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AAA Tree Service Keeping Long Island Safe from Strong Storms One Tree

Removal at a Time

Leading tree removal services provider AAA Tree Service continues to help keep Long Island safe
by removing dangerous trees after deadly storm hits Suffolk County areas.

New York, NY, July 05, 2019 --( AAA Tree Service has continued to demonstrate its loyalty
to Long Island, and its commitment to keeping the region safe with a wide range of tree removal services.
This claim has been recently reiterated as the company lends its support to victims of the recent storm that
touched the Suffolk County south shore area. The sudden big storm affected lives and properties in the
area and AAA Tree Service has been working with other well-meaning individuals and corporate bodies
to bring normalcy to the area as soon as possible.

Storms can be devastating, as not only do such disasters lead to the loss of property, but they also affect
individuals and families negatively. The impact of a big storm like the one that recently hit Suffolk
County is usually enormous and often makes it difficult, or sometimes impossible, for people to go about
their daily activities. The services of rescue and restoration companies, such as tree removal companies,
are usually required. In this case, AAA Tree Service swung into action immediately after the disaster
occurred, and the company has continued to remove dangerous trees out of the way to ensure that people
in the affected area can start living their normal lives within the shortest possible period.

Over the years, AAA Trees has grown to become a leading tree removal services and landscape services
company, serving the area for more than two and a half decades. Services offered by the company are tree
pruning, tree trimming, tree removal services, emergency tree service, and a host of others, serving
Nassau County, Suffolk County and surrounding areas.

The company's unique combination of affordability, competence and safety has made it the choice of
individuals and businesses in the area, with accolades coming from different quarters. “Recently had the
bad luck of having a large pine tree fall only house. I called up AAA Tree Service and they came the very
same day. By 11am, I had a whole crew of guys going at it hard! They were all super professional,
courteous and hard working. They were very careful to get the tree off my house without causing any
additional damage to my house or property. They used their heads, various ropes and pulleys, it was an
amazing thing to watch,” said Lewis Davis.

More information about the solutions offered by AAA Tree Service can be found on their site at

About AAA Tree Service

Owned by William Mels, AAA Tree Service has been providing full tree services and landscaping
services for over 25 years. The company offers a wide range of services, making it a one-stop solution for
all landscaping and tree removal needs.

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