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PARTS OF SPEECH *Preposition: a word that modifying (adjectives and ad-

shows relation between a noun verbs), connecting (prepositions

*Nouns: the name of some- and conjunctions), exclaim-
or a pronoun and another word
thing: as, book, boy, man, ing(interjection).
in the sentence; as, for, from,
house, library.
at, in, over, on.
Classification of Nouns
The man is selling books. (1) A Common Noun – is
Pedro ran into the building.
The house is painted. the name belonging to
He lives in the house near the
Jose lives in Manila. all the members of a
He drives his car to the office. class of objects- that is,
I like him best of all my friends.
the name is common
*Pronouns: a word used instead to all members of that
of a noun: as, he, she, they, I, *Conjunctions: a word that class such as city, ship,
who, it, we, you, her, him. joins words or groups of words woman, religion, river.
in a sentence; as, and, or, if, (2) A Proper Noun – is the
She is pretty.
while, although. distinctive name of an
They are honest.
individual member of a
Ramon, please tell her to come. Flora sings and Felisa plays the class as Manila ( a
Who wants to see her? piano. member of the class
I do not, but she does. Rosa must study hard or she will city); Don Juan (ship);
fail. Ana (woman); Christi-
*Adjectives: a word that modi- You may go if you wish. anity (religion).
fies, limits or describes a noun I do not sing, but I dance.
or pronoun or modifies its I entered the room when I Properties of Nouns
meaning: as, kind, small, great, heard the bell. Number -singular and
black, first. Although I am old I can still plural.
travel. Gender – masculine,
Rizal is the greatest Filipino
feminine, neuter
hero. *Interjection: a word that Case – nominative, ob-
Estela is a small girl. shows emotion, and has little or jective, possessive.
Her hair is black. no grammatical connection with Nominative – singular:
the rest of the sentence; as, oh, girl; plural: girls
*Verbs: a word that expresses
pshaw, ah, alas, abah, aray. Objective – singular:
an action or asserts action: as girl; plural: girls
eat, sleep, drink, rest, climb, Oh! The house is burning. Help! Possessive – singular:
thank. Help! girl’s ; plural: girls’
Aruy! You stepped on me.
I walk and I dance. Alas! He is gone.
The girl ran to her mother.
She is the one that sells books. (1) Nouns; Pronouns ( used for
nouns) Adjectives used as modi-
fiers of nouns.
*Adverbs: a word that modifies
(2) Verbs; Adverbs, primarily
a verb, an adjective, or another
modifiers of verbs.)
adverb; as, quickly, very soon, (3) Prepositions and Conjunc-
well, ugly. tions are connecting words.
(4) Interjections are usually
The lady is very pretty.
without grammatical relation
The stranger arrived early this
with the other Parts of Speech.
morning .
He speaks fluently.
5 functions: naming (nouns and
He can hardly walk.
pronouns), asserting (verb),
singular plural
boy Boy’s Boys’
child Child’s Chil-
friend Friend’s Friends’

lady Lady’s Ladies’

Hero Hero’s Heroes’
Woman Woman’s Women’s
Son-in- Son-in- Sons-in-
law law’s law’s
wife Wife’s Wives’