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Findings, Suggestions & Conclusion


 It is observed that the recruitment process in smooth where the recruiters are very
professional, polite and friendly.
 The process of recruitment involved knowledgeable team who helped in sharing the
job profile and job description to candidates as per the requirement.
 It is understood that the recruiters spend less time in listening the candidates queries
 Also the ease of filling the job application has to be verified as 37% of respondents
have rated less than the median.
 The carrier site has to be re worked after taking feedback on the gaps.
 The recruiter has clear vision on the recruitment process, timely answers the queries
which come to him.
 The employee is offered in the same position as per the job description shared during
interview and they are fine in referring there friends and satisfied with the overall
 There should be rapid improvements in ensuring that the employees reach the plant
comfortably on first day and in arranging there basic facilities like house, children
school etc.

 Focusing on the low hanging fruits, the recruiters are to be still trained on recruiting
process, this would help them to be more professional in the way they deal the
 Also the training should involve helping them to increase their practice to listen
more to the candidates during interviews.
 Major developments are required in areas of content in the website, modification of
application form.
 On boarding practices of employees to be reformed majorly helping the employee to
reach the plant comfortably on first day and building a separate team or third party
service which acts emphatically in helping the new employees.


Having done a work on performance appraisal at Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Limited, the
following conclusions are drawn. These are done after observing the recruitment process at
the organization.

 The organization has a strong team of talent acquisition and process.

 The process helps in selecting best talent in the market who understands their job
role before entering the organization.
 Organization works it’s best to create a comfort zone to the newly recruited
employee with a team of professionally trained staff.
 The post recruitment activities are very well organized with utmost care ensuring
the employees are in comfort zone.
 Engagement of new joiner’s and there interaction for the first quarter builds a
strong bond between the employees and the organization helping them to stay for
a longer period.


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