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Dear Editor, ‘As your readers would be aware Horsham Rural City Council moved to release a long term Wimmera River and Central Activities District Plan at its 24” June meeting and also that I advised intention to rescind this motion at the same meeting, In the brief Plan overview afforded to Councillors, sufficient flaws and governance issues were identified to warrant a closer look prior to official release, The placement of a civie green in the middle of the current police station realistically means that we would never see the much desired civi ‘open space. The Council Plan, ratified at the same meeting directs us to seek alternative locations for the failed multi-user sports stadium. Clearly the proposed site is not well supported by the ‘community, has critical unresolved issues and has been the subject of information gatekeeping. It is concerning that community and sporting groups with a combined total of about 250 years of service have already been told by council Officers that they will be removed ~ before Council have made any decisions. A question is who actually runs Council? My notice of rescission allows those Councillors who care, the opportunity to research, to reconsider and do what we are elected to do — consult with affected community groups. Local Law | determines the rescission notice process which I have followed in good faith, including specifying of the hearing date (22" of July) - our next ordinary meeting, Mayor Radford has used cexactly the same process in the past - without interference, What is different in this case is that Mayor Radford and CEO Bhalla decided to compress timeftames dramatically (to the 3 of July) with absolutely no discussion with myself. They have failed to consider the very reason for the rescission motion and also are uncaring that [ have a specialist commitment away from Horsham that | am unable to break. So whilst I (and one other Councillor) actually meet with affected groups and look to solutions the ‘Mayor and the CEO are chasing another costly legal opinion to justify departing from the authorised meeting procedure ~ a procedure that they put in place. Unfortunately this pattern is all too familiar. On nearly every project or proposal that T have put up ‘on behalf of the community and many debates | have engaged in I have encountered illogical resistance, low grade legal opinions or have been denied procedural fairness by inconsistent rule application. It is concerning that the only reason that this behaviour exists is that those with the power to set the standards tolerate the behaviour, by their silence. Repeated unreasonable behaviour is bullying and bullying is unacceptable in any form, be it personal or against community groups. Horsham Rural City Council is not operating in the best interests of the community nor is it operating in accordance with basic governance standards mandated by the Local Government Act and expected by Local Government Minister Adem Somyurek. [am unable to provide effective representation, | advise that it is my intention to stand aside as a Councillor of Horsham Rural City Council until this position is resolved. It is appropriate that the community decides if itis happy with the processes and representation provided by its Council and if not, seeks a remedy. This may require communication with ue ara BM OAM MAIES 0429 644477