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Rabbit Proof Fence

Philip Noyce

Main characters:
A.O Neville
Constable Riggs

Starting Opinion:
Phillip Noyce used all different effects to change the
movie, my favourite effect is angles, using just little
movements he can change the whole movie.

Brief Plot Analysis:

Molly, Gracie and Daisy lived a happy life, only until MR.
Neville A.K.A. MR. Devil decided he would take them. they
were in camp for about three days until they decided they
would escape. The black tracker Moodoo tried to capture
them but had no luck. Gracie was tricked and taken back to
camp never to be seen again.

Key Aspect:
The three girls were taken and actually did escape (besides
Gracie). The only incorrect part was that Gracie actually did
like the camp.
Documentary because it is real, it tells you or the viewer
the event sequence and how and what happened.


Moodoo is the black tracker he is not like all of the baddies

he is a good guy whose daughter is in camp and is forced to
do work. He gets paid but not much. He has only one speech
and has no emotion. I wonder what he was like before the
white men came.

Film Features:
The sound and music were intense at time to time to show
that it is supposed to be a scary scene. If there was no
sound the movie would not be as good and you would not
know if it is a scary scene and would knot understand the


By lucca