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A. Reception Counter and Information Counter

B. Lavatory Countertop.

C. Wood paneling

D. Standing and Running Trim

E. Shoe Racks/Shelves

F. And other similar woodwork items as shown on drawings and specified herein.


A. SASO – Saudi Arabian Standards Organization

SASO 1256 Specification for timber

SASO 1413 Wood Chipboard for general use.

SASO 1414 Methods of testing of timber – Part 1: Standard

methods of testing small clear specimens of timber.

B. ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials:

ASTM A 36 Specification for Structural Steel

ASTM A 307 Specification for Carbon Steel Externally and

Internally Threaded Standard Fasteners.

ASTM A 209 Specification for Aluminum Alloy Sheet and Plate

C. PS - National Bureau of Standards, Product Standards:

PS 1 Construction and Industrial Plywood With Typical

APA Grade-Trademarks.

PS 51 Product Standard Concerning Standards for the

Manufacture of Plywood with Flame Spread

D. ANSI - American National Standard Institute:

A156.9 Cabinet Hardware

General Directorate 06400-1 Architectural Woodwork

A616.2 Performance Standards for Fabricated High
Pressure Decorative Laminate Counter-top.

A208.1 Mat-Formed Wood Particle-board

E. NEMA - National Electrical Manufacturer's Association:

LD 1 Standard Publication Laminated Thermosetting

Decorative Sheets.

LD 3 High Pressure Decorative Laminate

F. AWI - Architectural Woodwork Institute:

AWI Architectural Woodwork Standards, Guide

Specifications and Quality Certification Program

G. CS - Department of Commerce, Commercial Standards:

CS 236 Mat-Formed Wood Particle Board

H. BHMA - Builder's Hardware Manufacturer's Association:

Standard 201 Product Standard

Section B Cabinet Hardware


A. Product Data: Submit manufacturer's product data for each product and process
specified as work of this Section and incorporated into items of architectural
woodwork during fabrication, finishing, and installation.

B. Wood Treatment Data: Submit chemical treatment manufacturer's instructions for

handling, storage, installation and finishing treated materials as follows:

1. Non-Pressure Preservative Treatment: Include certification stating

chemical solution and submersion period used and affirming compliance
with indicated treatment standards.

2. Pressure Preservative Treatment: For each type of treatment and wood

species indicated, include certification of treating plant stating type of
preservative solution, amount of preservative retained, depth of
penetration and compliance with indicated standards.

3. Fire-Retardant Treatment: Include certification by treatment plant that

treated materials comply with requirements.

C. Quality Certification: Submit woodwork manufacturer (fabricator) certification,

stating that fabricated woodwork complies with quality grades and other
requirements indicated.

D. Shop Drawings: Submit shop drawings showing location of each item,

dimensioned plans and elevations, large scale details, attachment devices and
other components.

General Directorate 06400-2 Architectural Woodwork

E. Samples: Submit samples of wood finish and plastic laminates for color and
pattern selection, and exposed cabinet hardware (one unit of each type and


A. Protect woodwork during transit, delivery, storage and handling to prevent

damage, soiling and deterioration.

B. Do not deliver woodwork until painting, wet work grinding and similar operations
that could damage, soil or deteriorate woodwork have been completed in
installation areas. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, woodwork must be stored
in other than installation areas, store only in areas meeting requirements specified
for installation areas.


A. Manufacturer and Installer Qualifications: A firm experienced in successfully

producing architectural woodwork similar to that required for this project.
Manufacturer and the Installer shall be subject to approval of the Engineer.

B. Work shall comply with applicable requirements of Architectural Woodwork

Quality Standards published by Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI), except
as otherwise indicated.



A. General: Provide quality grade specified except where work of higher quality is

B. Wood Moisture Content: Provide kiln-dried lumber and maintain optimum moisture
content in solid wood (hardwood and softwood) through fabrication, installation
and finishing operations of interior work. Moisture shall be 10 percent for Interior
Woodwork and ranging from 9 to 13 percent for Exterior Woodwork.

C. Wood for Transparent Finish: Unless otherwise indicated on the Drawings, provide
premium grade plain sawn oak, redwood or approved equal specie.

Wood for Painted Finish: Comply with quality standards for selection of species,
grade and cut (fabricator's option, except as otherwise indicated).

D. Plastic Laminate: Comply with NEMA LD 1, type, thickness, color, pattern and
finish as indicated for each application, or if not indicated, as approved by the

E. Quality Standards: For the following types of architectural woodwork, comply with
the indicated standards as applicable:

1. Standing and Running Trim: AWI Section 300.

2. Casework and Counter-tops: AWI Section 400.

General Directorate 06400-3 Architectural Woodwork

3. Shelving: AWI Section 600.

4. Miscellaneous Work: AWI Section 700.

F. Design and Construction Features: Comply with the details shown for profile and
construction of architectural woodwork and, where not otherwise shown, comply
with applicable quality standards with alternate details as fabricator's option.

G. Pre-Cut Openings: Fabricate architectural woodwork with pre-cut openings,

wherever possible, to receive hardware, appliances, plumbing fixtures, electrical
work and similar items. Locate openings accurately and use templates or
roughing-in diagrams for proper size and shape. Smooth the edges of cutouts
and, where located in counter-tops and similar exposures, seal the edges of
cutouts with a water-resistant coating.

H. Wood Treatment:

1. Preservative Treatment by Non-Pressure Method: Comply with

requirements of referenced woodworking standard for non-pressure
treatment of woodwork with non-aqueous water repellent solution, except
as indicated. Treat units of woodwork after cutting, machining, sanding,
gluing and assembling have been completed to the greatest extent
possible. Coat surfaces cut after treatment with heavy brush coating of
same preservative.

2. Pressure Preservative Treatment: Use only preservative solutions and

treating process demonstrated through successful experience and
recommended by manufacturer of preservative chemicals and wood
treatment plant as being suitable for woodwork of type, species, and finish

3. Fire-Retardant Treated Wood: Where wood is indicated as FRTW, provide

materials complying with applicable standards for pressure impregnation
with fire-retardant chemicals and with AWPA C-20 for lumber and AWPA
C-27 for plywood, and flame spread rating of 25 as per ASTM E 84.

I. Fabrication and assembly techniques used by the woodworker shall be those

established by AWI; and items indicated shall be shop-fabricated and finished to
the fullest extent possible.


A. Premium grade quality complying with AWI Section 400 - Divisions A, B & C.

B. Construction: Information desk counters shall be constructed of 18 mm thick

veneer-faced solid chipboards on hardwood structural frame and solid Mahogany
wood fascia with 20 mm thick marble countertops, 20 mm thick frosted tempered
glass tops and decorative stainless steel cladding and paneling, as shown on
drawings. Submit detailed shop drawings showing the different construction details
as well as samples of the materials and finishes involved including color of
laminate, type of veneer and their patterns for the Engineer's review and approval.

1. Marble countertop, type of marble shall be as indicated on Drawings,

complying with requirements of Section 09600 - STONEWORK.

General Directorate 06400-4 Architectural Woodwork

C. Configuration, Profile and Dimensions: As shown on Drawings.

D. Finishes:

1. Provide Mahogany wood veneer; minimum thickness 0.9 mm. Veneered

areas shall have a natural clear lacquered finish as indicated on Drawings
and in accordance with Section 09900 - PAINTING. Color of finish and
grain matching shall be as selected and approved by the Engineer.

2. 10 mm thick tinted glass panels in accordance with Section 08800 –


3. Decorative Stainless Steel Panels, Brackets and Lining: Fabricate stainless

steel items from 16 gauge stainless steel sheet conforming to ASTM A-
167, Type 304, brushed stainless steel finish with stainless steel
mounting studs.


A. Countertop: Shall be 30 mm thick granite with 20 mm thick backsplash and apron,

constructed to profiles and dimensions shown on Drawings. Comply with
requirements of Section 09600 – STONEWORK.

B. Type, Color, Texture and Finish: As approved by the Engineer.


A. Shop-fabricated, premium grade quality complying with AWI Section 500 - Division
A. Type of wood and veneers used for paneling shall be as indicated on Drawings.
Paneling to be constructed of solid natural Mahogany wood (WV1) framing and 19
mm plywood with a final veneer of minimum thickness 0.9 mm. Veneered areas
shall have a clear lacquered, or a stained finish as indicated on Drawings and in
accordance with Section 09900 - PAINTING. Construction details, color of finish,
pattern and grain matching shall be as approved by the Engineer.

B. Where indicated on Drawings, provide fire-retardant construction having the

surface burning characteristics in accordance with ASTM E 84; flame spread 75 or
less and smoke developed 40 or less.


A. Standing and running trim shall include trim for openings, door frames, base
boards and casings, as indicated on Drawings.

B. Wood used shall be 20 mm thick, hardwood, AWI quality, premium grade, similar
to adjoining woodwork or approved by the Engineer.

C. Match species and cut indicated for other types of transparent finished
architectural woodwork located in same area of building, unless otherwise

D. Sizes and Shapes: Unless otherwise indicated on Drawings, baseboards shall be

20 x 100 mm high solid hardwood, as shown on Drawings.

E. Finish: Wood baseboard indicated to be painted shall have alkyd enamel paint
finish, semi-gloss in accordance with Section 09900 - PAINTING. Provide

General Directorate 06400-5 Architectural Woodwork

premium grade plain sawn Mahogany, redwood or approved equal species for
wood base with clear lacquer finish conforming to the requirements of Section
09900 - PAINTING.


A. Shoe Racks and Shelves: Frames, shelves and leaves shall be fabricated of best
quality solid hardwood to details and dimensions shown on Drawings. Unless
noted otherwise indicated on Drawings, wood species shall be dark Mahogany
with clear lacquer finish complying with provisions of Section 09900 - PAINTING.
Submit shop drawings for review and approval by the Engineer prior to



A. Only the most skilled of workmen shall be used to install the products specified
herein. The quality of workmanship in installation shall match the quality of the
product specified.

B. Install the work plumb, level, true and straight with no distortions. Shim as required
using concealed shims. Install to a tolerance of 3 mm in 2400 mm for plumb and
level (including tops); and with no variations in flushness of adjoining surfaces.

C. Scribe and cut work to fit adjoining work, and refinish cut surfaces or repair
damaged finish at cuts.

D. Anchor woodwork to anchorage devices or blocking built-in or directly attached to

substrates. Secure to grounds, stripping and blocking with countersunk,
concealed fasteners and blind nailing as required for a complete installation.
Except where pre-finished matching fastener heads are required, use fine finishing
nails for exposed nailing, countersunk and filled flush with finished surface, and
matching final finish where transparent is indicated.

E. Tops: Anchor securely to base units and other support systems as indicated.

F. Prefabricated Woodwork: Install, where shown, securely anchored in accordance

with the manufacturer's shop Drawings and instructions.

G. Fire Retardant Coating: Where required, apply by roller, brush or spray to conform
with the manufacturer's application recommendations and instructions.

H. Plastic Laminates: Apply over substrates indicated in accordance with the

manufacturer's instructions.


A. Repair damaged and defective woodwork wherever possible to eliminate defects

functionally and visually; where not possible to repair properly, replace woodwork.
Adjust joinery for uniform appearance.

B. Clean hardware, lubricate and make final adjustments for proper operation.

C. Clean woodwork on exposed and semi-exposed surfaces. Touch up shop-applied

General Directorate 06400-6 Architectural Woodwork

finishes to restore damaged or soiled areas.

D. Complete the finishing work specified as work of this section, to whatever extent
not complete at the shop or prior to installation of woodwork.

E. Protection: Protect architectural woodwork and maintain conditions necessary to

ensure that the work will be without damage or deterioration at the time of

F. Anti-Corrosion Measure:

1. Incompatible materials are to be isolated with approved materials which

can withstand compression.

2. Use only non-ferrous fixing where applicable.

3. Use approved rust inhibitors as pre-primers after primary preparation.


General Directorate 06400-7 Architectural Woodwork