the dead

and designated two of his uniform officers to watch over

the bodies on the floor until the coroners arrived to take

possession of them.

By that time Mac and Gabe joined the others. “Thanks

guys, but what were you two doing here after hours?” Asked

Brent. Gabe replied, “I wanted to see Lizzie’s grave and

Mac drove me over.” Brent told Mac that he would have to

return to the center and help with the paper work. Mac

agreed. They headed for the front gate and as Brent and

Mac went through the gates, Gabe made his way over to

Lizzie’s grave. He was very relieved to see that it was

undisturbed. He walked around the grave inspecting

everything for his own peace of mind before leaving.

At the Necro Society Mac helped Hector, Alden and the

uniformed officers to finish the paperwork then he left for

home. He had hopes that D’Anna would still be up. He just

wanted the company and talk with her. For the first time

in a long while he wasn’t horny, he just wanted the


When he opened his front door Little Shit ran passed

him and into the street. Before he had time to react he

heard moaning coming from his bedroom. He eased his way to

the room and was angry to find D’Anna in bed with some john

and her large strawberry birthmark was bobbing up and down

as she did her thing. The man had the unmistakable look of

the resurrected dead. Mac pulled his service revolver and

aimed it at the pair on the bed. The man was the first to

see the barrel of the gun then Mac.

D’Anna held up her hands, “don’t do something we’ll

all regret babe.” Mac held the gun at arm’s length.

“I can’t kill you, you’re already dead.”

He thought about it and decided to leave and cool off.

“When I get back you better not be here.” He holstered the

9mm. then left. Just outside he found his cat

and together they went to the nearest bar. It was truly a

strange sight to see a grown man and a cat walk into a bar.

Mac ordered a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and a bowl of

milk. He was given both and he made his way to a back

booth. Several hours later the bartender woke Mac to send

him on his way. Mac left his car at the bar and walked the
mile or so home; it gave him time to think about

everything. He was trying to justify his hatred for the

walking dead with his sleeping with one of them? Little

Shit was warm and felt good as they made their way up to

the apartment. “Well old girl it’s you and me alone


The door opened from the inside before Mac had the

chance to use his key. Little Shit jumped from his arms

and ran to her litter box. “Sorry Mac. I ain’t been out on

a date since we got together.” Mac sat on the edge of his

bed. “You were supposed to be the one.” D’Anna looked at

him sideways. “the one what?” Mac laid back on the bad.

“The one girlfriend who was supposed to save me from all of

this lonely shit.” There was no response for a while, then

D’Anna yelled, “me, you can’t put that shit on me. I’m a

hooker, and according to you and your stupid society, a

dead hooker at that.” The night and drink got to him and

Mac drifted off to sleep without responding.

The next evening Mac called in sick, something he

hadn’t done in over a year. He wanted to sort things out.

D’Anna came into the bedroom wearing next to nothing. “No

fair, you’re not fighting fair.” Mac said as he sat up on

the edge of the bed. “I ain’t trying to be fair. I really

need it.” She sat next to Mac and put her arm around him.
“I know you don’t like the walking dead, but that’s

not what I am anymore. I’m resurrected with the same hopes

and feelings I had before I had the bad luck of dropping

dead.” Mac put his head in his hands. He had a huge hang

over. He hadn’t had one since his days in the Police

Academy. “I can’t help the way I feel. You have to admit

the walking dead isn’t a natural thing. But my problem is

you.” D’Anna got madder by the minute and her face turned

a deep red. “What ya mean I’m your problem?” Mac got up

and went to the closet and pulled out D’Anna’s miniature

mausoleum. “What exactly is this thing? It’s not normal

to carry a mausoleum around.”

D’Anna leaped up and grabbed the miniature from Mac.

“That’s it get out, get the hell out of my house.” Mac

yelled. The statement took both by surprise leaving them

speechless. D’Anna packed her bags as Mac went to the

living room. He sat on the couch listening to D’Anna pack

but just wouldn’t go into the bedroom and apologize. Half

an hour later D’Anna, her bags and that damned mausoleum

came out of the bedroom and headed to the front door. Mac

sat there watching everything he ever wanted walk through

his front door. D’Anna looked back but Mac didn’t say

Minutes later his telephone rang. Gabe’s voice came

booming out from the other end. “I just got a call that I

think you need to hear. It was from Henry Oscar David.”

That statement raised Mac’s eyebrows and he asked, “how’d

he get your number?” There was a long silence on the other

end then, “I think you need to get over here, now.” Mac

was out the door as soon as he could, head still pounding,

ears still ringing. Just on the other side of the door

D’Anna left a pair of her panties. Mac picked them up and

examined the lacy briefs before stuffing them in his

pocket. He had no time for that right now.

When Mac pulled up in front of Gabe’s house the front

door was wide opened and a squad car was parked on his

front lawn. Mac took over running and didn’t stop until he

heard Gabe saying, “calm down Mac no one’s hurt.” Mac

caught his breath then asked, ”what’s up with the blue and

white? What’s wrong?” Gabe put his finger up to his lips.

“I think Lizzie’s back,” he said softly as he handed Mac a

small tape recorder and headset. Mac’s mouth dropped open

when he heard what was on the tape. “Holy Crap!” Gabe

shook his head. “What do we do now?” Mac asked.

Gabe took the tape and slipped it into his pocket.

“This one’s a copy, they have the original,” he said

pointing to the uniformed officers. The partners didn’t

say any more until the officers left. “What do you want to

do?” Mac repeated. Gabe grabbed his keys and headed out

the door. “We go to the cemetery. If that piece of dead

meat resurrected Lizzie I need to know. I don’t want my

wife to become one of those walking dead things." They

left for the cemetery, Mac drove. In the car Gabe

whispered, “why would he call my house?”

They reached the cemetery long after closing hours and

ran from the gates to the graveside. Gabe fell to his

knees with relief when he saw that it was untouched. From

behind them they heard a quiet whisper. “Gabe?” When they

turned Gabe was fixed to the ground at the sight.

Lizzie stood in front of him in the same dress she was

buried in; she was holding hands with the man they had been

hunting. Mac was the closest to her and he reached for her

“hi Lizzie, you OK?” Gabe regained his composure. “Are

you OK? What the hell is that?” Mac shrugged his

shoulders, “I don’t know what else to say.” Lizzie focused

all of her attention on Gabe. She continued to whisper, “I

sorry babe, I didn’t want this. I was dreaming, a long

dream of us then here was I with this man.”

She stepped closer to Gabe and he backed away from

her. She didn’t look like or smell like Lizzie anymore.

Her hair was crusted with dirt and leaves and she smelled

like wet earth and mold. When she reached for him

Henry Oscar David pulled her away. “She’s mine cop. You

so big bad and bold, what you gonna do?”

Gabe pulled his revolver, cocked the trigger and aimed

at Lizzie’s head. The look in her eyes softened his heart

and Gabe just couldn’t pull the trigger on the love of his

life. Instead he emptied four rounds into the ground. He

stood there until Mac took the gun away and secured it.

The killer laughed as he left with Lizzie in tow. Gabe

didn’t talk much after that. Mac drove around for a while

but turned up nothing, no Lizzie, no Henry Oscar David. He

gave up and just drove to Gabe’s house.

“Something was wrong,” Mac thought. As he pulled up

in front of the house Jamie didn’t come running out as

usual. He wouldn’t voice that thought. Gabe was still

lost in thought. He was just going through the motions as

he walked into the house. This changed when he saw Jamie

huddled on the floor in the far corner of the living room

and Anne passed out just in front of her. Standing in

front of both of them was Jamie’s dead mother, Lizzie with

a broad smile on her face. She didn’t say anything but did

frighten the hell out of the young girl.

Gabe asked her to leave and not come back. “Where go

I?” She asked. “Why are you talking like that?” There was

no reply. Lizzie simply left and closed the door behind

her. Gabe went to Jamie while Mac went to Anne. Both were

carried to Mac’s car and taken to the hospital.

As they ran into the hospital Mac recognized it as the

same hospital where Lizzie was bought after her accident,

the same hospital where she died. Both Gabe and Mac showed

their badges in the emergency room, which got them seen a

lot faster then if they had been civilians. By that time

Anne was fully awake and responding to all stimuli.

She was treated and released. Mac called a cab for her and

thanked her. It was Jamie who was kept for observation.

Her responses to all stimuli were very sluggish and she

rapidly developed difficulty breathing.

As she was placed in emergency room #1 next to the

nurses station things moved faster than Gabe and Mac were

used to. She was placed on oxygen and hooked up to more

machines and tubes than they could count. Gabe and Mac

were led to a side room to wait for all tests to be

completed and the doctor to give them more information.

Mac took out his cellular phone and called The Necro

Society. His gut told him that something was wrong and he
just knew that it had something to do with the walking


Gabe went to the door as a yellow code was announced

over the PA system. Several medical personnel ran into

Jamie’s room carrying equipment; Gabe wasn’t far behind

them as he went out into the hallway. A recorded message

answered Mac’s call. “This is The Necro Society, this

office is closed for the night. If you need one of our

doctors please call 1-800-doctors and someone will be able

to help you.” Mac wasted no time in dialing the number and

was very glad to hear a human being and not a machine.

“Can I speak to Dr. Jack Morgan?” Jack Morgan was the

only doctor Mac knew from The Necro Society. He heard a

long silence then a double click. “Can I help you.” The

doctor’s voice was deep and monotone as Mac remembered it

being. “Hi doc. I hope you remember me. I was the

Detective you handed a pamphlet to when you picked up Henry

Oscar David.” Again there was a long silence then, “oh

yes, I remember. What can I do for you detective?”

“My partner’s daughter was just rushed to the hospital

and she’s not doing so good. She was in contact with her
mother who was buried several days ago and recently

resurrected, I think, illegally.” Mac heard more

announcements over the PA and saw more medical personnel

run into Jamie’s room.

“What hospital?”

“ST. A’s.” The doctor told Mac that he would be there in

minutes. “I’m not too far away.” There was a long silence

then, “what are the girl’s symptoms right now?”

“She’s having trouble breathing and not really responding

to anything the way she should.” Before the Doctor hung up

he told Mac to stay away from the girl. As he heard that

Mac saw Gabe go in Jamie’s room. He ended his call and

went into the hallway to see what was going on.

The emergency room was filling with hospital personnel

and machines that were beeping and buzzing, but when Gabe

tried to get in he was escorted back out into the hallway.

He didn’t want to listen but Mac pulled him back into the

waiting room. Minutes later a Social Worker came into the

room with forms for Gabe to sign. As he looked through the

papers the Social Worker explained that one of the forms

was to allow the medical procedures to continue, another

was an insurance form, and the last was for a legal

resurrection if needed. When Gabe saw that he laughed

loudly and threw his arms up. “Shit, I can’t win. I’ve
got one who won’t stay buried and one who they want to bury

then resurrect.

Gabe filled out all of the forms. He resigned himself

to the fact that if Jamie died she might as well join her

mother back on earth. Although he didn’t know what he’d do

if that happened. In fact he wasn’t sure what he was going

to do about Lizzie right now. Mac wanted to ask about the

resurrection form but when he saw Gabe’s face he didn’t.

Gabe simply shrugged, “I might as well. Hell if they get

back together after death, I’ll be the one to leave. I

need something a little bit warmer then a dead wife and


Mac checked the waiting room and after finding no

none-smoking signs, lit a cigarette and took long draws on

it. He didn’t want some prune face white shirt to stop him

from smoking before he got the chance too fully enjoy it.

Just as he finished and stomped the cigarette out, Doctor

Jack Morgan of The Necro Society came into the room.

Chapter 11
Gabe’s attention was focused on the door to the room.

He sat on the edge of the seat with his leg shaking, his

red suspenders, were the only bright spot about his

presence. Mac had never seen his partner like that. He

had always been the calm and collected one of the two. But

this was too close to home. As the doctor entered the room

Gabe went over to him. Mac recognized the Doctor and

introduced the two, “This is Jack Morgan The Necro

Society’s Doctor.”

The door opened and a man in a white lab coat entered

with his arm out stretched. “Mr. Anderson?” Gabe shook

the doctor’s out stretched hand. “That’s me doctor, any

news on my daughter?” The doctor led Gabe back to the

seats and sat with him. “We’ve done all that we can. We

just have to wait and let her body heal. She’s resting as

comfortably as possible right now; you can see her for a

few minutes in about half an hour. The nurse will let you


“What happened to her doctor? She was all right this

morning.” The doctor reached into his pocket and took out

a small piece of paper that was folded in fourths and

handed it to Gabe. “Here’s some information on what your

daughter has. If you have any questions you can contact me

later.” But before the words could come to Gabe the doctor
was up and gone. Gabe sat there with his mouth hanging

open. Jack Morgan took the piece of paper from Gabe and

looked at it. The words PNEUMONIC PLAQUE were on the top

in bold red lettering. As he handed the paper back to Gabe

he began telling him what the hospital doctor wouldn’t.

“That’s the main reason why The Necro Society stopped

dealing directly with hospital personnel for the most part.

With the new laws on resurrection they never give you a

straight answer any more, they don’t get involved, they

just turn the information over to The Necro Society.” Jack

Morgan now had Gabe’s full attention. “Your daughter has

pneumonic plaque. These days the only way to contract it

is through the illegally resurrected, who bring it back

with them. Has she been around someone…? Gabe was shaking

his head in the affirmative. “Her mother.”

“Has that been reported yet?” He continued without

waiting for a response. “If not I’m bond by law to report


Gabe simply shook his head, “I guess I’ll have to.

How long do I have before I have to report it?” The answer

was short and sharp, “Not long. You better do it before

that Doctor does.” Once again Gabe just shook his head,

“okay.” His voice was strained with the stress of

everything and the evident lack of sleep. Mac broke in,

“what happens now. We don’t have much experience with

the walking dead being right here in the family.”

“It’s good that you got her here in time. You only

had 24 hours or less before death. It’s going to be a

while before she’s out of trouble. Her Doctor will put her

on isolation and start a regimen of IV antibiotics and

monitor her vital signs, especially her temperature. After

that you watch, wait and pray.”

With that said The Detectives thanked Morgan as he gave

them his business cards. As he left he reminded Gabe to

report his wife’s resurrection to the authorities.

Mac lit another cigarette but before he could take his

second puff a short chubby nurse came into the room and

told Gabe that he could see his daughter. Mac would have

to see her another time. Mac cupped the cigarette in his

hand in an attempt to hide it from the nurse who didn’t

want to cause a scene so she slightly shook her head at

Mac, as she watched the smoke circle from around his cupped


The Nurse led Gabe down the hallway to a small cart

just outside emergency room #1, now Jamie’s room for

isolation and told him to put gloves, gown and face mask on

before going into the room.

“You have fifteen minutes. When you finish there’s a

red bin inside the room to discard the gown, gloves and

face mask.”

When Gabe and the nurse left, Mac finished his cigarette as

he roamed around the room. Looking through the large paned

glass windows he watched hospital staff coming and going;

his attention was drawn to someone not in white moving

close to the hospital. On closer look Mac noticed that it

was D’Anna’s friend, the women he just bailed out of jail

as a favor. She was heading to the back of the hospital.

Mac didn’t want to disturb Gabe so he just left and

followed the dead whore.

She led him directly to the offices of Dr. Hare MD and

his associate Vincent Manno. Their names prominently

displayed on the front door, and to Mac’s surprise, the

lights were on and it appeared that someone was home. As

he passed through the outer archway someone whispered his

name, “Mac.”

It was so low that at first Mac wasn’t sure he’d heard it

at all. Then again, “Mac, hey Mac. What ya doing here?”

When he turned around Mac saw the dead whore.

With an indigent look on his face Mac said, “me? What

are you doing here? What is this place? What…”

Someone hit Mac hard in the back interrupting his

conversation causing him to loose his balance; he used the

wall to keep from falling. When he spun around a man in a

white lab coat stood with his fists balled ready to fight.

“Who are you?” Asked the man, but before Mac had the

chance to reply the man swung at him. He missed; Mac

didn’t as he threw his own punch. The man hit the floor

with a slap, sprawled out on his face.

Mac pulled his service 9mm. out and before the man

knew it Mac had handcuffs on him. Once secured the man

calmed down and Mac called Gabe and uniformed officers for

backup. Mac was relieved to see Gabe running around the

corner of the building although the man remained secured.

“What’s up? Are you okay? Who’s this?” Mac jerked the

man to his feet. “And you would be?” There was a long

silence, too long for Mac who jerked on the handcuffs


“What’s your problem?”

“I said…”


“William who? Don’t mess with me.”

“He’s Dr. Hare, William Hare,” said the whore.

Hare turned his head angrily in the whore’s direction

but was forced to turn back when another jerk on the

handcuffs sent pain up both of his arms. When Hare turned

around he noticed that Gabe was glaring at him. “I know

you from somewhere.” As he stared Gabe snapped his

fingers, as the look of recognition crossed his face.

“I know you. I’ve seen your face before.”

Hare shook his head. “I don’t know you.”

Gabe turned to Mac and asked what he was charging the man

with. “Start with assaulting an officer. I’ll think of

something else later.”

Gabe said, “we need to check all the nearby cemeteries

and boarding houses. This guy and his partner, William

Burke, used to sell bodies and body parts. Most of them

bruised and diseased. These guys were responsible for the

Burking Laws.”

“I served my time, you got a problem with that?”

Gabe didn’t reply. He wouldn’t give the body seller the

satisfaction of a reply. The Uniformed officers arrived

and Mac turned the good Doctor Hare over to them.

Mac turned his attention to the whore after the

uniforms left. “What’s your name? What’s this place?”

“Hospital, it’s a hospital and Joby, my name’s Joby,

glad to meet ya.” She held her hand out to shake Mac’s.

Just then something crashed to the floor and their

attention was drawn to a small room just off the public

area. The trio ran to the room and inside they noticed a

small-blunted instrument on the floor. The room had an

operating table with an array of strange instruments placed

around it, a coffin and a small group of people. Just to

the right sat a smaller table and chair.

Before Mac realized it he said, “what the hell?”

“What ya mean?” Asked Joby.

“What’s this?” Mac said pointing to everything in the


“Man are you crazy. You know what goes on in a


“Humor me. I want to hear it from you. When I see a

room like this, and it’s not part of the main building, and

we just arrested a man who deals with the dead, I want to

hear it from you.”

“It’s obvious Detective they bring back the dead.”

Joby said with her hands on her hips. Gabe had rejoined

them and both men off guard by the answer.

“Babies are given? Given to who and from where?”

“Resurrected women!”

This answer also took both Detectives off guard.

“It ain’t so bad, most of us who want babies were

given babies here after resurrection, even D’Anna. She

wanted a little girl when she came back. She never told


Joby now had Mac’s full attention.

Gabe walked around looking carefully at everything.

He wondered if Lizzie had come through this room. Would

she come to the hospital while Jamie was there? He

couldn’t allow that. His anger grew and he reached out and

grabbed Joby by the neck and pulled her closer to him, he

was over powering. Even Mac couldn’t break his grip.

Instead he relied on his silver tongue. It worked and Joby

was thrown to the floor.

“What do we do about this?”

There was a long silence. Then Mac whispered,


Joby and Gabe repeated, “nothing?”

Mac repeated, “nothing, Brent will do it for us. He wants

Manno so bad he’ll put men here till the dead walk.” He

laughed then said, “OOPS, they already do that don’t they?”

They continued looking around. One room looked much like

the last but no other room had a table with stirrups in it.

Before they left Mac said, “I have to know. Babies are

given how?” Joby giggled then said, They put them in

As they walked to the front door Gabe got madder. He

turned to Joby and said, “are you talking about artificial

insemination? Is that how they put babies in?” He grabbed

Joby’s arm and she struggled to get loose. “I don’t know

what you call it but they put babies in women.” When they

got to the front door Joby took off like a bat out of hell

and Gabe grabbed at her but Mac told him to leave it alone.

“I know how to get to her if we need her. Just then both

of their pagers went off with an emergency code appearing

on the display screen. Mac made the call and was told to

report to the Downtown Brooklyn resurrection center. An

officer of the Necro Society Police Department had been

killed in a riot that broke out earlier. When the

Detectives arrived they were issued riot gear as they

joined the other officers at the main entrance to the


The scene was altogether surreal with Bone throwers

tending vision fires around the building and the walking

dead shouting obscenities at the Reincarnation Center’s

staff. All the while the body of the dead officer remained

on the ground in front of the building; someone covered it

with a blanket.

“If that body starts moving, I’m going home,” Gabe

whispered. Brent told everyone to close ranks so no one

could get into the building. No sooner had he said that

when a young man from the walking dead group stepped

forward and began giving orders for his people to storm the

building, they were going to have satisfaction one way or

the other. The officers had their hands full. Someone

yelled out, “how do you stop dead people?” There was no

time for an answer, the building was being over run and

still the bone throwers tended their fires.

A baton round brought down the man barking orders and

once neutralized was easily taken into custody. Brent took

to a bull horn and asked the continuing growing group what

they wanted, and as a young man, Harold Normand, stepped up

a cheer went up from the crowd. “We want to see our

medical records like they promised we could. It was part

of that stupid resurrection class we had to take on our

return.” From behind Brent, someone yelled, “on your

return? Who asked you to come back here?”

That statement seemed to have thrown everything off

balance and the resurrected group charged the officers and

the building. Fists flew fast and hard. More baton rounds

were fired at the crowd causing them to back up giving the

officers a bit more ground. A Doctor walked out of the

building, whispered into Brent’s ear, and then took the

same bullhorn Brent had minutes before. “If you give us a

list of those who want their records we’ll see what we can

do.” There was a strange quietness through the crowd as

they pass a pen and paper around collecting names. Through

the riot gear, smoke from the fires and his helmet, Mac

noticed Lizzie standing in the back of the resurrected

group. He nudged Gabe and pointed in the direction but

Gabe didn’t see anything.