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Claudia Pelaez

Keiser University


Dr.John Fitzgerald

September 5, 2010
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m K/Mediamark Research Inc. is a company dedicated to produce media and

consumer research in the United States. The company¶s most important goal is to o er

detailed in ormation about behavior o the American consumers. Every research the

company makes is a sign o a hard work and a continuing dedication to creating

consistent and reliable in ormation about the world's most dynamic consumer market.


Mediamark Research Inc. was created in 1979 with the idea to help marketing

and media companies better comprehend American consumers. It also provides ratings

about audience in magazines, multimedia research and in ormation related to people¶s

behavior and motivations. The company became part o m K (mroup Am, Nuremberg,

mermany) in 2005. This group is the ourth largest market research organization in the

world, with more than 120 subsidiaries and o ices with over 10,000 employees in more

than 100 countries. (http://www.g

This organization has also the duty o conduct a survey called: ³¦  

  In this survey the company used to interrogate a great number o

consumers to observe and analyze what their li estyles and attitudes are. This

organization created a method to determine and calculate which the magazine¶

audiences are. During the past years, MRI have had the dedication to better its

researches and hence the company has brought it to the ore ront o the market and

media research industry. (Mediamark Research Inc).

Actually the company is o ering the basic acquaintance and in ormation that will
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be very necessary or companies to make market decisions. m K specialization is to

provide complete and broad source o data analysis in the ollowing areas: Custom

Research, Retail and Technology, and Media.

m K main goal is to produce and at the same time to provide the best picture

possible o the consumer and media marketplace. They ocus on every single detail

that each person has at the time o consume certain products or services. m K MRI has

been known or its good quality in research. Independently o the research used by the

company (telephone survey, mail study, online, ) they keep its main goal o achieving

the best results in their researches.

Among the most important objectives o m k MRI are the ollowing:

À An enormous documentation o in ormation regarding tendency o

people to buy certain products.

À Vast in ormation about customers¶ tendencies and attitudes.

À Reports o people li estyle and inclinations.

m K MRI used to analyze tendencies and purchase activities or almost 6,000

brands in more than 550 categories. Following are some examples:

1. iTunes is the pre erred music retailer: According to in ormation gathered by

Media mark. Based on the results obtained by Media mark, over the last six

months iTunes has been the most popular engine to acquire music and audio

stu .
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2. Card Holders rom mrocery Stores: according to (www.g almost

33.8% o main shoppers in the country are using grocery store cards. This

allows them to save money on selected products. The surveys also have as a

result that even shoppers with high incomes like to use store coupons to save


3. Organic Consumers are also Health- ocused consumers: according to

(www.g more people nowadays try to get healthy food. The

surveys show that almost 20% of population is trying to start using

organic food. This means an increase of over 50% from year 2008. 85%

of these organic eaters are more likely to try to eat healthy and pay

attention to nutrition. They are also more likely to exercise regularly and

cook their own meals.

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