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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region V (Bicol)
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October 14, 2016

I .Objective: Compare decimal numbers

A. Content Standard: 1. Demonstrates understanding of factors and multiples and addition and
subtraction of fraction.
2. Demonstrates understanding of improper fractions and mixed numbers
B. Performance Standard: 1. Is able to apply knowledge of factors and multiples, and addition and
subtraction of fractions in mathematical problems and real-life situations.
2. Is able to recognize and represent improper fractions and mixed numbers in various
forms and contexts
C. Learning Competencies/Objectives: Compare decimal numbers

II. Content: Comparing Decimal Numbers

III .Learning Resources

Materials: flashcards, video presentation

References: K to 12 Grade 4 CG, TG, pages 195-198, LM Math Grade 4 pages 152-154

A. Drill/Review
Have a drill on comparing whole numbers using these symbols, <,>, or =.

a. >
201 b. < 210
c. =
(You may provide other numbers for the drill)

B. Establishing a purpose/ Motivation:

How do you arrange yourself during flag ceremony?

C. Presentation:
Cyryl, Cyrus Tabern and Shanot bought school supplies. After they paid for the things bought,
they noticed that they received different amounts of change. The table below shows the amounts of
change they received.

Name of Children Amount of Change

1. Cyryl Php. 0.25
2. Cyrus Php. 0.50
3. Tabern Php. 0.75
4. Shanot Php. 0.85

D. Discussion:
Compare the amounts of change received by Cyryl and Cyrus. Tabern and Shanot. Cyryl
and Tabern, and Cyrus and Shanot. How much did Cyryl receive? How much did Shanot receive?
Who received the least amount of change? Who received the greatest amount of change?
E. Performing the Activities:

Group the pupils into three working teams. Have the pupils work by situations simultaneously.
Group 1:
Based on the problem presented compare the amount of change of Cyryl and Cyrus then find
out also who had the least amount of change and how much.

Group 2:
Based on the problem presented, compare the amount of change of Tabern And Shanot then
find out who had the greatest amount of change received and how much.

Group 3:
Based on the problem presented, compare the following using >, <, =.

1 Cyryl Php 0.25 Cyrus Php 0.50

2 Cyrus Php 0.50 Tabern Php 0.75
3 Tabern Php 0.75 Shanot Php 0.85
4 Shanot Php 0.85 Cyryl Php 0.25
5 Tabern Php 0.75 Cyrus Php 0.50

3. Processing the Activities:

How did you find the activity? How did you compare the decimal numbers?

Expected Answers:
 We compared the decimal numbers using the symbols <, >,=.
4. Reinforcing the Concept and Skill:
A. Discussion of the presentation under Explore and Discover. LM Math 4 on page 152.
B. Have the pupils do the exercises under Get Moving on page 153 of LM Math 4.
c. Check the pupils answer.

5. Making generalizations and abstractions about the lesson

How did we compare two decimal numbers?

Decimal numbers are compared by comparing the different place values from left to
right. We compare the two decimal numbers by using the symbols <, > and =.

6. Applying to New and other Situations:

Have the pupils do the exercises under Apply Your Skills on page 154 of LM Math Grade 4.

C. Assessment:
A. Compare the decimal numbers using <,>,=.
1.) 0.56 ____________ 0.65
2.) 0.97 ____________ 0. 79
3.) 0.60 ____________ 0.6
4.) 0. 56 ____________ 0.65
5.) 0.95. ____________ 0.59

D. Home Activity:
A. Compare the decimals using <,>,=.
1.) 0.65 ___________ 0.75
2.) 0.06 ___________ 0.70

B. Arrange the decimal numbers from least to greatest.

1.) 056, 0.07, 0.66, 0.75

C. Arrange the decimal numbers from greatest to least.

1.) 0.88, 079, 0.97, 0.77
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