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什是状方程(Equation of State):Then the relation between the hydrostatic pressure, the

(or specific volume) and local specific energy (or temperature) is known as an
equation of state.通常也就是下面的格式:
p = f (v, e)
Autodyn 中行了化:in the following sections, viscosity, heat conduction and devia
from thermodynamic equilibrium (at any instant and any point) will be neglected.

1.Ideal Gas Form
比重要的是指数:the adiabatic exponent γ is a constant (equal to 1 + R / cv).
注意事: Solutions with this simple equation of state should therefore be viewed critical
hen run to very lon times or very lar e expansions

2.Linear Equation of State

where μ = (ρ/ρ0) - 1, and K is the mate ial bulk modulus
适用:In many cases, especially if the mate ial is a liquid o  solid, the influence of ch
anges in ent opy is small o  negligible so that p may be conside ed a function o
f density (o  specific volume) alone.
注意事:This fo m of equation of state is of use only fo  fai ly small comp essions and s
d not be used if it is conside ed that la ge comp essions may occu .

3.Mie-G uneisen Fo m

4.Polynomial Equation of State

Fo  μ > 0 (compression):
P=A1μ+A2μ2+A3μ3+(B0+B1μ) ρ0e
Fo  μ < 0 (tension):
明:This is a gene al fo m of the Mie-G uneisen fo m of equation of state and it has di
ffe ent analytic fo ms fo  states of comp ession and tension.
范:This is p obably t ue as long as the ange in density va iation (and hence ange in
μ) is not too lar e.

5.The “Shock” Equation of State

适用范: for most solids and many liquids over a wide ran e of pressure there is an empir
linear relationship between these two variables.算是冲算最典的状程了。
注意: At hi h shock stren ths some nonlinearity in this relationship is apparent, partic
ularly for non-metallics. 因此Autodyn提供了的形式,比如二次形式。

6.Expansion Equations of State


7.Tillotson Equation of State

适用范:provide an accurate description of the material behavior of metallic elements ove
e very wide ran es of pressure and density met in hypervelocity phenomena.
力范也是相当广的:The pressure ran e can be so lar e that the “low pressure” re ime of
tate is defined as from 0 to 10 Mbar and “hi h pressure” from 10 to about 1000 Mbar.

It is therefore a very useful form of equation of state to use for eneral hyper
velocity impact problems.

8.Puff Equation of State

适用范:Like the Tillotson formulation above this equation of state was constructed to co
the behavior of material from cold shocked re ions to hot, hi hly expanded re io

9.Two-Phase Equation of State

适用范:in which liquid and vapor co-exist)

10.Sesame equation of state

适用范:广,且允when materials under o phase chan es。The Sesame EOS has been extensi
ypervelocity impact simulations at Century Dynamics . This work used the La ran
e and SPH processors. Use of this EOS with the Euler processor is as yet unprove