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Criterion Undocum Minimal 1 Basic 2 Proficient 3 Advanced Comments

ented 0 Unaccept Acceptabl Acceptable 4

Unaccept able e Acceptabl

IdeaDevelop The Statement Statement Using generally Using I think you

ment statement expresses logically sound sound did a great
does not the develops assumptions assumptio
address author’s the and ns and
the views author’s arguments, arguments, explaining
author’s about the views based in the the ways
views purposes about the practical statement that you
about the of purposes experience, the logically want to run
purposes education of statement develops
of , guiding education, logically the
education, education guiding develops the author’s classroom
guiding al educationa author’s views views and how you
education principles, l principles, about the about the want your
al understan understand purposes of purposes students to
principles, ding of ing of education, of
understan learning, learning, guiding education, see you.
ding of and/or the and/or the educational guiding
learning, most most principles, educationa
and/or the appropriat appropriate understanding l principles,
most e strategies of learning, understand
appropriat strategies for and/or the ing of
e for teaching. most learning,
strategies teaching, However, appropriate and/or the
for but is the strategies for most
teaching. ambiguou statement teaching. appropriat
The s or not is not e
statement connecte always strategies
is d. consistent for
incoherent and/or teaching.
or convincing. Statement
extremely includes
brief or sound
contains ethical or
major psychologi
logical cal
inconsiste arguments
ncies. and not
IllustrativeE No Supportin Examples Supporting Specific I like that
xamples illustrati g in support examples from examples you
ve examples of points the writer’s from the
exampl are are experience are writer’s
es are inadequat relevant specific and personal ways that
include e or of but general pertinent. experience your father
d. unclear or not , academic has
relevance based in work, or encouraged
. experience field
you to want
. experience
illustrate to pursue a
points in a degree in
vivid or teaching, as
memorable well as,
ways that
you to want
to teach in
Quality of The The The The statement In addition Your paper
Writing statemen statement statement is clear, well to being was very
t is very , though is organized, free clear, well
well written.
difficult to comprehe understand from errors of organized,
read nsible, able plus mechanics and free from I think you
because has two of the usage, and errors of just need to
of its obvious following: written in an mechanics take a look
style, problems 1) appropriate and usage, at
usage, in two of organi academic style. and written
mechani the zed, in an
cs, or following 2) free appropriat There were
organizat areas: from e a couple
ion. style, errors academic misplaced
usage of style, the commas or
and mech statement:
commas and
mechanic anics 1) has a
s, or and single, semicolons
organizati usage unifyin missing in
on. , g places they
3) in an theme should’ve
appro and
been in.
priate 2) is
acade strongl There were
mic y a couple of
style. sugges words that
tive of weren’t
supposed to
voice. be there
(they instead
of the), but
that easily
happens to
to find
Additional Total: 10/12
Reviewee: David Brazil Date: 6/23/19

Evaluator: Christian Ward Date: 6/23/19