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Department: BOH
Reports to: Kitchen Manager
Level: Individual Contributor

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 Star Babe  Star Babe
 Server  Server
 PB  PB
 Cook  Cook
 Dispatcher  Fry Cook
 Fry Cook  Quality Team Member
 Coach

To provide Guests and Team Members with clean and sanitized utensils,
plate ware, glassware and equipment.

 Provide Guests and Team Members with clean and sanitized
utensils, plate ware, glassware and equipment.
 Ensure dishes are sanitized and available as needed.
 Keeps sanitation solution up to local code standards at all times.
 Set up dish area in AM and PM according to procedures.
 Maintain daily cleanliness and maintenance of dish machine.
 Wash plate ware, glassware, silverware, pots/pans and kitchen
utensils according to sanitation and cleaning procedures.
 Place clean plate ware, glassware, silverware and pot/pans in
specified shelves according to sanitation and cleaning procedures.
 Set up line bags in Team Member restrooms, prep/cooking lines,
Dispatch area and dish room.
 Keep kitchen clean by sweeping, mopping floors and emptying
 Clean and sanitize throughout shift.
 Complete assigned prep work and beautification duties.
 Trouble-shoot dishwasher machine malfunctions.
 Keeps immediate supervisor promptly and fully informed of all
problems or unusual matters of significance and takes prompt
corrective action where necessary or suggests alternative courses of
action which may be taken.
 Performs all duties and responsibilities in a timely and effective
manner in accordance with established company policies to achieve
the overall objectives of the position.

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 Maintains a favorable working relationship with all other company
Team Members to foster and promote a cooperative and harmonious
working climate, which will be conducive to maximum Team
Member morale, productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.
 At all times provides a favorable image of Bigg’s Diner to promote
its aims and objectives and foster and enhance recognition and
acceptance of all of its areas and endeavors.

 FOH Team Members
 BOH Team Members
 Management Team
 Guests

Physical Requirements/Work Environment

 Lifts and carries sacks and cases of up to 70 lbs., up to 20 times per
shift: places these items on high shelves and in walk-in freezers
 Frequent bending and stooping
 Works indoors 75%; outdoors 25%
 Works frequently in a hot and damp environment
 Hazards include, but are not limited to, cuts from broken glass and
metal cans; burns, slipping and tripping.
 Frequently immerses hands in water

 Must be able to perform multiple tasks, while maintaining required
standards of operation, in daily activities.
 Must also be able to perform duties that ensure Guest satisfaction.
 Must follow handling and sanitation procedures and use extreme
caution with utensils, plate ware, glassware and equipment to avoid

 BOH Competencies

Bigg’s Diner Attributes

 Individual Contributor and Technical Expert Attributes

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