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No. 36A, Peenya Industrial Area, 2nd Phase, BANGALORE - 560 058
Ph: 080-2837 1900-04 Fax: 080-2839 2157


Sl.No.Details of the Information required Please mention your details
1Vendor Code (to be filled by WATERS)
2Name of the Company/Firm x UNITEK POWER SOLUTIONS (I) LTD
3Complete address with PIN, Email & URL x PB. No.77, Masjid Rd, Aluva, Kochi 683101
4Phone Numbers and Fax Numbers x 04842625023/4323/6263 Fax: 04842628080
5MD/Owner of the company with contact details John Zachariah
including mail ID ph: 9847044664,
6 Whether this is a Head Office/Branch/Regional Office x Head Office
7 PB. No.77, Masjid Rd, Aluva, Kochi 683101
Complete HO Address with PIN, Email IDs & URL x
8 Type of Vendor (Manufacturer/Dealer/Agent/Service
x Manufacturer
9 If dealer / Agent, pl. provide Principals' details. (Pl.
x NA
attach letter of authorisation issued by Principal)
10 Product/Service Range (Give full list with generic
names of items mfd/dealt with brands and service
11 Vendor Category (Capital Goods /Consumables /
12 Type of Industrial Status of the Company (Govt./Public
x Public Ltd
Sector/Public Ltd.,/Pvt.Ltd.,/SSI/Proprietory)
13 Whether you are a Micro, Small or Medium Enterprise
under MSME Act. Please refer attachment for details
14 Year of establishment x 1982
15 Annual turnover
16 Central Excise registration details x AAACU9296MEM002
17 Excise Duty (%)
18 TIN No. x 32150740307
19 CST Regn.No. x 32150740307C
20 Local ST Regn.No. x 32150740307
21 Tax Applicable (%)
22 Service Tax Regn.No. x AAACU9296MST001
23 PAN Number x AAACU9296M
24 Are you eligible for lower percentage of TDS? If yes
attach the relevent document
25 Service Tax (%) applicable for Service vendor
26 Factory Regn.No. x U30006KL2007PLC021216
27 ESI Registration No. x 47000113960000600
28 PF Registration No. x KR/KCH/15163
29 Complete Branch offices address with PIN & Email ID Same as Head Office
30 Details of sales network (Local / National) National
31 Details of service network with contact info.
32 Are you equipped with qualified team to provide After
x Yes
sales service
33 Support response time Max 24hrs
34 List of major customers associated with you (Attach a
x Separate Sheet Attached
separate sheet)
35 Inventory locations across the country
36 Usual leadtime for deliveries 2 to 3 weeks
37 Details of customer training centres
38 Do you have 24x7 customer helpline Yes
39 Manufacturing capacity:
40 Number of Employees x 31
41 Certification / Accreditations received (ISI / ISO) 9001:00:00
Full contact details of associate / sister concerns, if any
43 What are the Quality Assurance Procedures followed
44 Are you already associated with WATERS x No
45 If yes, list out the major supplies made to WATERS in
x NA
the past 2 years
46 Do you have rate contract with WATERS No
47 Additional information, if any you would like to provide
Fields marked 'x' are mandatory
P S: A separate sheet may please be attached, wherever necessary.


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