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BE Chemical ABC College B.E(Hons.) - -

XII Science AAA School CBSE - -

X General AAA School CBSE - -


Electives Environmental Pollution Control, Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting, Process Plant Safety, Renewable Energy,
Transport Phenomena I, Corrosion Engineering, Micro-Fluidics And Its App, Introductory Psychology, Creative Writing,
Modern Political Concepts, Criti Analysis of Lit And Cine, Engl Liter Forms And Movem
Technical Proficiency Basic C programming


Company 1 Duration

• Trainee in the technical management department.

• Worked under senior management staff to assist with data collection, analysis, and recording.
• Led Intern team and completed two projects in paper processing and cloth processing plants.
• Fume Reduction in Paper Processing Plant
• Increasing Efficiency of BSP-03 machine in Cloth Processing Plant.
• Made a Machine maintenance solution list and schedule for June 2015 for cloth processing plant.
Company 2 Duration

Business Development Associate - In charge of end to end process of inside sale. Responsibilities included company screening, Lead Generation,
Cold Calling, Introducing our product to management and decision makers in Multi-National Companies in the domains of Healthcare, Agriculture, and
Food amp; Beverages and collecting their data requirements and coordinating their requests with the research team at Market Data Forecast. Also
includes maintaining relationship with the client during the sales process and up to 6 months post purchase to receive any additional requirements
and queries and coordinating the above with the research team.

Reduction of Fume in Paper Processing Duration

• Study of Paper Processing plant

• Reduction of fumes in paper coating process by change in solvent of coating solution.
• Made safer workplace environment for operators by removing Xylene and Toluene fumes.
• Increased the plant run time and safety assessment.
Increasing Efficiency of BSP03 by Time Analysis Duration

• Conducted VTR(Video Time Reduction) study of BSP-03 machine in cloth processing plant
• Time analysis and categorization of activities into value added, non-value added, and non-value added necessary activities.
• Simple solutions and operator instructions provided as minor measures to shorten the value added and remove some non-value added activities.
• Major measure of introducing Teflon coating to the drum to decrease the time of bottleneck process was studied and presented with data of the
advantages in increased run time and product quality.

Manufacture of Titanium Dioxide Duration

• Study of Titanium Dioxide manufacturing process.

• Compare and analyze different methods of production.
• Mass and Energy balance of the chloride manufacturing process to calculate efficiency and economic potential based on market studies.
• Analysis of current Titanium Dioxide market in India, challenges faced, and future prospects.
Study of Airborne Particulate Matter and its Removal Duration

• Research on Particulate matter and removal methods.

• Study of Particulate matter pollution in India.
• Study of effects of Particulate matter.
• Comparison of Removal methods and efficiency of removal of different particle sizes and types.

Company Duration

Business Development Associate - Responsible for inbound and outbound cases, contacting the clients, introducing the product, and handling
client requests and coordinating them with the research team.