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LESSON 5 Student’s name: ..................................................... Class: 6A..............

I. Read the following passage and answer the question

Dear Class,

I’m writing to you because the try-outs for the school talent show are tomorrow. I forgot to mention it in
class today. If you want to sing, dance, act, play an instrument, or do anything else in the talent show, then
you should go to the try-outs tomorrow after school. The try-outs will start at 3:00 P.M, at the school theater.
The directors don’t know how long it will take to see everyone, but they’re sure everything will be finished
before 7:00 P.M. Once you’ve done your performance, you’re free to go home. The directors will post the list
of who will be in the talent show sometime next week.
Lastly, don’t worry about a ride home. There will be a late bus staying until the try-outs are finished. It will
go to all the stops in town, so you will be able to get home. If you have any questions, write back. You can
also ask me questions in class tomorrow.

Mrs. Harrington

1. What is the e-mail mainly about?
(A) The time of the try-outs
(B) Tomorrow’s talent show try-outs
(C) The late bus home from the try-outs
(D) E-mailing questions to Mrs. Harrington
2. What can students do when they’ve finished their performance?
(A) Go home (B) Go to sleep
(C) Try out again (D) Do their homework
3. Why does Mrs. Harrington send the students this e-mail?
(A) She won’t be in class the next day.
(B) She forgot to give them information in class.
(C) She didn’t tell them about taking the late bus.
(D) She doesn’t want them to try out for the show.

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II. The young people below are all looking for a clothes shop to go to this weekend.
On the opposite page there are eight online reviews of clothes shops.
Decide which shop would be the most suitable for the following people.
For questions 1-5, mark the correct letter (A-H) on your answer sheet.

George has to buy some new jeans but hasn’t much money to spend. He’s
quite tall, so he likes to try on clothes to check that they fit.

Rosa would like a beautiful dress for her school’s end-of-year party, with
earrings to match. Her mother has given her quite a lot of money to spend, and
she’d like to buy everything in one store.

Stefan wants to get a smart designer rugby shirt, and doesn’t mind how
expensive it is. He prefers to choose his clothes online before he goes to town
to buy anything.

Tanya wants to buy some skirts and tops that are a bit unusual, so that she'll
look different from everyone else at school. She wants to try things on in the
shop to make sure they suit her.

Suzie needs to get some fairly cheap sports clothes for wearing at the gym.
5 She’s in a hurry, so doesn’t want to spend too long shopping.

A. Streetwear B. Balloon
This shop has all the top-of-the-range sports and This is the place to come for great designs and low
leisurewear labels. The clothes aren't cheap but they're prices. There are no changing rooms, but the service is
all high quality. Keep up-to-date with their latest styles quick and helpful. They stock plenty of jeans, T- shirts
by going to their website. and other everyday fashions, plus a range of clothes for
indoor and outdoor fitness activities.

C. Zizi’s D. Teenscape
This small shop specialises in clothes for larger and This shop is really popular with young people looking
smaller sizes and it’s especially good for sportswear. for clothes for special events - you’ll pay a bit more, but

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27N7A KĐT Trung Hòa Nhân Chính – 0946 530 486 – 0964 177 322 2
The prices are high, but the assistants are friendly and you’ll look fantastic! It's a huge shop and has everything
efficient. The shop doesn’t have a website yet. you could possibly want - including a wide selection of
jewellery and shoes. You can see the full range of their
products online.

E. Cinders F. Orange
This tiny shop is full of the most wonderful partywear — A great store for shopping with pocket money. It stocks
dresses for girls and smart suits for boys. There are plenty of basic boys' and girls' clothes in a wide range
some unusual styles too. They’re planning to launch a of sizes and lengths, but the styles don’t differ much
range of matching shoes and jewellery some time next from year to year. The staff are nice, and there are lots
year - check their website for details. of changing rooms.

G. Fanfare H. Wardrobe
If you're looking for something plain and simple for This shop has an interesting range of reasonably-priced
school or leisure - dresses, jeans, shirts, skirts, girls’ clothes for everyday wear, with styles that you just
sportswear - you're sure to find it here. It's always don’t see in other stores. There are plenty of changing
crowded because the prices are so low. There aren't rooms. Look out for their lovely hand-made jewellery -
any changing rooms, and the queues to pay are always especially their earrings.
long - so be prepared to wait!


You will hear talks or conversations. Choose the best answer to each question and mark the letter of the
correct answer on your answer sheet.
23. What are the speakers mainly discussing? 24. What was the girl’s sister doing in Italy?
A. Visiting Italy. A. She was studying as an exchange student.
B. The girl's sister. B. She was taking a tour with some other students.
C. Life as a student. C. She was visiting the country’s museums.
D. Hanging out with their friends. D. She was looking for a place to live there.

25. What can be inferred about the girl? 26. What will the girl do after school today?
A. She wants to keep talking to the boy. A. Apply to become an exchange student.
B. She feels jealous of her sister. B. Hang out at the mall with her friends.
C. She is looking forward to seeing her sister. C. Pick her sister up at the airport.
D. She is learning how to speak Italian. D. Go home and complete her homework.

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