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Grading Rubric for Research Paper using APA Style

Name: Course: Section: 01 02 03 Date:

Unacceptable Acceptable Excellent
(Below Standards) (Meets Standards) (Exceeds Standards)
Introduction Does not adequately convey Conveys topic and key Strong introduction of topic’s 5 points
Conveys topic, but not key
topic. Does not describe question(s). Clearly key question(s), terms. Clearly
question(s). Describes
subtopics to be reviewed. delineates subtopics to be delineates subtopics to be
subtopics to be reviewed.
Lacks adequate thesis reviewed. General thesis reviewed. Specific thesis
General theses statement.
statement. statement. statement.
Focus & Most material clearly related All material clearly related to All material clearly related to 5 points
Little evidence material is
Sequencing to subtopic, main topic. subtopic, main topic and subtopic, main topic. Strong
logically organized into topic,
Material may not be logically organized within organization and integration of
subtopics or related to topic.
organized within subtopics. subtopics. Clear, varied material within subtopics.
Many transitions are unclear or
Attempts to provide variety transitions linking subtopics, Strong transitions linking
of transitions and main topic. subtopics, and main topic.
Support Sources generally 10
Few sources supporting thesis. Sources well selected to points
acceptable but not peer- Strong peer reviewed research
Sources insignificant or support thesis with some
reviewed research based support for thesis.
unsubstantiated. research in support of thesis
(evidence) based..
Conclusion Strong review of key 5 points
Review of key conclusions. Strong review of key
Does not summarize evidence conclusions. Strong
Some integration with thesis conclusions. Strong integration
with respect to thesis statement. integration with thesis
statement. Discusses impact with thesis statement. Insightful
Does not discuss the impact of statement. Discusses impact
of researched material on discussion of impact of the
researched material on topic. of researched material on
topic. researched material on topic.
Grammar & Very few grammatical, Grammatical errors or 5 points
Mechanics Grammatical errors or spelling& The paper is free of
spelling or punctuation spelling & punctuation are
punctuation substantially detract grammatical errors and spelling
errors interfere with reading rare and do not detract from
from the paper. & punctuation.
the paper. the paper.
APA Style & Errors in APA style detract Errors in APA style are Rare errors in APA style that 10
Communication substantially from the paper. noticeable. Word choice do not detract from the paper. No errors in APA style. points
Word choice is informal in tone. occasionally informal in tone. Scholarly style. Writing has Scholarly style. Writing is
Writing is choppy, with many Writing has a few awkward minimal awkward of unclear flowing and easy to follow.
awkward or unclear passages. or unclear passages. passages.
Citations & 10
References Two references or citations points
Reference and citation errors One reference or citations All references and citations are
missing or incorrectly
detract significantly from paper. missing or incorrectly written. correctly written and present.
APA Errors

APA MAJOR errors: APA Minor errors:

_____ APA Reference errors: (ABC order, 1:1 reference/citation) _____ Wrong font/wrong size font/wrong color font
_____ APA Punctuation and Capitalization errors _____ Inappropriate use of a secondary source (lack of
“cited in…)
_____ APA Citation errors: (incorrect author order, incorrect et al.
usage) _____ Inappropriate use of personal pronouns, excessive
_____ Title Page (Header, Spacing, Contents, etc.)
_____ Occasional problems with hanging indents
_____ APA numbers
_____ Using ampersands in text
_____ APA Verb problems: (verb tense, verb-subject-article
agreement) _____ Other:___________________________
_____ Pronoun errors: (which, that, who, whom)
_____ Format errors: (incorrect line, letter, word spacing, pagination)
_____ Use of Abbreviations or numerals to start sentences
_____ Undefined abbreviations
_____ Non professional writing/tone
_____ Lack of empirical evidence for points made
_____ Other:___________________________