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Outline – TOC

Attention getter
The OCD is a mental disorder that produces strong
compulsive behaviors so this can ruin your personal
relations if they are not diagnosed on time, do you know
anyone with this disorder?

Background First of all, we need to establish what is OCD and why is

important to know about the existence of it. OCD is an
obsessive-compulsive disorder in which you can’t
control your high levels of anxiety.

It can manifest itself in different ways, such as wash your

hands many times per day, organize all your things in
alphabetic order or color, clean with precision all objects
you want to use or repeat one movement more than

It’s just the need of controlling the way you do your daily
routine or how you behave in different situations.

However, the amount of people knowing about this

disorder is less than 20% of population what can trigger
into problems either in the personal or professional life.
Therefore, the knowledge of this disorder can prevent
aggressive reactions from the people near you.

If people knew that they or their loved ones have OCD,

they could have avoided problems or misunderstandings
in terms of behavior or relationships.
Thesis stamen
How much would your life change if you discover that
you or someone around you suffers from OCD?

Body #1

Topic sentence
It is important to understand and learn how to act when
you suffer from OCD or when you live with someone that
have this disorder because you need to be encouraged
and brave to understand their compulsive behaviors.
Expansion In the case you need to live or work whit someone who
suffers this disorder you should do these little things
before starting a fight or getting mad:

- Being Supportive: Emotional support is incredibly

important, as it can help people to feel connected,
protected and loved, but it is especially vital for your loved

- Reducing Enabling Behaviors: Enabling means

accommodating or helping the individual maintain her
compulsions and rituals.

- Getting Educated about OCD.

Body #2

Topic sentence
If with all this information and examples you haven’t been
able to identify someone with this mental disorder, I invite
you to see beyond.

Expansion When I was a child, I discovered that I had the need of

ordering all my stuff in a specific way. I started ordering all
my things by color and length; when people moved my
things or changed them from place, I felt very angry and
anxious to the point of starting crying for a very long time.

Some time later my mom got really worried about my

behavior and decided to make an appointment with a
psychologist with the idea of starting a treatment for
reducing my compulsive actions.

After several appointments my anxiety levels decreased,

and my family understood the reasons of my behavior and
the way to support me without making me feel different
or bad.


Encourage people to explore more

To sum up, I would like you to explore more information
about this topic and try to identify which people close to
you have this mental disorder and look for the best way
to help them out with that.