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Means of Verification (MOV)’s for the different Key Results Area (KRA) Objectives

in the RPMS-IPCRF for Teachers I – III

Objectives MOV Remarks
1 Attached DLL or LP must
2 be the same as the one
3 COT, DLL or LP, documentation of used used during observation.
4 learning kits or materials No need to reprint. May
5 also use collaged
6 documents for supporting
7 MOV’s if necessary
8 LAC documents Similar to the documents
submitted last school year
9 COT, CD of the microlesson or SIM/ microlesson/SIM must
developed activity sheets have been utilized; 4
activity sheets of different
lessons or 4 teaching kits
10 COT, TOS, sample questionnaires, In any quarter
developed performance tasks with rubrics
11 Remediation documents, MPS/Mean, The sample compilation is
compilation of a learner’s written work with just from one learner and
summary of results and with signature of could be submitted in the
parents form of a picture collage.
This is equivalent to a
learner’s portfolio, with
summary and signature of
the parent/guardian.
12 3 samples of corrected test papers of the Test papers could be
same 3 learners with parent’s or guardian’s periodic or unit test (a total
signature and date of receipt; PTA of 9 samples).
meetings/PTC documents; Home visitation
reports;3 sample report cards with parent’s
signature, of 3 different learners
13 4 of any of the following: The school in-service
1. Certificate of recognition (contests) or training seminar may be
participation used as MOV only if you
2. Certificate of training have acquired an
3. Certificate of speakership equivalent of 40 hours.
4. Committee involvement Otherwise, you may use a
5. Advisorship of co-curricular activities 3-day training certificate or
6. Publications multiple trainings
7. Coordinatorship/chairpersonship equivalent to a cumulative
8. Coaching length of 3 days or 24
9. Mentoring pre-service teachers hours.
10. Membership in academic organizations
11. Community service