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Credit Default Swaps Press <HELP> once

Press after each command to run the function from any function for
more information.

* Denotes a single-security function

** Denotes a multiple-security function

News and Research Broad Market Perspectives

TOP BON View top bond headlines WCDS Monitor global CDS pricing
NI CDRV Find news on credit derivatives WB Monitor world bond markets
N Access the main BLOOMBERG NEWS® menu WEI Monitor world equity indices
AV Search for multimedia broadcasts
Ratings and Spreads
LIVE Access live audio/video broadcasts
RATD Access ratings scales and definitions
NRC Filter news stories by language or source
CSDR Access sovereign debt ratings
PANL Create custom scrolling news searches
RATC Generate custom ratings searches
Contributors *BQ Display composite overview of key price/trade
MRKT Access a menu of pricing contributors by market
sector. *RVS Graph a bond's relative value vs the swap curve
MSTT Access the Morgan Stanley DJ CDX North *RV Graph historical spread to interpolated points on
America menu the Treasury curve
REDL Access RED data from Markit Group Limited
Company Specific Functions
Pricing and Defaults *DES Display fundamental background and financial
CDSD Set CDS spread curve defaults
*ISSD Analyze an issuer's financial data and
CDSI Display CDS index products
*ALLQ Monitor fixed income pricing by contributor
*FA Research financial analysis statements, key
*GP Graph historical closing prices for a security ratios, and valuation measures
G Access multiple security relative charts *COMP Graph returns compared to benchmark
CIX Create/graph custom index expressions
*DDIS Analyze a company's debt maturity profile
Calculators *AZS Generate bankruptcy probability models
SWDF Set interest rate swap curve contributor defaults
CDSW Create and value single name and index credit
default swaps VOL Analyze historical/implied volatilities and interest
CDSN Create and value Nth to default swaps
CORR Create correlation matrices
CDSM Value single tranche basket default swaps
*HRA Analyze relative/linear regression
/ALLNEW Find saved credit default swaps for all tickers
<CORP> MRA Create multiple regression matrices

Yield and Fair Market Curves Essentials

CURV Analyze fair market curves BU Access a menu of Bloomberg training resources
YCRV Perform yield curve analysis BLP Start Bloomberg Launchpad
FWCV Analyze projected forward rates PDF Set personal defaults

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